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This story is a sequel to A Better Way To Be Dad

Cozy Glow walks in on her comrades "wrestling." Awkwardness ensues.


Rated Teen for Innuendo.

Cover art borrowed from arareroll.

*For posterity's sake, let it be known that when My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ended it's initial run on October 12, 2019, this story was #2 in the Featured Box.*

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I love this. This is amazing. I didn't know I needed this but I really did.

That was absolutely hilarious and adorable.

NVC #3 · Oct 12th, 2019 · · ·

Please continue this story. I love the interactions between these three and I love the idea of them being a dysfunctional family of super-villains. Plus it would be really interesting to see what others might think of this when/if they find out.

I loved the first one and I am so happy if got a sequel

I liked the banter. Kind of a cliche scenario, but it was done really well. Nice work!

Honestly, she's right. There wasn't a door, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

This was really nice. It created a good family dynamic for the three villains that I would actually like to see more of.

I giggling like an idiot, I love it all

They're such a messed up family, it's very interesting to watch from a distance. Evil Mom and Evil Dad and Evil Kid. Hope we see more of them.

That was hilarious. Maybe a little cliche for the whole "We don't want the kid knowing we were having sex" trope, but the little evil 'twist' was great.

*slowly places a hoof on face* i did (not) see that one coming^^"

That picture cracks me up. The glassy eyed stare both chrysalis and cozy have.

This always leaves one wanting more.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Chrysalis snarled. “I don’t recall you saying anything at the time.”

“My mouth was occupied!”

“So was mine!”

“Occupied with what?” Cozy Glow interjected.

“With verbal challenges to a wrestling match!” Tirek nearly roared at the filly. “For evil’s sake, Cozy Glow, try to keep up!”


oh.... OOOOHHH! I just realized why Tirek has socks.... ewwww...:pinkiesick:

Could have been worse. Imagine if at the end Grogar walked in instead.


So... she makes him rock hard?

Yay! Sequel to my favorite villain family fic is here!

I like how you pulled the classic 'adults doing private adult things and the kid can't know' thing and put a twist on it with bits of evil thrown in. It was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Tirek being concerned about how Cozy views him now would affect Chrysalis if Cozy caught them doing naughty stuff is cute beyond all heck. 😍

Yeeeahhh, they really should've thought that through better. The kitchen is, like, the only room in that lair without a door. :facehoof:

Great! I'd be interested in a third installment of this series. The most interesting idea would be if other ponies found out about their new family dynamic and react to them being a family, or the three of them going to confront Cozy's ex-parents. Either of those would be my ideal third installment. Regardless of a third installement or not, this story gets my upvote!

Thank you for putting that image in my head. I'm gonna go bleach my eyes now.

This was freaking awesome!

I hope for a sequel. i wanna know if chrysalis ever becomes that mother-figure for cozy glow, i wanna read moments they act like a family.
I hope to see more of this dynamic.
PS. this is an awesome fic

He would just be thankful they were busy rather than annoying him.

I kinda expected Cozy to catch them and ask, "You guys fuckin' again already?"

Me too. The way she says

“Wrestling. Right. Got it.”

You just know, Cozy knows what is going on but is basically just having fun and being like, "I'm gonna see how far these idiots go to lie."

WTF did I just read and why was it so enjoyable!?:rainbowlaugh:

I can totally see her doing that, the little shit.

Definitely. Even if she *isn't* a demon in pony form, which I doubt? Her I'm Just A Kid line is always obviously an excuse. Same here. She knew *exactly* what that sock meant and went in anyway.

And then they invite the hydra for a... I dunno even how to describe it! :fluttershbad:

I love this messed-up, evil not-family. I must have more!

Hoho looks like things are getting spicey in the Fortress of doom

This is actually rather cute. And in all fairness, I wouldn't begrudge them this ending.

Thanks to the finale, Tirek is now perpetually rock-hard.


Wrestling is fun!

need more, please

I love this evil family dynamic. It's like how the Simpsons used to be, but way more fucked up.

This was hysterical, and now I can't help but wish there was a sequel. XD

Next thing you know, we'll be getting a 'Dear Cozy Glow' to go right along with the Crusader stories of the same vein. It'd be great!

How the writers decided to deal with these 3 depresses me.

This is so much better than what we got.

You have no idea how happy I am to finally have found a Chrysirek fic (And a suggestive one at that).

“You can’t be mad. There’s no door to knock on.” That made me laugh more than it probably should of had xD
Chrissy and Tirek gettin’ it ON

Conclusion to the trilogy is coming soon!


I do hope the sequel comes out soon. I loved this as much as the first one. Perhaps our little Cozy will be getting parent-figures soon?

Well if nothing else Discord will need to air the lair out next time he stops by.

I’m sure Tirek will get his chance at a rematch at the next pay per view.

He better get his championship belt back!

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