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It took Cadance four meetings to ask for Shining Armor's name and only one to tell him not to fall for her. It took Shining Armor one meeting to realise Cadance was very likely insane and four for him to decide that he was okay with it.

Note: The characters are a bit OOC, or they are OOC. I'm interpreting them in their younger years, around their early twenties, when they have just met each other in University or College.

Cover by guywhodoesart.

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I feel like it started iffy. I wasn't confident in the story and thought It would be just another cheesy bad romance story. Yet you surprised me. I can see you attempted to subvert all the expectations of a classic love story. This was enjoyable, maybe even great, but I not a reviewer, just a reader.

This was lovely! I really enjoyed it!

The sauce of the image: https://derpibooru.org/1595036

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for the source.

Holy hot damn.

That... That is how you do a good romance.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Okay, this was a cute read. Fav and a like from me.

Fun little read made me smile and laugh.

"notices there are 69 likes now"
my brain :Applaud My Supreme Power !

If you slice a toucan in two would you get two onecans?


This was really nice. Thanks for writing it.

I wanted to like this fic, and it's not bad, but I find Cadance's "trying to avoid romance novel clichés even though they're books and aren't fucking real" shtick just insufferable. If I were Shining Armor I would avoid the hell out of her.

Can't please everyone. Thank you for reading! 😁

Hello! I really like this story, but I was just wondering, could you link the artist in the description? I can't find his work as his username is really unspecific.

Somebody clearly forgot to teach Shining the most important lesson any lad can get tought:"DON'T STICK IT IN THE CRAZY!"

Hey, thanks for not taking my overly negative comment personally!

well, that was, a story? I have no words other then that

No problem! I accept any and all critisisms, it helps me learn. To be honest, I expected more considering this is my first proper attempt at romance. 😅

Thank you for reading! 😁

I know *I* kiss women who expressly ask me not to, so I approve of this story.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alright, that was fun. Almost feel more like a small comedy than actual romance, tho.

You get a like :twilightsmile:

No thank you for writing and sharing it with us.

This was a little goofy. But that's not a bad thing. :) It made me smile.

JMP #27 · Last Monday · · ·

I really like this interpretation of Cadance. This was a fun, cute story, and it was pretty funny too.

What a delightful little romance story! Very well done!

This was an interesting version of Cadance, i did feel her efforts to avoid all cliché a bit taxing at times but the story was fun.

I just thought it would be fun to have young EqG Cadance to be against the typical romance, a little change of pace from your everyday Princess of Love Cadance from FiM. I'll try to avoid going overboard with the anti-cliché next time.

Thank you for reading!

It reminds of the story prompt of the girl born to be the main character and tries to do everything in her power to avoid the plot lines

Nice story, kept me interested all the way to the end, not many stories can do that.

So good job!

That being said, Cadance annoyed the hell out of me. Perhaps I'm just a bit tired of women, but I would probably have put this one on the "Annoys me, so avoid" list. :twilightblush:

Really cute! One more Cliché this story managed to avoid was Shining being the 'dumb' one in the relationship. I like they had that fun little rapport and Cadance's silly obsession with Romance story plots fitted her really well.

"If we meet again, we're doomed!" She shouted at his back.

Got a good giggle out of me.:raritywink:

This is really hilarious.

Cadance looked at him like he was the mentally unstable one. "Duh. We're not about to have a beautiful, tragic love story now. If this—" She gestured to the space between them and he had the irrational urge to squirm away "—goes anywhere, it can just be, you know, normal. No one's going to stand in the way of us marrying. We don't have to elope."

Oh, it's not normal.

She laughed. "Is that your way of telling me the ponytail isn't working? What a gentleman." She pulled the scrunchie out of her hair, fluffing it so it fell about in its usual curls. "Better?'

Going off the cover art I'd say that the ponytail was working great.

Cadance asked Shining Armor for her number at the night of the party before a friend of hers came up to them to take her home. The two of them had spent the entire night together in the kitchen, only getting up for drinks and to refill their nacho bowl. It had been enjoyable. Cadance talked too much, but so did Spearhead, and he was his best friend.

He's doomed.

"No," he said, "I won't fall in love with you." He didn't realise that was an invitation until she leaned through the window, pecked him lightly on the cheek, her lips cool and dry.

Yeah, it's probably too late for that.

That was great.

Thank you so much for reading! Your comments really means a lot to me. You guys have put the largest smile on my face today. Again, thank you so much!

Me likey.

It's weird how cool Shining managed to stay around a girl he liked, especially when he's never had a girlfriend before

I think it was just hammered in a bit much. I did enjoy the dynamic it created in the later part when Shining realizes what she was doing.

I liked it. Well written, and it stands out from the usual portrait of Cadence as over-interested in love and romance. I also like Shining.

Just a few pointers. When Shining reads the titles of Cadence dropped books I think you should mark them with quotation signs.
The librararians shush could be heard
Who's giving their number to whom, at the party? It gets a bit confusing there.

Other than that, please write more. This was good.

Noted. I'll try to avoid that from happening again.

Thank you for the input! Noted and edited. Plus, Shining gave his number because I mentioned Cadance asking for it.

You made a very poor first impression on me when you invoked Jane Austen in the same breath as Stephanie Meyer. From there, you had an engaging, innovative romance, but the timeline's messed up rather nastily by mentioning Pinkie Pie, and I just don't see Cadence in this girl. If anything, I'd expect her to embrace cliches, though I suppose her old boyfriend soured her on them.

The story does feel rather shallow, more a montage than an in-depth look at the developong relationship, but it is an engaging read. For all its faults, I still found it fun. And I always appreciate when people remember a character as obscure as Spearhead exists. (And him being a dudebro in college? That I can easily believe.)

Ouch. Thanks for reading anyway. I'll keep what you said in mind and try not to repeat the same mistakes.

What do you have against Jane Austen? I'd argue that she's almost as good as Stephanie Meyer, and I don't say that lightly.

This is cute! Made me smile!

Hey I liked this. This was nice.

I think you worry too much about being OOC. We know little about these characters and what they would do in these situations. There isn't any specific mold for characters to follow. Example is Queen Chrysalis who up till the last few seasons was so much of unknown that even a motherly Chrysalis had a chance to be in character.

All you have to do to stay in character is to set things up so that it "sounds" or "feels" like it would be in character. You do it perfectly here.

I can definitely see Cadance being strangely obsessed with romance novels and their resulting cliches during a weird teenage phase that she has. It was a pretty fun read.

Well, that made my head hurt.
But seriously, this was funny.

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