Three Heads are Worse Than One

by ShadowedKnight68

Threes a Problem

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Joshua groaned at the sound of his phones alarm going off, it meant the beginning of another day to get ready and go to work, grumbled he Fumbled around ain't he eyes closed for his phone in doing so he accidentally knocked it off the bed "dammit....".

Sitting up her rubbed his eyes and yawned, he got out of bed and crouched down to pick up his phone and then proceeded to turn off the alarm "well...another day another bit of my life dies....god that was morbid..." Joshua had lived alone for most of his life, his mother and father had abandoned him when he was eleven, and he was sent to an orphanage, he didn't leave until he was eighteen and already had a job, from there he kept to himself why get close to anyone if they're just going to betray you eventually? All he really needed was himself, he couldn't betray himself.

He walked out of his room towards the bathroom, and turned the shower on holding his hand under the water waiting for it to warm up, he pulled his hand back quickly after a few minutes "ow to hot!" He turned the knobs to cool it down and held his hand under the water "ugh to cold..." Once he finally got it at the right temperature he got in and started washing himself, he put some shampoo and conditioner in his hair he went to the body wash, as he was scrubbing the soap on his body some shampoo and conditioner got in his eye "gah fuck!!! Son of a bitch!!!" Moving quickly he held his face under the water trying to wash the soap out, suddenly hot water shot out from the shower head "Jesus Christ!!!" Jumping half away from the water he accidentally slipped and fell on his back "ugh...can this day get any worse...?" He groaned before cold water came out of the shower head "cold, cold, cold!!!"

Once Joshua finished his horrible shower he headed to the kitchen to get something to eat before work, he made some coffee as he looked through the fridge finding take out food, some milk, and a banana "why is there a banana in the fridge...?" He got the banana out and set it on the counter before going over to his coffee pot and poring himself some coffee, he then drank it before spitting it out from it burning his tongue "gah!" He dropped the mug causing it to break on the floor "god!!!".

"This day fucking sucks!" Huffing he grabbed his keys and the banana before leaving his house, getting in his car he tried to start his car up but nothing to happened "no..." He tried to start it again but won't the same results "no no no..." Once more he turned the key trying to get it to start but the car remained dead "son of a bitch!!!!" He yelled as he punched the steering wheel.

Looking at his phones clock he found he didn't have long until work, getting out of the car quickly he started fast walking towards his work checking his phone at random times, thunder boomed in the sky above distracting him from his walk "you've got to be kidding me..." Shaking his head he ignored the storm and continued walking trying to get to work fast, but as he walked he noticed something white fall down from the corner from his vision causing him to stop walking, turning his head to the direction of the mysterious object he spotted a small white thing.

Walking over and crouching down he realized what it was "hail? Jeez this things big" he picked up the baseball sized piece of ice he looked it over "ok so head back home for an umbrella then continue to work, like hell I'm risking my life for my damn job" standing up he tossed the ice ball behind his back as he went back towards his house, unfortunately before he could take another step another ball of ice came crashing down on the top of his head making and loud cracking sound.

Joshua fell backwards onto his back his body felt numb as he laid on the ground, he could feel something wet coming off his head, with a dark realization he knew that it was blood, everything was getting darker, trying to move or yell for help was useless his body wasn't cooperating anymore. He knew he was dying, and he knew there was nothing he could do to stop it, soon enough he'd be dead, and he'd be finding out if there was an afterlife or not, his last thought before the darkness consumed him was that the police would find him with a banana in his hand, what an embarrassing way to be found dead.

Joshua was adrift in the dark abyss unsure of where he was, he and a few ideas but not any clues to be certain where he was. One idea was that he was in hell, a pretty calm and boring hell though still a horrible one. The second was this was limbo a place between alive and dead, he'd heard of limbo before but never really looking into what it was much, all he knew was it was sometimes a deciding point on where you go, heaven or the worse option hell.

Still with no answers he floated around the void, occasionally looking around in case anything was there, but never finding anything "well...looks like I'm gonna be here for a while" he put his arms behind his head "hm....pretty boring...welp might as well spend the time thinking, ah dammit I forgot I didn't get to eat that banana oh crap now I'm hungry, how's that possible? I'm dead! Ugh maybe this is hell, I still get hungry and thirsty but I'll never die from starvation or thirst....damn"

After what he guessed was a few hours he plaid a little beat on his lap with his hands, he then sighed "welp this is hell....spending eternity here alone....or maybe it's heaven....I don't have to deal with anyone, I get to be by myself, and no one can betray my trust, all in all sounds good to me except for the hunger bit...I'm still pretty hungry....and bored....and a little thirsty....damn".

Suddenly Joshua spotted a white dot off in the distance making him gasp "oh my God! Yes something! Something to look at!! Haha! finally! I can pass the time just looking at whatever that is!! Wooo!!!" He cheered "ok ok soo what is it? What does it mean? What is its purpose? All these things need to asked and answered....maybe it's a uh....I don't know dust? Quarter? Marshmallow?....marshmallow? Really? God that's stupid, oh I know it's a fricken marshmallow" he mocked in a goofy voice.

"Wait shit if it is a marshmallow I can eat it...." Joshua thought it over and grumble of his stomach was the deciding decision, he began swimming towards the possible marshmallow, he as he got closer the dot got bigger, and bigger, and bigger "oh wow jeez that is either the world's biggest marshmallow or it's not a marshmallow" he stopped swimming but realized the dot was still getting bigger, worry filled him and he tried swimming away but the dot wasn't getting further away and now he realized it was not a dot but a white glow "oh god I don't wanna die twice!!" He held his arms in front of him protectively as he was engulfed by the white glow before everything went dark once more.

Slowly Joshua opened his eyes, everything was blurry but he could see green and brown colors around him 'I'm not in the void anymore...thank god' he thought before blinking rapidly to clear his vision, once clear he looked around finding he was in a forest 'ok....that's odd but hey! No endless void that's a plus!' he looked to his left to see what else was around him but came face to face with a goat face "gahh!!!"

"Gahh!!!" The goat screamed in a very human sounding way

"Wha?!?!?" Joshua yelled at the goats scream.

"Wha?!?!?" The goat yelled at the same time.

Joshua looked at the strange goat with wide eyes it had the same expression as hm "uh...hi- the hell's up with my voice??" His voice sounded deep but female as well.

"Uh...hi- the hell's up with my voice??" The goat spoke with a female voice.

"Why do you keep copying me?!" Joshua yelled with a glare.

"Why do you keep copying me?!" The goat yelled with a glare.

Joshua growled but it came out as a deep animal growl instead of a normal person's, it socked him but scared the goat "this is not normal....what the hell is going on??"

"I'd like to know that too..." The goat responded nervously.

"Hey! You didn't copy what I said!" Joshua smirked, he finally caught this goat thing in her lie.

"I haven't been copying you! You've been copying me! The hell would I copy you for? I wake up in this weird place after being in what I assume was hell and the first thing I do is copy the first person I see??" The goat had a valid point.

"That's....a good point, hey wait you were in a hell like void place too??" Joshua asked.

"Yeah you were too?" The goat asked raising a brow.

"Yeah! Damn now I wonder if I had swam around more I might have run into you, would have made those couple of hours a lot more interesting...." Joshua huffed.

"Tell me about...maybe then I wouldn't have gotten eaten by that marshmallow or light thing" the goat huffed looking away.

" thought it was a marshmallow too...?" Joshua asked surprised.

" did too...?" The goat asked surprised as well.

Joshua nodded slowly in reply.

"Ok...that's uh...a bit creepy" the goat said nervously.

"We did just talk at the same time a few minutes ago..." Joshua replied.

"Ok um maybe we do a test" the goat offered.

"I was thinking the same..." Joshua looked at the goat as they both had the same creeped out expression.

"Um...ok uh I'm thinking of a number what is i-" the goat was cut off.

"Four?..." Joshua saw the goat's expression turn shocked.

"H-how is this possible?! How can a fricken sabertooth tiger read my thoughts?!" The goat yelled.

"Saber toothed what now?" Joshua asked.

"Saber toothed know...and you are?" The goat slowly spoke afraid of the reaction.

"What?....what?! What?!?!" Joshua tried to stand up, but he was held down on one side, quickly turned his head back his eyes went so wide they could have popped out of his skull, his body was large and covered in fur, his arm looked like that if a tigers while his back legs looked like a goat, but the also found the goats head was attached to his body "get off my body!!!!" He yelled in panicking and sucker punched the goat but without the support of his arm they fell to the ground.

"Fucking dammit!" The goat yelled rubbing her cheek with the other tiger paw "the hell's wrong with y-ahhh!!!!" She finally noticed the tiger paw currently rubbing her cheek, she then went through the same motions Joshua did and looked over their body before looking at him and screaming.

"Gah my ears!!" Joshua tried covering his ears but won't control only if the one arm he couldn't cover the ear closest to her, he instead grabbed her muzzle closing it stopping her from screaming "stop screaming before I go deaf you dolt!"

"Mmph!!!" Her scream was muffled.

He groaned rolling his eyes and held the goats mount shut until she stopped screaming, which she did not for at least half an hour "done now?"

The goat nodded.

"Good" he let go.

"How the hell is this possible?! How am I connected this?!" She yelled.

"I was wondering the same, I was a human man before this" he huffed.

"So was I!" She yells again.

"Stop yelling!!!" He roared both figuratively and literally, he let out a loud tiger roar in the goats face making her go quite and flinch back. They both sat in silence then, neither said anything and the goat hadn't looked at him once since, he was starting to feel pretty bad because he might have overreacted " um....want was your name?"

The goat was silent for a while still not looking at Joshua " name was Joshua..."

"I'm sorry what?" Joshua asked confused.

"I said my name's Joshua" the goat said looking him in the eyes.

" name's Joshua" he said looking at her.

"Bull telling me somehow two guys named Joshua got put in the same body??" The goat named Joshua questioned.

"Well my name's Joshua and your name's Joshua, so it's looking pretty likely".

"Or....there's just one Joshua" she said.

"Want do you mean? You think I'm lieing??" He growled.

"No hold on, what if we both are the same Joshua?" She asked as she held a paw up to defend herself.

"That's stupid! How would that even be possible?!" He yelled.

"I mean compared to what else we're dealing with that's pretty small" she huffed.

"Ok...fair point, wait I know how to prove it! When I-" he got cut off by her.

"We" she looked at him annoyed.

"Fine, when we were eleven what did our parents give us for our birthday?" He asked and smiled knowing he was gonna prove the goat wrong.

"Trick question, our parents left us when we were eleven, we celebrated our birthday a week after they left us at the orphanage" the goat frowned at the memory.

Joshua frowned as well, he forgot how bad it felt to remember those times but shook his head focusing back on what they just discovered "so we are the same person...ok that's....I guess better than being stuck with a complete stranger".

"Yeah cause we can't trust a stranger, we can only trust ourselves" she smiled.

He smiled as well "yeah this won't be so bad, just the two of us".

Suddenly they both heard snoring from behind and looked to the source, both their eyes went wide when they spotted a snake laying in their back.

"Jesus Christ!!!!" They both yelled getting up to run only to slam down to the ground sending the back end up in the air since they were not used to the new body or only being able to control half the body, but this resulted in their next big surprise, the snake was connected to them like a tail and it was still currently sleeping while hanging in front of their faces.

"You think he's us too?" They both asked at the same time "guess that answers that question...." They huffed.