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In the middle of the night seventeen year old Blake awakens when he suddenly finds his body changing into one both different and familiar.

From normal human male to equine mare goddess of night, he or rather she will now be spending alot more time up at night then usual.

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Joshua's day gets turned upside down on what should be a regular day, one moment he was walking through his town on a stormy day, and the next he's waking up in a strange world full of friendship and colorful magic talking ponies.

Things only get worse from there when he finds he's not even in his own body anymore, instead he finds himself in the body of a female chimera, and two people who he knows far to well sharing his new body.

This day was was giving him a really bad migraine.

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Jacob was having a regular day, he was excited about the day though since there was a new episode of Mlp about to come on, but before he could sit down there was a knock on the door.

When he answered it he found a woman with red hair standing there, she asked if he was a fan of mlp, he was weirded out about the sudden question and denied, he also found it embarrassing to tell anyone that he liked the show due to the fear of being ridiculed.

The woman smiled and told him to have fun with the rest of his day before she left, still weirded out he closed the door and went back to watch the new episode, he unpaused the TV and the episode began playing, that was when he blacked out.

When he woke up he realized he wasn't in his house anymore, nor his body, now he has to deal with no one believing a word he says.

I wanted to do a story relating to the newest episode of Mlp: The Mean Six

Chapters (2)

One moment Henry was helping his odd friend, the next he was being electrocuted then he blacked out.

Now in a world he doesn't recognize, one full of colorful ponys, he tries to figure out what happened, why hes now a small yellow filly, and how to get back home.

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Adam watched as a comet crossed the sky, he went to sleep soon after, when he woke up he found he wasn't in his room and more importantly his body.

Nova watched as a comet crossed the sky, she went to sleep soon after, when she woke up she found she wasn't in her room and more importantly her body.

Two beings from completely different yet similar world's swap bodies

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Jack is scrolling through channels when he sees a new episodes of My Little Pony, he makes a comment about how dumb the villain is and says that he could be a better one, a mysterious woman appears and gives him a challenge, that if he can take over Equestria he wins if he can't then she wins.

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Michael was in need of money, his rent was coming and he was broke, but he found a job on the internet that would pay him ten million dollars, all he had to do was perform one test that was all.

unfortunately for Michael it wasn't as simple as he thought, he had to test a portal they had created that went to another dimension, when he went through it he was changed to fit in with the inhabitants of that dimension, but he didn't come out looking exactly like them.

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Andrew your basic every day guy, hates Christmas, he finds no purpose in the holiday, but one day he gets in an accident and dies, or at least he thought he did he soon wakes up in an old crumbling castle, not only that but he's been turned into a small filly, one with black fur and white hair, as well as having a horn and wings, now in a world he doesn't know and being seen as a monster and hated for it, he will have to learn how to live in a new life, all while having heard about this holiday called Hearths Warming.

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James is a twenty eight year old man who is driving to meet his girlfriend, they have been holding a long distance relationship for a long time now, but James wanted to surprise her by visiting her, but on his way there he feels a strange tugging sensation in his chest, he is knocked out by a strange force and everything goes black, when he wakes up he finds himself laying on the forest floor, he soon discovers that he is no longer in his body.

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