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Joshua's day gets turned upside down on what should be a regular day, one moment he was walking through his town on a stormy day, and the next he's waking up in a strange world full of friendship and colorful magic talking ponies.

Things only get worse from there when he finds he's not even in his own body anymore, instead he finds himself in the body of a female chimera, and two people who he knows far to well sharing his new body.

This day was was giving him a really bad migraine.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 20 )

Fair starts let's see how this continues. Thanks for publishing this

Could use a bit of work on the grammar, but other than that, the story looks promising. Keep it up!

Does Joshua sound like the chimera from Somepony To Watch Over Me?


He is, and that chimera is on the cover image

Well this is disappointing couldn't create two other souls you used the same one? wow talk about lazy.


I could have but that's kinda of defeating the point of the story

What he was right he can only count on himself only?
Would been interesting was two different souls, but they the same so it senseless


I don't want to spoil the story so I won't explain the reason why they are all the same person.

It will be obvious in the later chapters, but you don't have to read the story if you don't want to.

I actually do think it's interesting sharing a body with yourself! Don't let those negative comments get you down. diablo4000 is just being a grump because they think you should do it their way instead of your way. Please tell Your story don't let other people control your written works. :twilightsmile:


Thank you, and I wasn't planning on letting it get to me, I will continue to write the story as I planned. :twilightsmile:

Interesting premise, sharing a body with yourself. I do wonder if their personalities will start to diverge and what introspection can come of it. I bet you can learn quite a bit about yourself from the outside looking in. Then again, you could do the whole creepy twin speaking with a bit of practice.


They were doing that accidentally

Please tell me they're going to abuse the hell out of the creepy possibilities of it, like twins talking in unison or like that monster that would always respond "that is goood" to itself?

Also one very important question.
This isn't going to be one of those fics were the character watches the show, ends up in it and straight up admits to the characters that it's a show and they accept it like it's nothing, because I can't take that at all seriously, it's fine if the character has previous knowledge of the show and doesn't admit it, but when they tell the cast and they're just "So you're telling me that there's a show in you're world about our lives? Ok, cool!" it really ruins my ability to immerse myself into the story.
It seems less of a story and more like I'm listening to someones poorly thought out fantasy.


I'll be sure to remember that.

No need to worry, the next chapter will ease your fears.

Surprising this was updated. Just going to hope for some more.

neat, an update! i really like the premise so far so thanks for the chapter!

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