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Tirek had to go to a parent teacher conference to discuss Cozy Glow's interesting take on a class assignment.

Cover by JonFawkes on DeviantArt

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No joke, I got in trouble for doing something similar back in school. Like, horror isn't a genre that exists? Idiot teacher

Cozy is a little psychopath and Tirek isn't much better. Yet it weirdly works.

I KNOW RIGHT! I used to write horror for a creative writing lesson in English class back at school and my teacher suddenly assumed the worst.

The terrible trio being an awkward family unit trying to put up with society is always a hilarious subject. And, this is up there in terms of my favorite stories on the subject.

In all fairness, horror is a bit of a tough one to tackle if you're at an age where the majority of people are either not mature enough to talk about stuff in the proper context, or have overly sensitive stomachs (or in my case back in school, both). :twilightsheepish:

Not trying to downgrade what you did, or anything. Just giving my two cents on the topic.

Im really glad you referenced Grimm's Fairy Tales, cause if ya didn't, I was going to.

Good stuff. :rainbowlaugh:

In a morbid way, this was really sweet. Stories where the Legion of Doom acts like a family unit (or tries to) never fail to entertain.

A little horror don't hurt nobody.

Aww, cheers! That means a lot! 😁

No worries, mate. You're spot on with your input.


Had a lot of fun with this. The pacing and dialogue is awkward at times, but it's still pretty good both in concept and execution. Plus I am always up for well written Cozy fluff. :twilightsmile:

"Golly! You look like a cool nerd!" Cozy Glow laughed, hugging her self-proclaimed best friend tightly around his neck.

Pfft! :rainbowlaugh: Seriously though, I don't know anyone who uses the phrase "cool nerd". Is it something Cozy came up with?

To quote Chrysalis, she looked 'darling' in her strawberry dress.

Silly Chrissy, she's always darling! :pinkiehappy:

Although that cover art is certifiably adorable.:raritywink:

"It's called 'Chrissy's Daycare Centre.'" Cozy Glow jumped in, bailing Tirek. "It's really fun there." She added, giggling.

So Chrysalis isn't actually her mom in this story? :rainbowhuh:

Pft. Teachers.

This was both funny and cute! Another Angle Tirek could have added was "I've tried to get her into cartoons when she was around four, but she got bored with them. Then one day while I was making her lunch I glanced up to see she had changed the channel and was watching Dracula, and she was enjoying it. So after i finished making her lunch I set it down next to her and asked "Do you want to watch this with me?" to which she nodded. Ever since then she has loved the horror Genre a lot.

This fic is adorable. I love the parent/child dynamic between Tirek and Cozy Glow!

A sequel, maybe?

Aye, I'm fully aware of the awkward pacing. Never been really good at that.

You could say that Chrysalis is the "mother" in their family dynamic.

I've always had this weird headcanon that in the EqG world, the members of the Legion of Doom are a bunch of criminals for hire who ended up often bumping into each other in the middle of a job, and one day, they've just decided "Hey, let's just be a group." Chrysalis probably leans toward infiltration missions, anything that involves blending in like a Changeling would in the other world. Tirek would probably take bodyguard jobs or anything that requires his powerful muscles. And Cozy joins and learns from the other two. The money they earn would be spent on essentials and Cozy Glow's proper education.

That's a great idea! 🤣

Ooh, maybe. But no promises. 😉

Thank you both for reading! Glad I could entertain!

Comment posted by Clockwork2003 deleted Feb 24th, 2022

I have an idea for a sequel:

Aunty BugPony comes to pick up Cozy from school, and sees Cozy crying because somepony was bullying her.
BugPony teaches Cozy about dealing with bullies, in her own unique way.

Ah yes, the wonderful institution that is the modern school system. what a hack joke

Chrysalis: "Remember, you are NEVER to throw the first punch, this makes you just at fault for a fight. You let them throw the first punch, then you can claim self defense for fighting back. . Further since its self defense, if the teachers try and punish you, we can just get a lawyer and sue them for expecting you to just stand there and let a bully beat the crap out of you"

Cozy: *nods* "Makes sense mommy!"

Chrysalis: *shudders* " I dunno if i will ever get used to that title"

Love how tired stood up for her


Aye, I'm fully aware of the awkward pacing. Never been really good at that.

Fair enough. I enjoyed it regardless, so the flow wasn't too off putting once I got into it. It was more a observation than anything else.

Of course I'm biased in favor of the story (since it's a fluff piece about Cozy), so take that with a grain of salt.

You could say that Chrysalis is the "mother" in their family dynamic.

Honestly I just was curious why, if Chrysalis was Cozy's legal mother, Tirek didn't just come out and say it.

Maybe the teacher would have continued to be nosey, but saying "she's with her mother" would probably have gone over better than saying she spends her time at a daycare, especially if Tirek is spending long periods of time on the road.

I do love stories featuring Cozy, Tirek, and Chryssi as the Family of Doom.

This one is no exception.

Good work :)

Adorable family dynamic, a situation that makes sense it would happen...and yeah, the teacher is fully in the wrong and Tirek is completely right.

Now, I won't fault the teacher for thinking that the content of the story and artwork calls for a discussion out of concern for Cozy's mental well being given how graphic it is for the grade, but she followed the instructions for the assignment to the letter and did so in excellent quality. Giving her an 'F' just because she found the content disturbing is bad form for a teacher. It's not like the assignment stated "You can't make it horror/slasher/etc", right?

Technically, tirek isn’t wrong. Maybe a little wrong in the execution, but his basis is sound.

Okay, this was good... Really Good, not many human Cozy stories around here, but seriously, I really liked it, even the small clues of what happened around "Chrissy Day Care"

I was watching the image and I could imagine Cozy adding a airheaded "Tee-Hee" to the Golly

This stories premise is groovy and quite similar to another I'd recommend.



Same thing happened to Stephen King in his writing classes. He's mentioned it in passing once or twice.

For some reason i can't resist stories with Tirek and Chryssie raising Cozy Glow. Also I can picture a Heavy Metal Tirek showing up to talk with Cozy's teachers.

Hey, you two should try and give that story a shot. 😉

Thank you so much for showing me this! That was a very good read!

I love Tirek dadding Cozy!

You were the one that started it. I can co-author with you, but this is your FiM timeline. You have final say. PM me if you want to co-author the sequel.

"Family of Doom." :rainbowlaugh: I love it and I'm totally stealing this!

I have to say, I like this version of Cozy much more than the "canon" version. This one is sweet, but there's a certain...realness, for lack of better words. In canon I could pretty much tell from day one that she wasn't all on the up and up.

"Sombra sometimes buys our services", implying prostitution

I thoroughly enjoyed ready EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. of this Fanfiction. I would enjoy to see more of fanfictions like this. this is a masterpiece. you keep up with your beautiful works of art.

With Love
The Queen of Darkness - Lady Umbra

Thank you so much! I can't believe the Lady Umbra commented on my story! Love your Kung-Fu Equestria btw!

Thanks for the compliment Sweetie, and I didn't know I was Famous. I have never been known as

The Lady Umbra

And I mean it by the way. Game may recognize game. But Talent recognize True Talent

Just keep doing what you're doing, and more importantly make sure you have fun. That is the best thing about writing, If you're not having fun writing it then it's no good, but if you are then you have giving birth to a absolute masterpiece.

With Love
The Queen of Darkness - Lady Umbra


Just goes to show you can have someone's best interest at heart but still go about things the wrong way. The teacher was likely concerned with her student's mental health and not just the content being "icky", but couldn't stand her ground against Tirek's own arguments that, honestly, completely danced around the actual problem. And she LET IT HAPPEN - hilariously I might add. Really showed how incompetent of a teacher she truly was, at least in terms of Cozy Glow herself.

I never expected this story to be so good, the premise alone could make for a whole headcanon of the league of doom living as a family and their day to day lives.
A sequel with Crissy giving her point of view would be awesome.

I legit just finished reading your stuff a few hours ago. 😂

Heh. I look forward to reading yours. More of the Villainous Family is always good.

Perfectly Insane

I would love to see this as a series.

Came to say the same thing

100/10 Best story I've ever read. No idea why that one guy disliked the story, they're probably mad that you wrote this story, and they didn't. XD

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