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Jacob was having a regular day, he was excited about the day though since there was a new episode of Mlp about to come on, but before he could sit down there was a knock on the door.

When he answered it he found a woman with red hair standing there, she asked if he was a fan of mlp, he was weirded out about the sudden question and denied, he also found it embarrassing to tell anyone that he liked the show due to the fear of being ridiculed.

The woman smiled and told him to have fun with the rest of his day before she left, still weirded out he closed the door and went back to watch the new episode, he unpaused the TV and the episode began playing, that was when he blacked out.

When he woke up he realized he wasn't in his house anymore, nor his body, now he has to deal with no one believing a word he says.

I wanted to do a story relating to the newest episode of Mlp: The Mean Six

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A hillarious story that needs to be continued! Also good Work:pinkiehappy:

this was great I would love to see more of it if that's possible


Well I'm actually considering it if people keep liking it, I was honestly surprised when the people that did like it actually liked it.

I was expecting this story to not be so liked but I'm happy that people actually are liking it! :twilightsmile:

While this is not the first story with a copy of one of the mane six, it was interesting.

I wonder why the tree let her lie? Maybe because she was saying the truth?


She was being truthful before the tree grabbed her so the tree saw she wasn't failing at being the element of honesty

Interesting point of view, it has potencial with the possibilities indeed c:

Damnit Shadow stop making so many good stories.

cute, work, keep it up

Well its officially been featured now, guess that means there's something that could be explored with this story premise :pinkiehappy:

Eh, rewriting what the episode already did. It's a good exercise, I guess.

That was when the girls heard training coming from the Tree of Harmony, they slow ENT to go investigate and found a copy of Applejack stumbled out from behind the tree, the girls looked at her in shock.

"the girls heard **training**" uhhh what?

"they slow **ENT** to go investigate" are you having a stroke or did you type without checking what you typed, then immediately post this?

Jacob looked around as he stumbled ‘im still alive? I'm not wrinkly either….’ he looked at the ground finding the pieces of wood "haha that's what you get...dicks….” He smiled as he looked up, that was when his smile faded, in front of him where the Mane Six, the real Mane Six all of which looked shocked "....hi...girls….I um….got quite the story to tell...hehe….”

Seems like chapter one in a larger story, not the lone chapter of a short story.

If there war to give him/her a new mane it would be Rotten Apple, the first big favor would be to give him a R63 spell or potion to at least restore his masculinity. If anything is wrong with his body or mind because it was made with dark magic and is the antithesis of the Element of Honesty I think it be that he would be a pathological lier can't do much to resist without great effort.


Yeah the video was my reaction.

And what?!?!? It has?!!


Thanks for giving me a heads up, you see I absolutely suck at typing because I type way to fast, and when I read something I type I don't notice my mistakes because when I read it I'm remembering what I wanted to type so a mess up isn't noticed since I'm unintentionally ignoring it, I'll try to make sure I reread through my stories next time.

Well I originally just wanted this to be a single story, hence why it's longer than my others.

Just a thought of a name of the guy if he finds himself for to change it.

Overall good fic, I do hope a sequel is in the works.
BUT for the love of the literary God learn the difference between "your" and "you're" or at least double check them, in almost every case you used the wrong one.


Usually my auto-correct does that for me, but my auto-correct also hates me.

The guy's named 'Jacob'... and he's a liar...


Good work, brain! (You're welcome.)

Nice try, but auto correct cannot read context so it doesn't know when you're referring to an object with your or a person with you're.


I was writing in a document, it usually corrects what I write.


Never heard of that before, really surprising since it's Robin Williams

Ussualy that's the problem, auto correct and spell checkers won't help you with your and you're cause both are gramaticly correct, it's context that's the problem.
So unless you have a few hundred billion dollar AI or much cheaper option a proof reader, you're gonna keep making theses mistakes.

8986915 His later roles tended not to fare as well at the box office.

He had some animated roles that were profitable, if not critically well-received, and there was the "Night At the Museum" series in which he had the supporting role of Theodore Roosevelt; but mostly in the last 15 years of his career, his leading roles fared poorly.

8986934 I suspect his hidden, mounting bipolar syndrome was causing him to choose more erratic roles. And perhaps some people saw it and declined to put him in major lead roles.

This is Hollywood, after all, where even flagrant abuse is hidden as long as possible.

Lol. A new chapter soon after being faved.
Glorious! That was pretty good.

8987144 It seems that Stan Lee has been a victim of elder abuse now, and it took fans noticing something was wrong to get anything done.

His manager is currently under arrest for filing a false police report, which he did when investigators came to do a check on Stan Lee's welfare. And immediately after, Stan Lee filed a restraining order against the manager.

Something very dirty has been going on there. And Hollywood was silent, AGAIN!!

Seriously, people. Stop listening to these frauds. They're all liars. The only actors I respect are the few telling the rest to shut the hell up and get back to making fantasy stories because they don't know crap about reality. Anthony Hopkins has done that in the past. He considers most celebrities completely out of touch with reality who just chase after causes they're told to support without understanding any details.

they are gonna be the best of friends

i need to catch up with the cannon show.


It was originally supposed to be actually.

But I had to make it multiple, that's why chap one is so long compared to chap two.

I need a short spoiler maybe in a pm.

I mean I read the description of the main six in a wiki and watched the ending already to see them horribly die by melting or something like that when the tree could suddenly beat an villain stronger than Chrysalis and a few more.

However now to the story itself. I hope while I assume this story mabe continues sometimes around the episode itself, I hope this isn't only about the main six trying to brainwash the main char into being a good little pony.
What I mean with that is, that a main char sometimes doesn't get to keep a part of his own personality in such stories.

I'm going to either read it tonight or tomorrow. My question here would more or less be where you plan to take this story. Sometimes a spoiler even helps me more to get into the story even more.

As long as the woman isn't appearing again, I don't mind him going there through mlp airport again.

I liked the first part with him waking up as Applejack and I somehow hope he keeps his secret, but as it seems to be tradition, he probably can't keep his mouth shut much longer than the next chapter if he isn't even telling the others in his secret in this chapter.

Now this feels somewhat unique again and I'm a bit excited, I only hope that it isn't just doing what other stories do over and over again. I can't exactly pin it down to one thing, but I can mention it if I see something wrong.

"This has been the worst day ever….first that weird lady interrupted me from watching a new episode of mlp, than I black out and end up in some void or something where I can't see, hear, or feel, then I wake up in this freakin body! And then to top it all off I'm probably never going to go home!!! I hate this DAY!!!!”

ah yes, please don't let him use his episode knowledge to either get affraid to change something or tell them that they are just cartoon figures or something like that.

"I'm sure Chrysalis will love to hear about this….” She laughed maliciously as he passed out.

Well I can't get everything I want. It is still good.

Oh no, he ends the chapter as if he wanted to tell them about his world. Well a nice first chapter.

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