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They were actually making progress in the conversation department. “Hey, sunshine, you’re a genius, aren’t you? Leading an army and all that. Help me with this crossword.”

Note: I did not make up the name S.M.I.L.E. It is the actual name of the secret agency Sweetie Drops (Bon-Bon) mentioned being a part of in Season 5 Episode 9.


I refer to 'Bon-Bon' as 'Sweetie Drops' in this story because it felt right. Instead of 'Bon-Bon', the pony who works in Sweetie Drops Candies selling candies, she is 'Sweetie Drops', the special agent who works for the "super-secret anti-monster agency" as she refers it in Slice of Life.

Cover art by some guy called FanaticPanda on DeviantArt.

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This is nice.
It's also making my brain ache.
But it's nice.

This is a good story 👍


Yeah, I figured it was crimson.

Hope Pharynx gets better soon.

What about carmine?

I've never heard of that word until today. 😅

Welp, now that you mentioned it, "scarlet" does sound nicer for an MLP story.

Vermeil (short for vermilion).


I have reviewed this here.

This is a little awkward to make secret theories in "my little pony." It's a simple kid show. I don't think that authors expect such an interest from older people. I have seen a lot of crosswords on https://crossword-solver.io/clue/six-sided-shape/ about this serial. Can someone understand what's so interesting in it? I can't understand how a pony serial could be interesting for 20-30 years old men. It's not only strange but also very awkward, in my opinion. But if those crosswords are done for kids, then it's just a waste of time because nowadays, children prefer to play GTA, Brawl Stars, but surely not solve a crossword.

Comment posted by Brytongi deleted Apr 27th, 2021

This was tricky.

It’s crimson, Sweetie. It’s not that tricky.

“Stop calling me that,” Pharynx snapped.

I’m having Transformers Prime flashbacks to that scene with Ratchet and Wheeljack.

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