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Second Place Is Just First Loser.


A Cozy Glow-hating brony is fooled by the nefarious filly herself into switching bodies, now he's the one locked in Tartarus while she's causing havoc in his world. Uh-oh. Also, nopony believes him... because he's Cozy Glow. Makes perfect sense.

Get ready for a wild, weird ride.

Featured from 9/11/18 to 12/11/18

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Yes I confess, for all my countless sins, I am a pot-bellied, unemployed (possibly unemployable), bearded male twenty-something My Little Pony fan (only this generation, I ain't into those mutant 80's abominations).

Why does this describe me so well?

Because you touch yourself at night. >:|

Oh I look forward to this

You have caught my attention commander and I hope you do well creating this story.



Thanks. Hope you enjoy the next chapter! :raritystarry:

How uncanny! :rainbowderp:

I am happy to report that I read this entire thing with my internal monologue sounding like Hank Hill.
I'm not upset for this fact. No,I embrace my madness and hope it will bring me much joy:moustache:

Let it be known I read this comment in the voice of Hank Hill. That is all.

The premise just sounds funny XD. I might give this a read

nice I waited for exactly this I think.

"I tell you what..." :eeyup:

Hope you like what you see. :twistnerd:

First wish granted. What will your other two be? :twilightsheepish:

The main chars opinion on Cowzy is pretty much the opposite of mine, but I guess it is that way so it's funnier if he is her.

I can't say if I will like the main char yet and the first chapter was not exactly what I prefer, but I give it the chance to develop a bit, onw two more chapters till I can really say something about it.

Personally I started to get interessted the moment he was actually in her body but that part is not big enough to say something yet.

While I get the feeling the main char might copy some of the personally traits I didn't liked from other main chars already, I will wait and see what is actually going to happen since the idea of the story is a nice one.

"My Little Pony: School Raze was the most disappointing thing since my son."
- A quote from our Cozy hater.

I was just waiting for somepony to do this!

Indeed. If the protagonist was a fan of CG, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun watching him become her, would it? :rainbowderp:

The enjoyment will hopefully come from watching him struggle in a new world, in the confines of a character he can't stand but yet has live as. Anyway, looking forward to hearing your opinion! :duck:

Sounds about right... :rainbowwild:

...And they finally have! :coolphoto:

Someone just got cozy new living conditions.

Deviantart is where stories about folks becoming ponies they love belong.

'Every great journey must start somewhere'. :ajsmug:

I see what you did there. :rainbowkiss:

That description, along with the comedy tag leads me to believe this is yet another "Moron becomes Villain and acts like an idiot" story where the crutch of the narrative will be LOL Random shenanigans and over-the-top behavior. Am I right?
Like the general premise, but I'm pretty picky on my comedy, and hate when it comes at the expense of a good protagonist.

I want the fic to be funny obviously, but I hope that the protagonist will behave like any other person caught up in a ‘fish out of water’ scenario rather than just act like a moron for the lolz. I don’t want to make him the butt of endless jokes, obviously he is going to be caught up in situations that he finds awkward though, and this will be where the comedy lies (that’s the intent anyway)

As for whether he’ll act like a villain or not, that will be seen in later chapters. It’s a bit early to judge that, considering he’s just barely arrived in his new environment.

Hope you give it a chance, and bye for now.

That's good to hear, I didn't thought about it, but I that is something I would like to avoid as well, what he mentioned.
Long story short it's already nice to hear that he isn't the " the butt of endless jokes", like you called it.

I will be patient like I said, but he made remember a story where I always felt like the main char get's treated a bit unfair after a while in certain ways.

I hope he is going to be smarter than in this chapter because he doesn't look like someone with normal intelligence. I feel like I'm reading a character who is mentally challenged and that I should be expecting him to act like an idiot in full panic mode (or a headless chicken) instead of calming down for a moment, think and act like a normal person would do.

I'm not really a big fan of the kind of comedy where the main character is supposed to make us laugh because he is his own enemy by acting like an idiot, so I'm just going to wait and read more of that. :twilightsmile:

Perhaps his experiences help him mature over the course of the story. Who knows? It’s going to be a long road ahead...

Darla Dimple is awesome. Mostly because of Max. Ok almost entirely because of Max.

Correct. They're kind of inseparable... :rainbowdetermined2:

1. The Prince was a satire. Machiavelli wrote it to show why things are going wrong, not how things should be. He was actually in favor of democratic republics, and pioneered the notion of checks and balances.

2. Constant humor stops being funny. If your story makes an ironic jibe, then an ironic jibe, then an ironic jibe, etc... people will start finding it less of a clever satire and more of annoying pedantry.

a. If chapter 2 is nothing but the main character pacing in their cage for 8000 words, I might even laugh.

√-1̅. It would've been great if the magic words actually were "I'm suing Hasbro!"

∞. Can Dozy D'oh do the Dosey Doe?

🐴. G1 was best generation.

🍎. Please do continue this!

1. If it makes things easier, I'll change it to 'Moriarty'. I think the protagonist is more likely to know who he is, anyway.

2. Don't worry, now our main character has touched down In Equestria they'll be a lot less ironic jibes; and more 'what the hell am I doing here, how can I adapt and when can I escape' kind of humour, if you like that sort of thing. You can probably see the transition from the end of the current chapter, in fact.

3. If I can hold interest for 8k words of someone pacing up and down a cage, I think I'll nominate myself for the Pulitzer Prize.

4. Nah, I think that'd be too meta.

5. I don't nosy-know.

6. His opinion, remember?

7. I will, don't you worry about that!

P.S Sorry for using numbers instead of symbols. I was in a rush, you see?

Yet no amount of punching or pinching could awaken me from this horrific nightmare though

Pinching? It's not like he has any appendages suitable for pinching at the moment. Closest thing is biting.

Ponies have gripped things in the show before, I believe. Therefore they should be capable of pinching as well. Don't ask me how, but it's canon... so, yeah. :moustache:

Well, I wasn't actually 'gone' per say, but I was certainly no longer where I was before.


It's common for people to think that Machiavelli's ultra-realistic attitude means "The Prince" was his genuine advice on how to run things. Especially chantard assholes who are armchair philosophers and want a guy with a fancy name to justify their bad attitudes. So I had no purpose in stating 1. since you don't need to correct it. The protagonist is supposed to be groan inducingly wrong. I just think it's an interesting fact about the author of "The Prince."

His opinion, remember?

There are opinions, and then there are facts, like gravity, sunrise, winter, and the superiority of G1 to all forms of art. :twilightsmile:

P.S Sorry for using numbers instead of symbols. I was in a rush, you see?

įէ'ʂ քҽɾƒҽçէӀվ օҟąվ.

Let's see, shall we... :moustache:

Indeed they could've. Thanks for the suggestion! :scootangel:

That's the plan...:ajsmug:

WOO HOO!! :pinkiehappy:

I thought of that, but I think this main character is far less likely to have read or seen something Machiavelli-related than Sherlock-based, so this change makes more sense now. :twilightsheepish:

The middle one. Your username should be there, just above the reply. :moustache:

I see numbers. Always have.

... no, I am not "rain man". Just gonna go ahead and rain on that parade.

... sweet Luna's teats, I need to think less when I type things. I get some amusing sh-stuff. Totally stuff. DON'T JUDGE MY SLEEP DEPRIVED INSANITY! It's my favorite time of week. :twilightsmile:

Oh, F.Y.I. I think you re-sparked the "Human Turns into X" genre. Congratulations! I'd offer you a shot of melatonin, but I don't have any.

Cheers. At least I have one notable accomplishment now someone can etch onto my otherwise barren gravestone. Even the chap reading my obituary at the funeral will probably have to stammer loads just so he goes over a minute. :fluttercry:

And when you eventually replenish your supply of the 'good stuff', I'll let you keep it all... since your need is clearly far greater. Night! :ajsleepy:

... I'mma smack you. No. Just, no. You do not, I repeat, do NOT talk down on yourself. I forbid it.

How can you, an individual who has made so many smile, speak of yourself in such a depreciating manner? You. Are. Awesome. That, my friend, is a fact. So, you need to accept facts. Twilight shall be quite cross if thou dost not accept thine awesomeness!

Now, where are you? For I must now snuggle the stuffing out of you! Or find someone who can, dependant upon whether I am or am not allowed within your county/state/province/country of residence.

Lol I was being a teensy bit sardonic when I said that, my sense of self-worth isn't that shattered. Thanks for the vote of confidence anyway, and you're more than welcome to take a trip to Merrie Olde England to see me if the mood suits you. :raritystarry:

Just remember not to pack any root vegetables or citrus fruits, or you might be stopped for questioning. Also, insulate yourself well. It's very mandatory this time of year 'round these parts... bbrrrr. :pinkiecrazy:

As long as I'm not in London, the coppers shouldn't have a problem with me. That, and I don't get involved in a fuel tanker explosion. Again.

"Fuel tanker', sure. It's okay, we just won't order the extra spicy Chicken Supreme Vindaloo this time. Did you remember to flush, btw? :twilightoops:

How about a traditional favourite, Fish 'n' Chips instead? Though with the price of cod these days, get ready to pay over the odds. Bloomin' European sanctions, this is all Brexit's fault, mark my words. Blah blah blah.... :trixieshiftleft:

... I was talking about an actual tanker with, you know, petrol. And fish 'n chips is best with a pint, in my humble opinion.

And we shan't speak politics; It's all rubbish.

A pint of what though, that is the question? Beer or ale is fine for most, but I'm strictly teetotal. At the risk of being forever being labeled a lightweight, would it bother you terribly if I chugged down a bracing carbonated beverage instead? Ta very muchly. :scootangel:

And I happen to agree with your summation of the tedious world of politics. that paragraph was meant to be a satire of all the whiners out there who blame everything on the government instead of taking responsibility themselves. Clearly I should've been more boring. Duly noted. :duck:

I was thinking chocolate milk, but that works.

And I received your satire, but it seems you missed my whimsy. Alas, it was not meant to be!

And now for something completely different...

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