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Capitalizing on her reformation from being a former terror to Equestria, Starlight decided to start a group to help reintegrate former villains in Equestria, as well as offer support for those having trouble adapting. Thus far, her group has grown to include Tirek, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Stygian, and Luna. Unfortunately, these meetings stay about as on-topic as Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush giving a speech about the best kind of dessert.

This is the fifth meeting of the support group, and they find themselves with a new attendee: Fluttershy. Not to mention, it turns out that the former villains finding jobs or hobbies that suited their skills may not have had the best of consequences.

Will Starlight be able to help them all become model citizens? What sort of devious terrors have these former villains unknowingly wrought upon Equestria despite their best of intentions? Will Starlight ever learn just what it was Fluttershy did last Thursday? One thing's for sure, she's gonna need a pay raise at the end of all of this.

Rated T for some slight profanity.

Cover art made by Nevel Yashgi. Give the guy a follow over on Twitch, would you?

Proofread by 0_0, many thanks for that and the suggestions.

Featured on 17 February 2021. Thank you all kindly.
Featured on Equestria Daily, 07 April 2021. I'm glad this story made it.

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Comments ( 25 )

"About as on-topic as Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush giving a speech about the best kind of dessert."

:pinkiegasp: Yeah!

:pinkiehappy: And even I know that's never gonna happen.

Sorry. Couldn't resist. This should be fun to read.

Edit: And having read it, this was perfect. Just the right amount of stupid and WTF did I just read?

One question though. Why do ponies always act peeved is the most vile curse word ever created? This isn't the first story to bring that up.

Thought I'd ask.

“Hey! I was a perfectly-capable villain!” Starlight snapped. “I reduced Equestria to ashes in all sorts of multiverses!”

Oh no this shitty theory again, the timelines were ERASED.

This story was hilarious, great job sorry about my overreaction though. I still stand by the fact the timelines were erased.

I know right? Even if the Multiverse Theory is a real thing in Friendship is Magic (and I don't know if it is or not in canon), this never holds up.

Besides the episode says many things to contradict this little theory.

Hm... Am I missing some in jokes about the mane stylist?

“Oh great, now I gotta explain my evil backstory,” Cozy groaned, before she sat up and gave them all a neck-prickling glare. “True evil is born from pain and loss. And when I was a much younger foal back in Hollow Shades, I had a toy train. And then one day I lost it.”

Doofenshmirtz, that you?

Technically, Equestria Girls confirms a multiverse.

Not to mention that Starswirl has visited multiple ones.

...okay, this is now my headcanon regarding Cozy’s start of evil. It. Just. Fits. :pinkiecrazy:

A Dirge Dedicated to Our Diarch’s Dropped Dessert

Truly, one of the classic Equestrian tragedies.

“If we’re going to make it a competition,” Starlight could feel a vein bulging in her skull now, “Twilight was never actually able to defeat me, so I have you all beat by a mile. She had to talk me out of it. Now can we please get back on--”

actually twilight was holding back. she could defeat starlight, just not without horribly injuring her or killing her.
she wanted to reform starlight not destroy her


How totally unexpected, And by "unexpected", I mean "completely expected."

I love this. I want more of this.

Cozy Glow is awesome!

But the timelines were erased.(Who keeps disliking my comments?)

The one time she didn't hold back, the spectacle distracted RD anyway. That's why Starlight kept winning. She doesn't have to beat Twilight, just stall RD in some form.

Tirek gave her a strange look. “A Vertie or a Horie. A vertical drinker or horizontal drinker. It’s what we call them in our circle of hobbyists.”

i see what youve done here.

“You are incorrigible,” Luna frowned at the filly.

No, no... she's not incorrigibile. She's encouragable. You're supposed to encourage her! :trollestia:

yeah youre correct, but i wanted to point that out cause the writer is describing her as stronger than twilight

This was funny! All the characters just bounced off each other, further adding to the comedy.

“Just double Starlight’s pay,” Twilight sighed, sinking further into her chair

And while you're at it, give Starlight a bonus for those times you stuck her to be temporary Headmare.


A month late to the party, but I never said she was stronger. I just said that Twilight wasnt able to beat her. There's a huge difference between the two.

what you mean is she couldnt SUBDUE her, not beat her. she could quite frankly easily beat her, just 1 blast to the heart xd

A (very funny) borrowed gag it may be, but seeing how little background they gave Cozy in the show, I certainly can't think of a more fitting motivation for her. :rainbowlaugh: Anyhow, this was fun and it was great that you were able to give each of the characters a standout moment or two.

Why isn't Sunset Shimmer in the group?

Rytex #25 · Monday · · ·


She was getting her hair done that day. Those bacon-colored tresses aren't natural, you know.

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