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The purpose of a story is that it's a story. It can be more, but it can never be less.


This story is a sequel to Grogar: A Hearth's Warming Horror Story

Five years ago, the land now known as Apple Valley had another name. Five years ago, something ancient and monstrous set hoof there. Five years ago, something terrible happened. Five years ago, the story ended.

But, as three unsuspecting back-packing friends are about to find out, some stories never really end...

The winter's wind is blowing hard.
The air is thick and white...


A shivery little Christmas gift to celebrate the five year anniversary of the first Hearth's Warming horror story.

Dedicated to ObabScribbler and Sparrow9642, whose readings made the original that much more wonderful.

Scary Christmas, everyone.

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Bon Bon pulled her coat on tighter against the cold as she examined the clearing. There was no question. He had returned. The bell was a dead giveaway. Her mind drifted back to that horrible night when she got the news. Her hometown buried over night. The entire populace, including her wife, gone without a trace. She still remembered their last conversation. "Why didn't I make her come with me?

"Do you really have to go?" Bonbon turned to Lyra with a sad smile. "Sorry, sweetie. I promised my folks I'd spend Hearth's Warming with them. You're still welcome to come along. My parents love you." Lyra gave a sad smile of her own. "Can't. I promised Mayor Mare that I would help provide the music for the party." Bonbon let out a sigh. "Okay. I'll see you when I get back. Love you."

Icy tears ran down her face as the memories flooded back. The reactivated S.M.I.L.E. agent wiped them away as she resumed her investigation. "I know you're out there. If it takes me to my last breath, I will find you and drag you kicking and screaming all the way to Tartarus." On the wind, for a split second, Bonbon thought she could hear a voice laughing mockingly.

Revisiting the site of almost-forgotten- yet still very present- horror has a special dark allure of its own. It gives me the same sort of feeling as the short story Stephen King wrote as a follow-up to Salem's Lot- certainly very different stories, but a common sense that while the world at large moves on, some darkness persists that is best given a wide berth.

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