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Looking for fic · 4:51pm July 24th

From what I remember it was two guys turn into Rainbow Dash and Applejack, Rainbow Dash first, discord also shows up at the end of it

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I'm Back · 9:14pm February 21st

After a very very long absence I have returned to Fimfiction.

I am super sorry for being gone for so long, the main reason my stories haven't been updated is because I was stuck with where the stories were, I had ideas for how I wanted them to go but no idea how to put it into words.

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Very different · 1:49am Sep 30th, 2018

Kirins look very different from my dragon pony from Hybrid

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Question · 1:56am Jul 23rd, 2018

I want to know if anyone here can help me figure out how to write dialogue for Zecora, I have never been good at rhyming, but since that's Zecoras thing it's necessary so does anyone know how I can do it?

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Featured??? · 2:20pm Jun 15th, 2018

I got featured??? Me?!

Thank you all who liked the story Lies, I can not thank everyone enough, I can't even believe it got so famous!

I honestly thought this story was gonna get soo much hate, for two reasons; one I used alot of the episode for the story, and two I don't think I'm good at stories.

This makes me so happy, but I never thought it would happen so thank you all!

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Is Any One Else Having This? · 6:31am Jun 14th, 2018

For some reason my stories won't submit, I tried to submit one this afternoon but it hasn't submitted at all

Does anyone know why?

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Hiatus and Cancellation of Story's · 10:24pm Apr 22nd, 2018

The ones that are cancelled are Comet, and Abomination, both of which I've run out of ideas for, I may return to them but I'm not sure.

And the two that are on hiatus are Hybrid and Villains are The New Thing, I will finish them but I have no inspiration for new chapters at the moment, I have a new story I plan on summiting, until then though those story's are gonna wait.

Sorry to everyone who's been waiting for new chapters but I've run out of ideas for most of them.

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I Hate April Fool's Day · 9:33pm Apr 1st, 2018

This is the second time this stupid holiday has sucked for me.

I woke up excited for the shows I watch on the weekends because that is the only day for new episodes of the shows I really like and what do I find? A bunch of stupid crud I don't wanna watch disguised as my shows.....This has happened twice to me now.

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MLP New Ep · 7:31am Mar 25th, 2018

Welp the crites have arrived in Equestria, better call up the bounty hunters, tho they are being called puckwedgeys.

Also if any of you actually understand what I'm talking about awesome, those who don't look up a movie called critters and you'll see where the puckwedgeys got there inspiration from.

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Won't be updating stories much... · 12:51pm Jan 27th, 2018

Friday my family dog died.

I won't be doing much because of this, I don't feel inspired for writting and I don't think I will be for a while.

We've had him for twelve years, and now he's gone.

I can't stop remembering times from when he was a puppy.

So that's why you won't see much from me for a while, he was a good dog, I'll miss him.

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