by ShadowedKnight68

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Jacob wakes one day to find he's a liar.

Jacob was having a regular day, he was excited about the day though since there was a new episode of Mlp about to come on, but before he could sit down there was a knock on the door.

When he answered it he found a woman with red hair standing there, she asked if he was a fan of mlp, he was weirded out about the sudden question and denied, he also found it embarrassing to tell anyone that he liked the show due to the fear of being ridiculed.

The woman smiled and told him to have fun with the rest of his day before she left, still weirded out he closed the door and went back to watch the new episode, he unpaused the TV and the episode began playing, that was when he blacked out.

When he woke up he realized he wasn't in his house anymore, nor his body, now he has to deal with no one believing a word he says.

I wanted to do a story relating to the newest episode of Mlp: The Mean Six

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Worst Day Ever

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Jacob was a regular guy, he had a good job and enjoyed it, his life was pretty good for him, he was happy, today was the weekend and he was a bit bored since he didn't really have anything planned for it.

He decided to try and find something on TV, as he was browsing through the channels, he spotted a new episode of mlp was about to air, he had completely forgotten there was a new episode today, with excitement he quickly got onto the channel and waited for the episode to start.

As he waited for the commercial to end there was a knock on the door, he paused the TV and got to see who it was, when he opened the door he found a woman with red hair and dark skin, but the most surprising was her eyes were red as well, not dark brown literally crimson red.

The woman smiled looking at Jacob "hello sir, I hope I'm not interrupting anything”.

"Oh no no you're fine, um how can I help you?” He couldn't stop looking at the woman's eyes, they were strange.

"Oh, I just wanted to ask you some questions for an article on my blog, would you mind answering a few questions? It won't take long” she asked.

"Um sure, ask away” he smiled slightly, this was odd.

"Great, have you heard of a show called My Little Pony?” She asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah I've heard of it…” he was starting to get nervous.

"Are you a fan of said show?” She looked at him.

" I'm not, I haven't even watched an episode in my entire life, isn't it for little girls anyway?” He chuckled, he had been a fan for a few years but it was difficult to tell anyone that, he knew all about how some people viewed the fans of the show. Grown men enjoying a show originally intended for little girls was viewed as weird, telling anyone seemed like a death sentence, it meant being ridiculed for the rest of your life, he really hoped she'd buy the lie.

The woman stared at him for a few moments, her crimson eyes staring into his soul, Jacob was getting more nervous and weirded out, eventually, she smiled "Thank you for answering my questions, have a nice rest of your day sir” she started walking away.

'That's it?’ he was about to ask but decided against it, the lady was really weird and he didn't want to talk with her anymore. Closing his door he sighed in relief and walked back to his couch.

He unpaused the show and it started, as he watched the episode begin he had a hard time focusing on it, his head started to hurt so he began rubbing it "ugh….please let this not be a migraine…” he groaned as he went to stand up to get an aspirin.

That was when the room started spinning, he stumbled back with his hand to his head trying to get everything to stop spinning "ngh..” his head was pounding it felt like it was going to explode.

Oddly though he noticed how his body was starting to feel numb, he couldn't feel the carpet under his feet, or his head and his hand, that wasn't how his usual migraines went. He tried to go towards the kitchen to grab the aspirin but everything got blurry and he lost his footing, he could somewhat see the floor getting closer but before he hit the ground everything went black.

Jacob wasn't sure where he was, he was deaf, blind, and numb to the world, for all he knew he was lying on the ground but he couldn't tell, all he could see was darkness, he couldn't even feel himself breathing.

Soon fear filled his thoughts "what if...what if I'm dead?....what if this is the afterlife?? Just nothing, I'll just be here for eternity till I lose my mind!” He didn't want that to be true and he hoped it wasn't.

If it was then he definitely wouldn't last long, he didn't want to be dead, he was happy with his life and wanted to do more, what did he do to deserve this? He never broke the law or hurt someone, he thought he did everything right, he didn't want this.

He sobbed internally for an unknown amount of time, if time even passed he couldn't tell, he was just able to think, it was horrible being unable to feel anything, being unable to see anything or hear anything.

He wanted all of this to end, for it to be some nightmare, anything! He just wanted everything to come back.

As he cried he suddenly gasped when he heard cracking sounds, that was when his vision was filled with a green glow, soon a strange warmth spread across his body before he could feel again, the glow vanished from his vision and he felt he was standing, he collapsed to the ground with a thud.

His vision was blurry, but he could make out trees and grass, it looked like a forest, but he passed out in his house. He was confused for a moment but it was replaced with a joy that he was back from that terrible nightmare or something, he closed his eyes smiling.

“What is wrong with this one?” A voice spoke with irritation, a voice Jacob knew, he'd heard it before, it was Chrysalis’s, was it the TV? But how did he hear it? He thought he was in the forest.

Jacob opened his eyes, everything was still blurry but it slowly got clearer. As he looked around until his eyes stopped on a sight he never believed he would see, towering over him was none other than the ex-queen of the changelings, Chrysalis.

She looked down at him before growling "Stand up now before I eradicate your existence!”

Jacob quickly jumped to his feet only to fall backward and hit his head on the ground, for some reason he wasn't able to stay upright, he groaned at the dull pain on the back of his head and looked back towards Chrysalis to see her looking annoyed. But as he looked at her, he noticed something else, behind her were the mane six, he felt relief that he'd be saved until he realized they didn't look right, they were darker colored an seemed odd.

Twilight looked annoyed as she stared at him, Rainbow Dash looked uninterested, Pinkie looked bored, Fluttershy was glaring at a squirrel, and Rarity was grabbing rocks off the ground, but Applejack was nowhere to be seen.

He looked around for her until he spotted four orange legs below his vision and an orange-furred chest 'did I fall on Applejack??’ he thought with dread until yellow strands of hair fell into his vision, his eyes turned to pinpricks.

He looked between the orange body below him and the yellow hair above him before slowly looking back down at one of the hooves, his heart started beating faster as he slowly tried to move his hand, the hoof raised up slowly.

"I'm Applejack…” he heard Applejack say when he tried to say it, it just confirmed his fears.

Chrysalis looked down at her Applejack Clone with confusion "yes….that's correct….” She said inspecting the clone 'this one is odd….perhaps the spell made a bad copy, ugh now I'll have to make another, perhaps I should wait, she hasn't shown any negative signs yet besides falling over' she sighed annoyed at the extra work she'll have to do with this clone.

Jacob was snapped out of his thoughts after hearing the annoyed with and looked back up at Chrysalis who was looking directly at him.

"Clone stand up, we're leaving” Chrysalis turned to walk away.

‘clone? Wait that's why they look odd! They're clones! And I somehow got put into the Applejack clone’ Jacob thought before looking back to Chrysalis "wait im-!” he was about to say who he really was but quickly shut himself up as he thought about the repercussions of doing so, Chrysalis would most likely blow him up finding out he wasn't really one of her clones.

"You're what clone?” Chrysalis glared down at the odd clone, she was already annoyed with it and now it was wasting time.

"I'm...uh...I'm ready to go….” Jacob smiled nervously.

"Well….good….” Chrysalis stared at her for a few moments before continuing to walk 'yes...that one is very odd, nevertheless she's listening’.

Jacob sighed in relief that Chrysalis bought it, he'd have to try and find the real main six and tell them about Chrysalis's clones, he went to sit up but struggled too as he was not used to this new body, he fell back down and huffed blowing strands of hair out of his face, he then spotted the Fluttershy clone "Fluttershy hey can you help me up?” He got confused about who was asking his question before remembering who he currently was, he was not used to this voice or accent.

The Fluttershy clone looked at him and smiled walking over 'well at least the clone Fluttershy is as nice as the real one’ he reached his hoof out for her to pull him up.

She smiled down at him before kicking dirt into his face “help yourself up!” she cackled as she walked away.

'Ok….she's a dick…’ he rubbed the dirt out of his eyes and frowned 'guess I'll do it myself’ he then rolled over so he was on his stomach and pushed himself up on all fours, his legs were shaking and spread out as he slowly stood up, he smiled at his achievement.

“What are you smiling at?” Clone Twilight asked the Clone Applejack who proceeded to jump and fall to the ground.

“Um, nothing….” Jacob looked up at the Clone Twilight who was glaring down at him.

“then quit doing nothing and get moving!” Clone Twilight yelled as she levitated the Clone Applejack up and threw her the direction the others went before following.

Jacob hit the ground hard and groaned 'she’s a dick too…’ he stood up shakily again.

“Mine!” Clone Rarity yelled as she pulled a rock out from under the Clone Applejack's hoof and ran off to follow the others.

Jacob fell to the ground "…” he muttered as he got up again following them with a limp 'oh good, something else to make walking harder ugh...this day blows….’ he thought as he glared forward.

Jacob followed the group the best he could, it was hard enough not being used to walking on all fours, but the limp made it so much worse, he tripped on rocks and roots, he's fallen eight times already this day and it was getting pretty annoying.

"Alright we'll take a break here” Chrysalis ordered and walked a bit away, she needed to try and figure out where to search for the Elements of Harmony.

'thank god’ Jacob huffed and sat down on the ground, he looked around at each of the clones who were doing their own thing.

Chrysalis decided on a direction and turned back to the clones "listen to your queen, we must retrieve the Elements of Harmony!”

"Hunting down some lame Elements? This is the worst day ever!” Clone Pinkie said crossing her arms.

The Clone Fluttershy walked over to the Clone Pinkie and scooped up some dirt before throwing it at her face smiling “no, now it's the worst day ever” she cackled.

"Those elements are are mine! Along with this rock! Oh, and that twig” Clone Rarity said with a crazed smile as she grabbed the rock and the stick by the Clone Applejack.

"Knock yourself out” Jacob huffed as he looked around.

"Heh! losers” The Clone Rainbow Dash said laying on a tree branch.

"Why didn't you just attack them?” Clone Twilight asked Chrysalis as she walked up to her.

"Excuse me?” Chrysalis asked looking down at her.

"You were close enough to pull the hairs from their manes, why not just take your revenge then?” Clone Twilight asked.

"They defeated my army, I know better than to strike alone, I need-” Chrysalis was cut off by the Clone Twilight.

"Friends?” She said with a smirk.

"Servants! And the power of the elements!” Chrysalis glared.

" where are these Elements of Harmony?” Clone Twilight asked.

"The location of the most powerful weapon in Equestria isn't something made known to just everypony, I learned they were hidden somewhere in the forest” Chrysalis said as she paced.

"Yeah, well it's a big forest,” Clone Twilight said as she walked away and Chrysalis growled in annoyance.

Jacob held back a snicker 'bet she's regretting making these jerks’ he thought about Chrysalis's plan, it just spelled bad news for Equestria, if these five get them while Chrysalis is in control of them than nothing will stand a chance. 'I'll have to find the real Mane Six and tell them what she's planning, but how will I get away from these guys to do it?’ he thought as he looked at each of them.

"Come on we're going this way!” Chrysalis order as she started walking, the clones following her.

'I’ll have to think on the way…’ Jacob thought as he stood up and limped after them, they searched around the forest for a while not finding anything, luckily this gave him time to get used to walking, though he didn't enjoy the stroll through the forest with six jerks.

Clone Twilight and Chrysalis went around a bush before Clone Pinkie jumped out of nowhere landing on the ground by them.

"I'm soooo bored! Are we there yet?” She whined rolling onto her back.

"Where yet? We don't even know where we're going” Clone Twilight replied annoyed as she looked around.

"The quicker we search the forest, the quicker we find the elements,” Chrysalis said as she walked over pinkie and past them.

Jacob huffed as he followed them 'great so either I die by miss ex-queen, or by whatever's in this damn forest, I'm really enjoying this adventure….’ he thought as he walked.

Clone Fluttershy was walking behind the Applejack Clone before she heard a bird chirping at her "you tried to fly out of the nest, you fell, and got lost?” She asked the little bird nodded and chirped sadly, she laughed maliciously “I hope you like walking!” She laughed as the little bird started walking away and she shoved it forward with her muzzle before following it.

Clone Rainbow Dash yawned "come get me when I should care,” she said before flying off.

Chrysalis stopped walking and watched the line of her clones walk but looked around noticing two were missing, she looked at the Applejack and Rarity clones "where are the others?!”

Jacob flinched away from her as she glared at him, he looked behind him noticing they were gone 'crap!’ he thought then looked back at her "….I don't know…?”

Chrysalis groaned "turn around, we're going back!” She growled.

"No, keep searching I'll find the others, we can accomplish more if we split our resources,” the Twilight Clone said walking over.

Chrysalis looked at her contemplating this "very well, you have my permission”.

The Twilight Clone nodded and flew off to find the other two.

Jacob realized this may be his chance "maybe I should go search for them too?” He went to start walking.

Chrysalis stomped her hoof "No! You stay here! I don't need any more of you getting lost” she growled, "now let's go!” She started walking and they followed.

Jacob cursed under his breath and followed "I'm never gonna get away from them” he said quietly as he walked "maybe I can create a distraction to get away?....but if Chrysalis notices before I can she'll kill me….damn it”.

"What are you saying back there??” Chrysalis turned her head back to look at the Applejack Clone who she heard speaking.

"Oh um nothing, just nice the weather is yeah, it sure is…” Jacob looked at the sky “sunny hehe” he smiled at her.

"Wonderful glad you're being so observant, but now try using that to search for the Elements!!” She yelled glaring at her.

"You got it, Queen...Queen Chrysalis” Jacob stuttered as he tried to keep the smile up till she looked away 'she’s a lot scarier in person...or would that be pony now? Crap! I got distracted by all this I forgot I'm frickin Applejack! Or at least her clone...shit what am I gonna do after this? Am I gonna be stuck like this??? I can't live here! I have my life to get back to’ he groaned and hung his head as he walked.

"No...If I'm gonna be stuck like this….then I'm not gonna let her ruin this world” Jacob glared at Chrysalis before looking at the rarity Clone who was picking up rocks and sticks as she walked, he smirked as an idea formed, he hurried over to her and quietly gasped "did you see that?”

The Rarity Clone looked at her suspicious, she probably was planning to steal her things "I didn't see anything”.

"What?? But she just stole one of your rocks!” Jacob said pointing at the Pinkie Clone who was following behind them looking bored.

Clone Rarity gasped before she pounced onto Pinkie "give it back thief!!” She yelled and the two were in a ball fighting.

Chrysalis heard the commotion behind her and turned around finding the two fighting on the ground while the Applejack Clone stood away smiling "what happened?!” She yelled.

Jacob jumped and looked up at her before looking around nervous "I um don't know...they just started fighting I guess…”

Chrysalis growled and walked to the two and used her magic to pull them apart "you both stop it!! We need to keep searching like I told you to!”

"She's a thief!! She stole my rock!!” The Rarity Clone yelled pointing at the Pinkie Clone.

"No, I didn't!” She yelled back.

"yes, you did! She told me you did!” Clone Rarity growled.

"Enough!!” Chrysalis yelled making the two flinch away in fear, looking at the Rarity clone "who did?”

Clone Rarity pointed at where the Applejack clone was.

Chrysalis looked where she pointed, finding nopony there, she looked around before she dropped the two "where did she go?!” She yelled at the two, they both shrugged their shoulders "ugh!!!! You’re all useless!!!!” She yelled into the sky.

"Get up we're going to go search for the rest of you fools!” Chrysalis growled and went to look for the others, the two quickly followed her.

Jacob ran as fast as his new legs would take him, he glanced behind him as he heard Chrysalis yell "thank God that worked! But now I'll have an angry Chrysalis chasing me...wonderful...but for right now I need to find the main six tell them about Chrysalis’s plan and that I'm a good clone hopefully I won't end up like the pinkie clones from the mirror pool…”.

Memories of that episode's ending came back and his pupils shrank with dread "ok let's not think about that...let's try and think of something else like um...oh like how I'm running, I was just stumbling around not too long ago and now I'm full on running or galloping? Whatever I'm impressed with myse-” he tripped on a root rolled across the ground through some bushes before slamming into a tree face first.

He slowly unpeeled himself from the tree and fell on his back, he looked at the sky and groaned in pain he felt something wet coming out of his nose, raising a hoof and touching it he brought the hoof into view and found blood on it "oh wonderful...I broke my nose on the tree…..” he let his hoof fall to the ground.

"This has been the worst day ever….first that weird lady interrupted me from watching a new episode of mlp, than I black out and end up in some void or something where I can't see, hear, or feel, then I wake up in this freakin body! And then to top it all off I'm probably never going to go home!!! I hate this DAY!!!!” he yelled into the sky and closed his eyes taking deep breaths “getting worked up isn't going to help….I need to think this through...find the girls, tell them what's happening and help save the world”.

"Oh really?” The Twilight Clone said as she landed by the "Applejack Clone”.

Jacob jumped up and looked at her in fear "oh hey….Twilight long you been there…?”

"Oh about around wake up in this body” she smirked looking at him.

"Oh….well that was um….hehe just me playing around” he started walking backward away from her "….you know when you hurt yourself by accident and you say some stuff….yeah you've done that right? Right” he started turning around to leave "ok well I'm gonna go look for the others….so I'll se-” he stopped talking when he turned around and she was in front of him again, he looked behind him then in front of him at her "you're fast…”

"And you're a liar...well at least you living up to the body” she walked towards him as he backpedaled away from her.

"Me, lie? What no, no I would nev-” Jacob got cut off by her again.

"Shut up! You really think I'll believe your little lies? You idiot, you're in the body of dishonesty, it doesn't take a genius to figure out we're the opposite of those goody little morons….” She glared at him as she continued advancing on him.

"Ok...ok you got me...I'm not really supposed to be her, heck I don't know how I'm here, I don't even want to be, so if you'd like I'll just go and you don't have to worry about me k?” He smiled hoping she'd buy it, the look on her face told him she didn't.

"Didn't you say you were gonna go tell the good six about us? And that you'd help them stop us?” She growled.

"Crap...I did say that, didn't I? Hehe well I'm you see the funny thing about that is…” he bolted, he ran as fast as he could trying to get away, he looked behind chin to see how far away she was, unfortunately he found her right behind him smirking, he tried running faster but she wasn't getting farther away.

She cleared her throat and looked down with a smirk.

He looked down and found he was floating off the ground, looking back at her he found her horn glowing "oh….magic...hehe….forgot about that….would an apology help?”

“No” she slammed him into the tree hard.

Jacob fell to the ground with a thud as everything started to get darker.

"I'm sure Chrysalis will love to hear about this….” She laughed maliciously as he passed out.

Jacob groaned as he woke up, his head was pounding, he weakly opened his eyes finding it was darker now, he looked around and saw rock walls, trying to move he found his arms restrained, looking down he saw he was tied up in vines.

"Hey look who's awake,” the Fluttershy Clone said walking over kicking dirt in his face.

"Would you knock that off!!” Jacob growled at her but shrunk back when the rest of the clones walked over, each was smiling darkly at him.

"So, you believed you could trick me? That you will soon learn to regret...very soon” Chrysalis growled walking over, the clones all stepped away allowing her to walk up to him, she used her magic to lift up to her face "I gave you life! And you decided to betray me?!”

Jacob flinched back as she yelled, this was not going to end well for him, as he looked at her he saw something behind her looking he was the clones heading over to the Tree of Harmony, a smile grew on his face as yet another idea formed.

"You dare find this funny?! I'll tear you in half!!” Chrysalis yelled as her horn glowed.

"Wait wait wait! I'm not the only one who's betraying you! At the moment those five are!” He quickly told her holding she would look.

Chrysalis growled and turned her head back and saw them, glaring as she walked after them taking him with her.

"We need the elements to take out Chrysalis!” Clone Twilight yelled at the four, that was when she spotted a shadow coming closer from behind and gasped looking back to see Chrysalis levitating the traitor clone.

"How dare you! I created you!!” Chrysalis yelled dropping Jacob and firing a magic beam at the Twilight clone who made a magic shield to protect herself.

Jacob quickly started crawling away from the fight "ok, magic battle cool, not so cool to be close to” he said as she tried getting away, but he got stopped when the Fluttershy Clone stepped on a loose vine preventing him from going forward.

"Whoops did I stop you from leaving? My bad” she chuckled.

"I hate you so much!!” He yelled and used his back legs to push him up and at her knocking her over, he bit her hair pulling.

"Ow!! Ah!!!” She yelled in pain before bucking Jacob off, he flew through the air before slamming into a tree.

"That's three trees today I've hit…” he groaned as he fell to the ground, the clones surrounded him.

Clone Twilight smirked as she shot out her own magical beam pushing back against Chrysalis's, she was winning the fight now.

That is until the elements on the tree turned black and white magical tendrils came out of each of the elements, they wrapped around each clone lifting them in the air making the Twilight Clone gasp.

Chrysalis looked at what was happening in shock and confusion as she panted from the fight.

Jacob looked on with fear as each clone started wrinkling up, he desperately struggled in fear of the same happening to him, but he couldn't escape and he closed his eyes in fear.

"Imbeciles! You ruined everything!!!” Clone Twilight yelled as she wrinkled up.

The trees flashed in a bright white glow, when it was over lots of woods colored as the clones fell to the ground, Chrysalis walked over looking down at the pile of wood "servants always fail you in the end, just wait Starlight! I will have my revenge!!!” She yelled before flying away.

After a few minutes, the real Mane Six walked down to the campsite only to find it destroyed "are you kidding me??” Twilight looked at the destroyed campsite, the day was already ruined by the fight the girls had and now the campsite was wrecked.

Pinkie laughed before turning to look at the girls "this was the worst day ever!” Her laughter was followed by the other girls as they laughed together about the bad day.

"Come on everypony, we can fix this campsite in no time” Starlight smiled.

"Spoken like a true camper” Applejack smiled at her.

"Eh...don't push it” Starlight chuckled along with Applejack as they went to go try and fix the camp.

"You know, if we can survive a day like this, I think our friendship is strong enough to handle anything the world throws at us,” Twilight said with a smile as she went to go help the girls clean up.

That was when the girls heard something coming from the Tree of Harmony, they slowly went to go investigate and found a copy of Applejack stumbled out from behind the tree, the girls looked at her in shock.

Jacob looked around as he stumbled ‘im still alive? I'm not wrinkly either….’ he looked at the ground finding the pieces of wood "haha that's what you get...dicks….” He smiled as he looked up, that was when his smile faded, in front of him where the Mane Six, the real Mane Six all of which looked shocked "....hi...girls….I um….got quite the story to tell...hehe….”

The Next Day

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Jacob sat at on the couch in the library attempting to pick up a tea cup, he had no idea how ponies did it. After a few minutes of just pressing his hoof against the cup in attempt to grab it, he decided to try picking it up between two of us hooves, putting both his hooves on the sides of the cup he slowly lifted it up, the cup slowly and shakily rose up making him smile.

That was when the cup slid down and fell to the ground dumping all the tea out, he frowned looking down at the tea he so badly wanted to drink.

Twilight cleared her throat to get the Applejack copy's attention, the girls and her brought back the copy after she told them she wasn't a changeling and wasn't evil, that lead to this point where they all sat across from the copy as she struggled with the tea.

Jacob looked at Twilight remembering he wasn't alone "um sorry about that...." He chuckled nervously.

"It's okay...." Twilight lit her horn casting a spell to clean up the spill.

"Woah..." Jacob watched in amazement as the stained rug cleaned up leaving no trace of the tea.

"Now can you please tell us who you are?" Twilight asked as the girls all looked at the copy wanting to know the same.

"Well, it's a bit long..." he cleared his throat and began telling them all that happened, the part about him being a human before this and somehow waking up as the evil clone of Applejack, he told them about Chrysalis's plan for the Elements, and what eventually happened to the the clones.

The girls looked at him in shock, Twilight's jaw was dropped and Applejack looked disturbed most likely due to the fact a male was in a copy of her body.

"Wait wait so you're from the human world in the mirror?" Twilight asked trying to make sense of all this.

"No it's different, my world is similar but also very different, you see in my world you're all a um....TV show...." Jacob looked at their confused faces and face hoofed realizing they don't have TV's, he winced realizing how much face holding hurt "ow um ok well a TV show is....well I guess the closets I can describe it as is a play, and we'll it's basically your guy's adventures and stuff...."

"That's called being a stalker" Rainbow Dash crossed her arms.

"No but in my world your lives aren't real!....oh that sounded bad..." Jacob rubbed the back of his neck trying to think all this through, he was just digging himself a deeper hole.

"So wait the evil clones of them were like the de-harmony versions of them?" Spike poured more tea.

"Um yeah actually, they matched pretty well...well except for Applejack since I'm in her body" Jacob looked at the ceiling as he thought about similarities, was there a reason for that? Or was it that the de-harmony them are what they'd be like if they were evil?

"Yeah about that, I'm finding it really uncomfortable with you being in a copy of my body, it may be a copy but it's still my body" Applejack looked at her copy finding it so odd seeing her body move and talk without her controlling it.

"Yeah honestly I'd love to not be your copy, but I can't control it" he sighed and took off the hat setting it on the table, it felt kinda wrong to be wearing a copy of a hat Applejack liked to wear.

"Darling, do you think you could possibly find a spell to send him home? I'm sure he'd love to be back in his world in his own body, I know I wouldn't be able to handle being a completely different creature as well as gender" Rarity looking at Twilight.

Jacob had a look of realization after she said that, he was far away from his home in a body and gender that weren't his, he may never go back home. The thought of all this was depressing so he tried to ignore the thoughts.

"I'm not sure, I don't even know how he got here in the first place" Twilight sighed "until I find out more about all this you're gonna be stuck here for a while, I'm sorry".

Jacob frowned and hung his head, those thoughts returned to his mind and he couldn't ignore them "it's...alright".

Pinkie jumped out from behind the couch he was sitting on and hugged him "I know what will cheer you up! A welcome to Ponyville party!" She smiled excitedly.

Jacob looked at her, he could be stuck in worse places, he was in the world of friendship and was being helped by a group of the nicest beings in the world "Hehe...yeah maybe it will" he smiled faintly.

"First we should discuss where you're going to be staying, here in the castle would be good so I can run some tests on you and figure more of this out" Twilight smiled as she thought about the different tests she could do.

Jacob thought about all the fanfics with Twilight's dungeon, he gulped "um that's a possibility...." He looked at the other girls hoping they'd say something.

Applejack recognized the nervous fear he had, it was her face after all " could stay at Sweet Apple Acres” she suggested

“Yes! I mean sure, I'd love to” he chuckled trying to cover up his relief at not wanting to stay here.

Twilight frowned disappointed she wouldn't get to try her tests but smiled “alright it's settled then, he will stay with Applejack till we can send him home, by the way what was your name? I don't think you told us”.

“Oh yeah it's Jacob” he smiled.

“Jacob?....that's an odd name” Rainbow Dash muttered.

“Well Rainbow Dash is a weird name on earth to have” Jacob glared at her.

“Okay everyone let's calm down now, I'm gonna bring Jacob back home and tell everypony there what's going on so they don't freak out seeing two of me” Applejack smiled.

“Good idea” Twilight and the girls walked to the door. Applejack and Jacob were walking out of the castle when Twilight came over to Jacob and put her hoof on his shoulder “we'll find a way to get you home, don't worry”.

He smiled “thanks sugar cube” he hugged her and followed Applejack out.

Twilight closed the door before freezing “wait did he just say sugar cube….?”

Applejack and Jacob finally arrived at Sweet Apple Acres after taking the long way around town to avoid ponies from seeing Jacob.

Jacob looked around as they walked towards the house, it was like a dream come true, he was walking through Sweet Apple Acres, he was a bit disappointed he couldn't walk through town but understood why it would be best not to. He was having difficulty holding in his fanboying or girling at the moment.

Applejack stopped Jacob from walking into the house with her hoof “I should go in first”.

Jacob looked at her confused before remembering how he looked “oh yeah hehe sorry I'll just wait here till you tell me to come in” he smiled.

Applejack looked at him for awhile with a disturbed look, seeing herself smile like that was just plain weird. She walked inside “hey I'm home” she called and heard hooves clop as Applebloom ran over hugging her.

“How was the camping trip?” Applebloom looked up at her big sister.

“It was um….interesting” Applejack glanced back at the closed door, it was a real interesting trip.

Granny Smith walked into the room and smiled looking at Applejack “good to see you back home”.

“Good to be home, um where's Big Mac? I kinda need to tell the whole family something important” Applejack asked looking at Granny.

“Oh he was out getting apples, he should be back soon” Granny Smith looked at Applejack wondering what was so important.

“Ok good” Applejack walked to the couch and sat down, it was gonna be tough explain all this.

Meanwhile Jacob was sitting outside the door waiting, he heard Applebloom through the door and smiled 'oh I could actually meet the Cutiemark Crusaders!’ he thought excitedly.

“Oh your back home” Big Mac said walking up behind who he thought was his sister.

Jacob jumped and turned around 'woah….he's huge….’ he thought staring up at the giant body of Big Mac.

Big Mac looked at her waiting for her to say something but she just stood there looking shocked and amazed, he raised an eyebrow “you ok?”

“Hm? Oh yes I'm fine Big Mac, I'm as fine as a uh….apple is um good…?” He tried to say something he thought Applejack would say 'i think he's buying it’.

'something's definitely wrong with her, maybe she touched poison joke again? I should get her inside’ Big Mac thought “I think we should get you inside Applejack” he opened the door pushing her in with ease.

“No wait I'm good” he tried to say but it was to late, they were now in the house and everyone inside was looking at them shocked, they looked between him and Applejack, Jacob waved slightly at her with a nervous smile 'i think she's mad’

Applejack was furious, she glared at him 'he couldn't even sit outside for more than a few minutes!’

“Uh somepony wanna explain what's going on??” Applebloom asked looking between her two sisters.

“Well….I was hoping to explain this slowly but I guess I'll have to give y'all the quick version” Applejack huffed before she was about to explain what happened.

Jacob suddenly felt really dizzy, he tried shaking it off but his vision started getting dark “I...don't...feel to...good” he collapsed but Big Mac was quick to catch him.

Applejack rushed over “what happened??”

“I was gonna ask you” Big Mac said looking down at his third sister.

“I'm gonna get Twilight!” She yelled as she ran out of the house.

Everypony left in the house looked at the unconscious second Applejack with confusion and worry.

Jacob groaned as he slowly woke up, he found he was laying on a very comfy bed with a nice soft pillow under his head, he smiled rolling to his side 'wow….crazy dream, think I'll sleep in today after that dream’.

“Is she gonna be ok?” Applebloom asked Applejack as she sat by her outside the room.

“I don't know, what do you think Twi?” Applejack looked at Twilight with hope of her having the answer.

“I'm not sure, her mana keeps fluctuating, only time will tell if she'll be okay” Twilight said somberly.

Jacobs eyes shot open wide hearing the voices through the door, he sat up and looked at himself finding the orange furred body of Applejack “Dammit!!!!” He yelled.

Applejack opened the door glaring “there's a filly here!!”

“You try and not curse when you wake up as a chick!!!” He yelled pointing his hoof at her.

“I do wake up as a chick! I was born one!” Applejack yelled back.

“I wasn't!! I was born male! Now I'm a fricken orange pony chick!!” He yelled throwing his arms out.

Applejack just glared at him annoyed.

“Come on you two, this isn't helping anything” Twilight tried to stop this fight from escalating.

“Shut it Sparkles!” He yelled looking at Twilight, he was not going to calm down. He was stuck in a female pony body for who knows how long in a pony filled world when he should be back home as a male enjoying his day off.

“Don't talk to her like that!!” Applejack growled.

“Or what??” Jacob glared.

“just don't!” she glared back.

Jacob glared at her for a few minutes before he jumped from the bed tackling her out of the room, they were in a ball off punches and kicks until Applejack pushed him off, he stumbled back on his back legs only stopping on the edge of the stairs. He looked behind himself at the stairs and looked back at the girls in fear, they looked back at him with equal amount of fear, he reached his hooves out to them for help as he started falling back.

Applejack ran to him to stop him from falling but it was to late, Jacob tumbled down the stairs with loud thumps until he hit the bottom of the stairs.

Jacob groaned, his entire body hurt from hitting each step.

The girls quickly went down the stairs to help him, Twilight used her magic to lift him up and set him on the couch “what were you thinking???”

“I...I don't know….I just felt so mad….I lost control….” He groaned.

“I'm sorry, I think you also got my temper when you got my body” Applejack frowned.

“ngh….sorry anyway….you too Twi…neither of you deserved my anger” he sighed.

“I forgive you, your dealing with a lot at the moment, it was only a matter of time before something set you off" Twilight smiled.

“So what's wrong with me?” He asked sitting up.

“I'm not quite sure, I checked your body and found your mana acting very odd but I can't figure out what is causing it or what it's doing” Twilight frowned, she was mad at herself for not being able to help and figure this out.

“Wonderful….it really seems like life is doing everything it can to fuck with me, ugh god I just want to go back home and enjoy my weekend” he huffed before starting to getting up, the girls went to help him but he raised a hoof stopping them, he stood up on his own an stretched making his bones pop

“Huh….Applejack you body sure can take a lot” Jacob said amazed after realizing how much he's been through and yet he wasn't feeling immense pain.

Applejack blushed “uh thanks I guess”.

“Well what do we do now?” Jacob looked between the two of them.

“I'm going back to the castle to try and find out more about this” Twilight smiled with belief in finding a way to help him.

“And we will stay here where nothing else can go wrong” Applejack smiled.

Jacob frowned “you should never try and tease the universe…. it's a unforgiving, and very very cruel thing”.

“What?” Applejack looked at him confused about what he was talking about.

“Well it's like when you say nothing can go wrong, or it couldn't possibly get any worse, or now the worst is over, then everything horrible happens” Jacob explained and smiled, he hoped he explained it well enough.

“You mean like you just did there?” Applejack raised a brow.

Jacob's smile went away and he had a look of realization, he then face hoofed before wincing in pain from hitting his face too hard “gah! Dammit!! You did this!!!” He hissed lightly rubbing the spot he hit.

“I didn't know! And you're the one who said all that and then hit yourself in the face” Applejack glared.

“Well you started teasing the universe, I was just trying to help you understand!” He growled.

“I'm gonna go” Twilight said with a sheepish smile as she started leaving.

“You didn't have to tease the universe yourself!” Applejack growled back.

“Hrrr I was trying to make a point” he clenched his teeth as he glared.

“You could have done it another way” she clenched her teeth glaring as well, at the moment it looked like Applejack was looking in a mirror, the two of them having the same expression.


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Jacob and Applejack sat in the kitchen holding ice packs to their heads, they had gotten in another fight giving each other pretty bad bruises, eventually they realized their fight was never going to end since they both were equally strong, equally durable, and equally hurt.

Now they both sat across from each other, both not saying a word, and both feeling like idiots for fighting over nothing.

“I'm sorry….” Jacob sighed setting the ice pack down.

“What?” Applejack was surprised, she was about to apologise herself.

“I got all worked up and mad over something really stupid, it's like I can't control my anger anymore…” he hung his head in shame, this is not at all how he wanted an experience with Applejack.

Applejack frowned “I'm sorry too, I got all mad over nothing too, plus it's my anger your having trouble wrangling”.

“I guess we both acted pretty stupid then huh?” He smiled faintly.

She smiled back “ wasn't even something worth getting beat up for” she chuckled “by the way you're a pretty good fighter for somepony who has only been a pony for a day”.

“Heh yeah I don't know how I'm able to control this body so well, you're pretty good at fighting yourself” he smiled.

“Thanks, oh by the way I grabbed something when I went to get Twi” she left the kitchen.

Jacob waited for her to come back curious about what she grabbed, she eventually came back with the hat he left on the table back at Twilight's.

“I know you didn't seem to like wearing it but I just look odd without my hat on” Applejack walked over to him and put the hat on his head.

“Yeah….I guess you're right….” He adjusted the hat and smiled.

That was when Granny Smith walked in “oh hello Applejack, and Applejack” she stopped for a moment before remembering what Applejack had told them after Twilight came back to help the copy.

“Hey, sorry about passing out before I could introduce myself” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Don't worry about it dear” Granny Smith smiled.

“My names Jacob, I already know your name” he smiled.

“well that makes introductions easy” Granny Smith smiled before noticing the ice packs and bruises “what in tarnation happened to you two?”

Applejack and Jacob looked at each other before they both chuckled nervously “we had a uh...bit of an argument” Jacob smiled embarrassed.

“bit of an argument?” Granny Smith raised her brow.

“Yup...just a tiny one…” Jacob smiled trying to hide his lie.

Granny looked between the two suspicious before nodding and walking out of the kitchen, once she was gone Applejack looked at Jacob.

“You shouldn't lie to Granny Smith” she frowned.

“Hey you've lied to her before, plus it wasn't a very big lie it's fine” he waved his hoof dismissively.

Applejack relented “Fine...I'll let it pass…”.

“So what should we do today? It's been my dream to see this world in person and I'm not gonna let this whole in a different body thing get in the way of that” Jacob smiled, he couldn't stop thinking of all the things he could do now that he was here, all the characters he could meet.

“Well if you're so eager to do something today, then I think I have just the thing for you” Applejack said with a smirk.

“Really? What are we waiting for??” He quickly hopped off the chair and out of the kitchen, Applejack following behind him smirking.

Applejack led Jacob out of the house and towards the trees, Jacob looked around in excitement of where Applejack would be taking him, once they got to a certain spot Applejack stopped walking.

“We're here” she smiled.

Jacob looked around confused, this was just like the rest of the farm “um...I don't get it?”

“You're going to help me buck apples today” Applejack said as she turned to face him.

“What? But I didn't agree to that!” He argued.

“You did say you wanted to do something today, and this is something” Applejack smirked.

“No but I….” He tried to think of anything to help him get out of this but he couldn't, he sighed “fine….”

“Good” she smiled.

“So how many apples to I have to get?” He asked with little interest in his voice.

“All you have to do is fill these buckets up with apples” she pointed towards the four large wooden buckets.

With a huff he walked over to a tree and lightly kicked it “welp looks like I can't buck tre-” just before he could finish his sentence apples fell from the tree into a bucket “what but he-? dammit I'm Applejack! Of course all I have to do is barely touch the damn tree” he gritted his teeth glaring at the tree.

Applejack chuckled “well have fun, I'll be back later” she walked away.

He glared at her till she was out of sight, he then moved the bucket to different trees kicking them making the apples fall into the bucket.

“Ugh this is boring….I should have went back to bed after the fight” he kicked another tree and watched the apples fall.

An idea popped into his head as he went to kick another tree 'Applejack left….so she wouldn't know if I were to leave, I could explore the town and then come back and finish bucking the trees’ he smirked at his idea and galloped towards town.

Jacob looked around town with a large smile on his face, he was in Ponyville and there were ponies everywhere!! It was a dream come true, all the ponies around him smiled and waved, he was surprised they were so friendly to an alien they would have never seen before until he remembered he looked like Applejack.

'heh I have the perfect disguise to explore the town without having anypony freak out over me’ he looked around for the first place to go. He scanned around himself before stopping when he spotted a grey pegasus with a gold mane and tail flying in the air delivering mail.

A large smile grew across his face 'Derpy! Oh my God yes! I can finally find out what her name is!!’ he galloped over trying to hold back his excitement as he made his way over to her “hey Derpy!” He called waving a hoof to get her attention.

“What?” She looked his direct before crashing into a sign hanging from a building, she fell down onto a cart sending fruits flying through the air like a catapult, the fruits rained down on unsuspecting ponies walking down the road. The ponies attempted to flee from the assault of fruits but weren't fast enough to escape.

Jacob watched all this occur with his mouth wide open in shock “that….that did not go at all how I wanted….” he quickly ran off, he didn't stop running till he didn't see the mess he caused and sighed in relief “well I guess I didn't get to ask her but she seemed to respond to Derpy, so I guess that answers that” as he was talking to himself he failed to notice a pony standing in front of him as he walked into him.

“Oh shit sorry!” Jacob looked up at the stallion he easily recognized as Filthy Rich from a couple of episodes he made an appearance in.

Filthy Rich shook his head after Applejack ran into him “oh nothing to worry about I should have moved when I realized you didn't notice me, but I'm glad we ran into each other because I actually wanted to speak to you about something” he was momentarily surprised at Applejack's choice of words, she rarely used such language.

“Oh well good thing then so what did you want to talk about?” Jacob was trying his best to act like Applejack, Filthy Rich had done business with Applejack so he would probably notice if he didn't act like her, he was hoping whatever he wanted for oak about didn't involve business since he had no clue how Applejack would discuss business.

“I wanted to discuss a new business deal with you” Filthy Rich smiled.

'crap!’ Jacob cursed in his head as he began to sweat from nervousness “um what do you want to discuss…?”

“Well I've been getting a lot more purchase of Zap Apple Jam, but now I've run out of the ones I had so I'll be needing three hundred more jars by tomorrow, will that be a problem?” Filthy Rich was overjoyed about all the sales he's gotten of the jam recently.

“Oh um yeah sure” Jacob wasn't really paying attention to the conversation, he had just spotted Lyra and Bon-Bon, Lyra looked like she was searching for something all while Bon-Bon followed looking annoyed, he really wanted this whole talk to be over with so he could go talk with them.

“Excellent! I'll be at your farm tomorrow then” Filthy smiled.

“Cool yeah cya” he ran off past Filthy Rich not really sure about want they just agreed to.

“Hm must be needed somewhere, busy mare” Filthy chuckled as he walked.

Jacob skidded to a halt by the girls and smiled “what are you two up to?”

“Oh Lyra said she sensed a human was nearby” Bon-bon huffed.

“I'm telling you I sensed one was in town! I don't know where but I can tell I'm getting close” Lyra declared as she dug through a bush.

“A...a human?” Jacob gulped, he forgot about the human obsession Lyra was believed to have, looks like that has been proven.

“They're these bipedal hairless creatures Lyra discovered in an old book she found” Bon-Bon explained.

“Yes! I've been trying to find more evidence of these creatures but I haven't much, but if I find this one! Then all my theories will be proven true!!” Lyra pounced on a rock smiling before lifting up and frowning finding only an ant.

“Oh wow that's cool…” Jacob chuckled before noticed Lyra slowly crawling towards him till her nose bumped his hoof, he took a few steps away.

Lyra slowly stood up squinting at Applejack before walking over to her and sniffing her, she then gasped with wide open eyes “you!”

“Well I got a lot of apple business to attend to so I'll be off” he ran as fast as he could.

“Stop!!” Lyra chased after her.

“No Lyra! Not again!” Bon-Bon chased after Lyra not wanting a repeat of last year.

Jacob looked behind him finding Lyra keeping up with him “Jesus Christ!!” He galloped faster trying to get away, spotting a wooden bucket by a cart he ran towards it and kicked it with his back legs knocking it over, fruits toppled out from the bucket spreading across the floor “what's with all the fruits?!”

Lyra skidded on the ground trying to stop but was unable to stop herself, she stepped a banana making her slide across the road, she slid past Applejack resulting in her making a confused expression, she then slammed into a group of barrels “ugh…” she sat up her eyes spinning. Lyra looked forward and gasped seeing Bon-Bon sliding at her panickily.

“I can't stop!” Bon-Bon yelled.

“Oh sh-” Lyra attempted to get up and run but wasn't fast enough to escape Bon-Bon crashing into her.

Jacob stood watching all this unfold “that didn't go as planned either…” he looked around for anypony watching him before whistling as he trotted away 'act pony should think anything of you of you act natural-wait no pony? Did...did I just think that? No no there's no way, I'm just imagining things yeah yeah….’ he continued walking but his mind kept going back to those thoughts, no matter how hard he denied it he knew he did think those words.

Fear filled his thoughts 'what if I start thinking like that more? Am I somehow turning more and more into Applejack? Oh god what if my identity is completely overwritten by Applejack's identity, or even worse an evil version of Applejack….’

“Hey Applejack” Twilight smiled.

Jacob jumped as he was broken out of his thoughts “oh um hey Twilight”.

Twilight raised a brow at her friends odd behavior, she looked Applejack over before stopping on her Cutiemark, it was green apples, she then realized why Applejack was acting so weird “you're Jacob”.

Jacobs eyes went wide “um what? No, we both know I'm-he’s not supposed to be walkin around town Twi” he smiled nervously.

Twilight looked at the Applejack copy with a unamused expression “I know it's you Jacob, your Cutiemark is different from Applejack's”.

Jacob looked at his thigh finding the teen apples, he then looked back at Twilight chuckling nervously “heh heh so it is….”

“Come on” Twilight started walking.

Jacob sighed and followed hanging his head 'dammit….first time in Ponyville and I get in trouble with the princess of friendship…’

Twilight led Jacob back to the castle, she then took him to the library and turned to face him.

Jacob gulped looking at her “i-i know I shouldn't have gone out but I just...really wanted to see the town” he hung his head.

“I can understand being excited about wanting to see new things, but if somepony were to realize you're not Applejack they'd freak out” Twilight explained.

“I know…” he didn't look up at her.

“But...I am happy you were in town, I was actually on my way to go get you” Twilight smiled.

At this Jacob looked up at her “what why?”

“I wanted to know more about your world, it could help me find a way to send you back” Twilight said as she levitated a quill and paper over.

“Really??” He smiled brightly, sure being in Equestria was exciting but he really wanted to be back in his body.

Twilight nodded “now I want you to tell me all about your world and yourself”.

“My world and myself ok” he put a hoof to his chin thinking of where to start a smirk then formed his face “well back on my world I'm considered quite the ladies man, I usually date un ten girls a week” in truth he's never been able to hold a relationship but he wasn't feeling to keen on telling Twilight that.

Twilight looked at her in shock before shaking her head “sorry it's odd hearing Applejack say that”.

“Really?" He smirked walking towards her and nuzzled her “well I have to admit Twi I've been feeling quite fond of you, we could head to the bedroom and cuddle a bit or even go to the farm, I don't really care which”.

Twilight's face went bright red and the paper and quill fell to the floor.

Jacob burst into laughter falling onto his back, kicking his legs in the air, he held his stomach “I can't breathe! Haha!!! Your face!!”

Twilight frowned but was still blushing “that wasn't funny Jacob” she glared.

Jacob sat up snickering “ok ok your right” she poked her nose “boop”.

Twilight scrunched up her nose and looked at it.

“I've always wanted to do that” he smirked.

“Well now that that's out of your system want to sensed my questions?” Twilight levitated the paper and quill back up.

“Ok sure, ask away Twi” he smiled.

“So does your world have Princesses’ like mine?” Twilight got ready to write.

“No we have just one person, but we don't call them princess or prince...or king or queen, we just call them presidents, we've had a lot of presidents I don't really remember how many but it was a lot” he explained.

Twilight wrote down what he said “wow Equestria’s just had Celestia and Luna, who's ruling your world now?”

“Oh I am, yeah back home I'm the current president it's pretty cool, if you ever decide to visit when I go back to my world I'll make sure there's a big party for you” Jacob smiled.

“You? Really?” Twilight looked at him, he didn't seem like the type to rule but this other world was probably far different from her own.

“Oh yeah I'm considered the best president there's ever been, so what's your next question?” He might as well chang some things about his world.

“Oh how different is your world from mine?” She lifted the paper to get ready to write again.

“Well back at my world magic doesn't exist it's more of a legend thing, my world is run by machines and electricity” he replied.

“Wow that's interesting to think about, how do you control the weather or the sun and moon?” She wrote down what he said.

“We don't, nature kinda just does what it does, and the sun actually moved the earth won't gravity while the Earth's gravity hoods the moon, the planet just rotates changing it from day to night” he explained while doing the motions with his hooves.

“Your world sounds so different from mine” Twilight said after she finished writing and set the paper and quill down.

“Heh yeah when I really think about my worlds a lot more...boring” Jacobs eyes flashed red for a second and he rubbed his head from a sudden headache.

“Are you ok?” Twilight walked up to him worried.

“Yeah just a headache...I'll be fine….” He stood up “I think I should he-” he got cut off as the doors to the room opened.

“There you are” Applejack glared at Jacob.

“Oh Applejack” he smiled nervously.

“C'mon, we're going back to the farm" Applejack ordered.

“Um I'll see you later Twi” he walked towards Applejack but looked away from her glare, they both then left the castle, he followed behind her and even though he could see her face he could tell she was mad. They continued walking in silence up until they got back to Sweet Apple Acres.

“Look Applejack I'm sorry about not doing the chores...I just really want to explore town” Jacob tried to defend himself.

“I'm not mad that you didn't do what I asked, I'm mad you went around town making a mess” she turned to face him “Lyra and Bon-Bon told me they were talking with me and Derpy said I called her name causing her to crash into a sign, you've pretended to be me so you could get away with causing messes” she glared.

“What no I didn't do it to get away with causing messes, I just wanted to explore the town and have fun” he tried to explain.

“And how do I know this isn't another one of your lies? Ever since I met you it's all you've down, heck I don't even know if you're actualy good, that could just be another lie” she stomped forward.

Jacob stumbled back but ended up falling to his haunches “no I..I am I swear, I..I'm sorry”.

“I'm sorry but I can't believe you” she turned away heading towards the house.

Jacob sat there watching her leave until she was gone, he hung his head 'I...I have been lying a lot, I lied to Twilight about being president and having girlfriends for no reason, why did I say those things? I couldn't control my thoughts I just immediately started making up things…’

He started walking towards the house hanging his head, reaching a hoof up he went to open the door but stopped 'she won't want me inside…’ he walked towards the barn and found some hay and laid down on it.

Applejack yawned waking up, she got out of bed grabbing she hat and putting it on before leaving her room to start the day, as she was walking down stairs though she remembered want she said to Jacob, he did lie but he seemed genuinely sorry, sighing she went to the guest room to apologise.

But when she opened the door she found the bed empty, confused she looked around the rest of the house but still couldn't find him anywhere, the next option to search was outside “did he get up early to do the chores?” at the thought she smiled if he did do the chores then he was definitely a good pony after all.

She opened the door and what she saw made her smile drop, the wagon, buckets, and barrels were destroyed, all of them lying in pieces, she ran out in panic but the next thing she saw made her heart stop.

The apple trees closets to the house had all their branches broke, the apples from the trees smashed on the ground. The door to the barn then creaked, quickly turning around she spotted the door slightly open, she slowly made her way over and into the barn, she looked around for the culprit that caused all this destruction and her eyes landed on the sleeping form of Jacob, he was sleeping on some hay on the ground but what made her glare was that his hooves were covered in scratches and bruises as well as bits of apples.

She walked up to him and stomped her hoof down hard by his head making him jump up awake.

“What happening??” He spotted Applejack glaring at him “Oh Applejack...look I'm really sorry about lying a there anything I can do to make up fo-” he wasn't able to finish as he was punched in the face sending him to the ground.

“Do you think this is funny?! You think you can just destroy my came and get away with it?!?!” She yelled as she stomped closer to him.

He got back up to his hooves and stumbled back from her “w-what are you talking about??”

“Hrr you destroyed my farm!! Your hooves are covered in scratches and bruises from smashing the wagon, barrels, and buckets, and you have smashed apples all over you from crushing my trees apples!” She snarled as she got closer to him.

“N-no I didn't do that why would I do that??” He pressed himself against the wall of the barn.

“Because I called you out on lying, so you got mad and took revenge by destroy my farm” she towered over the cowering Jacob.

“I-I just came back here and went to sleep last night! That's all” he explained.

“And I should believe you why? You aren't honest, all you do is lie!” She growled before smacking him across the face with her hoof knocking him to the ground, she picked up the hat that fell off his head.

He held his a bruising cheek before looking up at Applejack with fear.

“Get out of here! I don't want to see you anywhere near here again! If I do you'll regret it I swear!” She raised her hoof at him.

Jacob scrambled to his hooves running out of the barn, he stumbled and tripped as he ran out of Sweet Apple Acres.


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Jacob scrambled through town afraid to look back in case Applejack was there behind him, he didn't understand why she was so mad, what did he do?

He squeezed his eyes shut 'dammit! Why can't I catch a break? I didn't mean to chase a mess in town, I just wanted to see it but no I had to fuck it up, I was on good terms with Applejack too but I fucked that up! No she's furious at me because she thinks I wrecked her farm but I didn't!....I-I just want this nightmare to end!’ his thoughts stormed in his head, he couldn't understand why everything was turning bad for him.

Tears filled his eyes from his frustration and anger, he opened his and realized to late he should have been watching where he was going as he slammed straight into Rarity who was levitating a bunch of fabrics in the air. Both dairy and Jacob fell to the ground, the fabrics going all over no longer in nice folded stacks.

Rarity shook her head and levitated one if her head new silk fabrics off her head momentarily angry at the pony who had crashed into her before she spotted the long themself, Applejack laid on the ground with tears in her eyes, the mare looked a mess with her mane and tail uncombed and her hat lying in the dirt beside her. Looking the mare over Rarity's eyes landed in the future mark, a pair of green apples and with that rarity realized this was the Applejack clone named Jacob.

Jacob looked at rarity and once again squeezed his eyes closed 'DAMMIT!! I ran into Rarity! Of course I did!! Having one of the main six angry at me wasn't enough, oh no! I had to have two of them angry with me!!’ he sniffled bringing his legs up to cover his face, he didn't want anyone see him cry.

Rarity frowned looking at the poor mare, she looked so sad and was trying to hide herself away, she walked over to her and crouched down “darling...perhaps you'd like to come inside my boutique and wash up?...your coats covered in dirt, and maybe you could use some tea?”

Jacob mare sniffled and nodded from under his legs, he then stood up hanging his head as Rarity lead him to her boutique while levitating the fabrics behind them.

Jacob laid in a cushioned couch with a table sitting in front of him and a tea cup on it, he sniffled her tears now done but she still felt like crap, looking across the room he saw Rarity having some trouble cleaning the fabrics, he frowned harder and pushed his face into one of the pillows on the couch, he really hated himself right now for making so much trouble.

Rarity huffed having difficulty removing a certain smudge on one of her white fabrics, she'd need to ask Zecora later for some potion to get rid of it, looking back at her guest and frowned, the poor mare was pressing her muzzle into a pillow, Rarity knew the signs of a depressed mare since had acted the same when she couldn't figure out a design or a critic would mock her work, trotting over to the mare leaned her head down to her “darling please tell me what is bothering you…I know holding it in will not help you in the slightest, quite the opposite actually, my friends helped me figure that out many please”.

Sniffling Jacob lifted his newly tear stained muzzle up frowning at Rarity sadly “I….I keep screwing things up….I ruined your fabrics….I should just vanish like the other clo-” he was cut off by Rarity suddenly hugging him tightly around the neck.

“Never say something like that….you are nothing like those clones and you do not deserve what happened to them to happen to you…” Rarity pulled away from the hug and looked at the sad mare who had read marks down her muzzle “and please don't worry about my fabrics, accidents happen and a simple stain isn't something you should be beating yourself up for it”

Jacob looked at her and then the pillow he had purchased his face into and saw wet marks on it “but...I keep messing up….”

“We all make mistakes darling, now how about we get you cleaned up and then you and I can talk some more?” Rarity asked with a smile.

“Yeah...ok” he nodded.

She smiled and walked out of the room for a bit before returning with a wet rag, but she hadn't seen a empty fabric roll on the floor causing her to trip and fall on it “oof!”

Jacob had seen the whole display and suddenly snickered, he quickly covered his mount looking shocked “o-oh I'm sorry! I didn't mean to laugh!”

“No no it's quite alright, I should have been watching where I was going” she brushed her main out of her face and walked over to Jacob “I imagine it probably was quite amusing to watch” she chuckled slightly.

Jacob could tell that her chuckle was forced and frowned.

Rarity quickly cleaned Jacobs face with the rag and levitated a comb over brushing her mane and tail, Jacob now looked nice and clean, she smiled “there, now let's talk, you were in such a rush earlier why is that?” She asked sitting in a chair by the couch.

“Well….I...Applejack woke me up this morning and she was really mad….” He sighed.

“What? Why was she mad?” Rarity asked curiously.

Jacob hung his head frowning, he knew Rarity was gonna be mad at him too once he told her why, although she did seem pretty caring and understanding so far, maybe it wouldn't be so bad? Taking a deep breath he spoke “she was mad because I….because she didn't want somepony who looked like she staying on the farm anymore, she was tired of helping me and kicked me out….”

“What??” Rarity was shocked, how could Applejack do that? She wanted to believe it wasn't true but Jacob had been crying when she ran into her, she was so upset that it couldn't be a lie, and that fact made Rarity furious, how could her formed do something like that to this poor mare. She huffed standing up “please stay here, I am going to give Applejack a piece of my mind and get this straightened out” she marched out.

Jacob watched her leave but had a shocked expression, he didn't mean to say what he told her, the words just spilled out of his mouth “that's exactly what I meant to say...wait what?? N-no it's not!I didn't mean to say that either!” He was scared now, his words kept getting reversed.

Rarity trotted down the dirt road Sweet Apple Acres up ahead, what Jacob said kept playing through her mind, she might have overreacted when she told her, she planned to get the sorry straight by flaming with Applejack, she was sure it was probably a misunderstanding, she entered the farm and spotted Applejack bucking trees making the apples fall into buckets.

Walking up to her Rarity smiled “hello Applejack, I ran into Jacob earlier he she had s-”

“Ah don't wanna talk about her!” Applejack growled as she bucked another tree.

Rarity was surprised by the immediate hostility “but she was very upset and I just wanted to know wh-”.

“Look Rarity I'm really busy with this big order from Filthy Rich, so unless you wanted to help, please let me work” Applejack huffed walking to neither tree.

Rarity glared at her “well fine then, I see I mistaken in trusting my friend…” she marched off, she should have just beloved poor Jacob, the mare should have stayed with a kinder pony rather then Applejack.

Jacob was pacing “I-I've always been a pony….I always tell the truth….I don't need help…” he clenched her teeth, he couldn't get the truth out no matter how hard he tried, it kept twisting around and coming out as a lie, he needed help, maybe he could still write the truth? Yes that had to work, he rushed off looking for paper and something to write with.

“lying to a pony who tried to help you how cruel, but of course you did, it's in your nature to lie” a voice all to familiar to Jacob said from behind.

Jacob turned around quickly before freezing at what he saw dropping the pencil he had found, floating in front of him was a ghost like version of the Twilight clone “what? How?? Your dead! I saw the Tree of Harmony turn you back to wood!”

“Your mind is so simple it pains me” the twilight clone groaned “the Tree of Harmony didn't turn me to wood, it took my magical spirit out of the wood returning it back to its original state” she explained with a glare “meanwhile i was left without a body, I couldn't return to the wood for the tree had already drained the magic from it, luckily there was one remaining body that was just welcoming souls in” she smirked.

Jacobs eyes went wide “m-me?”

“Bravo you figured it out” she floated closer “you see the body you inhabit is missing it's magical soul, yours took its place but it left it open allowing me to easily move in, though I can't take ownership of the idea since I wasn't the only one to have it” she looked behind him smiling darkly.

Jacob slowly turned around and his blood turned ice cold, behind him was the rest of the mean five clones “no...your all in me??”

“Yes, but don't worry we'll be kicking you out soon” the Twilight clone smirked.

“What will happen to me then??” He asked panically.

“you’ll vanish, your soul will have no body to hold it and it will slowly crumble apart until your gone” she laughed maniacally and was followed by the other girls.

Jacob ran for the door but his legs suddenly stopped moving, he looked down at them panically trying to move them.

“aw can't move?” The Fluttershy clone said sarcastically as she floated over, she then bent her legs in making Jacobs do the same and it sent him face first into the floor.

“Nngh...I hate you most out of all them” he growled through his teeth.

The Fluttershy clone laughed evilly.

Jacob tried to move his legs but they wouldn't respond “dammit what's going on?!”

The Twilight clone floated over “Oh you see now that we've gained more power from residing in your body we've started to gain more control of it...hehe soon you'll be nothing but a passenger to us” she chuckled circling him.

“Wait...soon? That means I still have time to fix this!” he smirked.

“Hehe you really think you can free yourself from us? Do you have a grand plan? Oh don't tell me you're gonna beat us with the power of friendship?” The twilight done chuckled and the others did as well.

“No I'm gonna magic you the fuck out of my body” he growled and used his back legs to buck him forward, the mean five all looked shocked as he flew through the air and into the window shattering it, he crashed to the ground but rolled into his hooves, he needed to get to twilight she could get them out, she began racing down the street.

Blading behind him he didn't see the clones ghosts following and smirked “hehe got away, bet they weren't exp-” his legs started locking up and he slowed done to a stop, he felt his muscles tightening, his green eyes suddenly turning redish purple and a smirk came across her face.

“Well well not very clever now are you” Clone twilight's voice came out of Jacobs mouth and she walked over to a building looking at her reflecting in the window and sneered “ugh...I wish you had been put into the Rarity clones body, I would at least then have a horn, instead I'm stuck with this pathetic earth ponies body…”

Her head jerked and her eyes turned dark blue “if you don't wanna be an earth pony then fine!” Pinkie clones voice came out of the body now.

Her head jerked again eyes turning blue “both of you shut up! I need to find that other wimpy Fluttershy, hehe can't wait to see her scared” the Fluttershy clones voice spoke.

Her head jerked once more and her eyes turning violet, she huffed looking bored “I need to find a cloud….” Clone Dash spoke.

Her head jerked and her eyes turned purple, she looked around frantic before grabbing a rock “this is mine!” Clone Rarity yelled.

Her head jerked and her eyes turned back to the radish purple “all of you be quiet...if we all want to remain alive then we'll need to destroy that pathetic main six, and now with all of us in a single body the Tree of Harmony will have to obey us, since Jacob wasn't forced out of his body when we first tried that means it didn't view him as a threat, and now that we're with him neither will we!” the twilight clone laughed maniacally and her voice shifted between the others, she then ran off towards the tree smiling.

Last Lie

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Rarity heard glass shattering up ahead and picked up her pace, getting to her boutique she found the window upstairs was shattered and glass was in the ground, off in the distance down the road she saw Jacob, running towards her she suddenly skidded to a halt as she heard her talking in different voices, all of which sounding like her friends and herself.

She realized after hearing the plan one of the voices spoke about that Jacob was now being controlled by the evil clones, the body of Jacob ran off and she was about to follow when she remembered she couldn't save Jacob herself, she needed her friends, she then ran off to Twilight's.

She rushed into the castle and into the library to Twilight, she panted catching her breath.

“Rarity what's wrong??” Twilight asked worriedly.

“J-jacob! He's being controlled by the evil clones! They're going to try and take the Elements of Harmony!” Rarity yelled.

“Oh no…” Twilight lit she horn and in a flash all the girls appeared looking confused, she then proceeded to explain to them the situation.

“How do we know Jacob ain't just tricking us?” Applejack said not believe the story.

“Applejack! I very much doubt Jacob has the ability to mimic our voices perfectly!” Rarity growled.

Applejack frowned, Rarity did have a point, she huffed “'re right, I'm what do we do?” She looked to Twilight

“We need to prevent them from getting the Elements and free Jacob, I believe I have a spell that can pull them out of him” Twilight said not fully sure on the last part.

“Well our choices sound good…” Rainbow Dash huffed.

Twilight frowned and teleported them to the tree “alright girls hide, we're gonna need the element of surprise”.

They all nodded and ran off to different places in the cave.

The clone Twilight huffed pushing through a bush “ughh if I had my magic this would be far more easier…”

Her head jerks and her eyes change to green, Jacob then tries to run the other way only for his head to jerk and his eyes to turn blue “oops were you trying to run away?” The Fluttershy clone chuckles and continued walking

Jacob struggled to get control but he couldn't, the others were making sure they held him back, if he didn't do something soon the main six were going to be killed by these evil clones, and he'd be killed as well, he needed to think of a plan and quick.

The Fluttershy clone made it down the path and looked towards the cave that held the crystal tree, her head jerked turning he eyes reddish purple the Twilight clone the smiled “yes even without my horn the elements will make me stronger than any unicorn in Equestria!” He chuckled keep before suddenly she was smacked through the air from being hit extremely hard, she rolling into her hooves skidding across the ground, glaring at what hit her she saw Rainbow Dash flying in the air “dammit..”

“Sup?” Dash smirked as The Twilight clone glared before she ran for the cave, Rainbow Dash rushed at her cutting her off “not so fast!”

The Twilight clones head jerked and her eyes turned violet, she then smirked “we'll see about that” the Dash clone spoke before she ran away from the real Dash.

Rainbow Dash chased after her easily catching up but the clone suddenly skidded to a halt bucking her back legs, Dash's eyes widened as she was kicked in the face knocking her out of the air.

“Hehe to fast” clone Dash mocked as she ran for the cave, only for pinkie to pop out from the ground won't her party cannon firing a ball of confetti at the clone Dash knocking her back.

“Surprise!!” Pinkie laughed excitedly.

The clone Dash growled as her eyes shifted to blue, clone Fluttershy got to her hooves and ran at pinkie and jumped off the cannon and pinkies head, she ran towards the cave as Fluttershy flew down in front of her, she snarled and growled at Fluttershy making her shrink down.

“Eep!” Fluttershy cowered.

Clone Fluttershy laughed as the real Fluttershy cowered afraid, her eyes shifted to redish purple as clone Twilight took control “hurry you fool!” She ran into the cave just as rarity fired magic bolts at her, she tried to send one back but remembered she had no horn and growled annoyed.

Twilight flew in front of the clone cutting her off “I am not letting you get the elements or harm Jacob!”

“Oh and what will you do? Fire magic at me? Harming this body along with Jacob?? Face it you fool you can't do anything to stop me unless you want your friend hurt! Heh well killed is a better word for it since one of you already hurt him...isn't that right Applejack?” The clone Twilight asked smirking.

Applejack looked shocked that she knew what happened “h-how'd you know?” she asked walking out from behind a rock, her lasso now in hoof.

“Well simple really….I've been in this body along with the others since we lost our own bodies, poor little Jacob didn't even realize we were here and effecting him, making him lie, forcing some of his actions, and forcing him to destroy the farm” the clone Twilight chuckled.

Applejack looked mortified, she hit an innocent pony, she got mad at him for something he didn't do, he really didn't know what she was talking about hen she yelled at him, she dropped the lasso to the ground making Twilight look at Applejack.

The clone Twilight took this chance to head but Twilight and then rushed to the tree only for her back hoof to drag “what?” She tried moving it but it would budge “which of you idiots is control the leg?” She Fowler in annoyance only for her front leg to lift up and punch her in the face “w-what??” she yelled shocked before she was punched again.

Her head jerked and her eyes turned green, Jacob clenched his teeth “Applejack! Tie me up now!!...ngh I can't hold them back!” He yelled as his eyes flicked different colors before staying green.

Jacob's words fell on her deaf ears as Applejack was lost in thought, how could she hurt a innocent pony? Especially one struggling so much? He was trying to fit in and she yelled at him, hurt him, she betrayed him.

Jacob he struggled to stay in control “p-please Applejack!....I don't blame you!!'s not your fault! You couldn't have known!!...I forgive you!!” His control was slipping.

Applejack snapped out of her thoughts and grabbed her lasso quickly swinging it in the air before throwing it, the rope wrapping around Jacobs legs, she pulled in it tightening it and restraining him, just in time as his eyes turned redish purple returning the Twilight clone control.

“No!!!!” The clone Twilight roared with anger as she tried to shuffle towards the tree.

Applejack ran over and quickly circled the clone wrapping her legs further in rope before she tried a knot and pushed her over “you lose!”

The Twilight clone snarled at her.

Twilight walked over “good job Applejack, it's over for you and the other won't be returning after this!” Her horn was engulfed in violet magic and magic tendrils spread from it and forced into the clones head.

The Twilight clone thrashed around as the magic forced into her body, her head jerked around as her eyes changed to the different colors before white light shot from her eyes and she went limp on the ground.

Twilight panted as her horn stopped glowing, she looked at the clone body on the ground, the girls walked over each sporting a worried expression, what if the spell failed? Or one of the clones was Still there?

Suddenly the clones eyes opened and the girls tensed “ugh….please tell me I don't have to buck trees after this..” Jacob groaned, the girls smiled and quickly hugged him in a large group hug “woah hehe I get it you missed me but you don't ha-...this...this is actually pretty nice” he smirked and relaxed in the hug.

The group decided to celebrate at Sweet Apple Acres, Pinkie set up a Beating The Bad Guys and Saving Our Friend decorations, Jacob was actually having a lot fun since coming to Equestria, Applejack repeatedly apologized to Jacob, and he repeatedly said it was ok.

All throughout the party though Twilight seemed to force her happiness, the girls had noticed this and Applejack agreed to go see what was wrong, walking out away from everypony else Applejack approached Twilight “something on your mind Twi?”

Twilight looked at Applejack and then the floor frowning, she took a deep breath before speaking “I've been thinking about the spell and the clones….”

Applejack had a look of realization “oh Twi, I know I must be hard having to deal with taking lives...but they were just magic and they had planned to kill us you shouldn't have to feel bad about what you did”.

“That's not what I meant….” Twilight looked away sadly.

“Then what...?” Applejack asked confusedly.

Twilight took another deep breath “the spell removed the clones souls...but it...they were with Jacob since they're bodies deaths...they joined with his body and became attached to it like their original ones…”

“What are you saying Twi?” Applejack was confused where Twilight was going with this.

“I...I didn't know until using he spell, without their spirits his body has become unstable...Jacobs body is deteriorating….” Twilight looked at Applejack tears in her eyes.

Applejack was shocked, all this happiness, all this success and now “there's...there's gotta be a way to fix this right? Maybe there's a spell that can reverse it? Or stabilize her??” She asked hopefully.

Twilight shook her head hanging it “I looked before the party...there's nothing….I...I would have said something earlier but...he was so happy and I” she was choked up as tears ran down her muzzle.

Applejack frowned and hugged her “it's ok Twilight….I understand…I'll tell him for you”.

“No no I should tell him it''s my f-” Twilight was cut off.

“No Twi it wasn't, and you've had to hold this in this whole time...I'll tell him, you tell the others…” Applejack said leaving no other choice.

Twilight sniffled and nodded, Applejack then turned back to the others looking for Jacob but she didn't see him anywhere, she quickly ran over to the to the others “hey where's Jacob I gotta tell him something”.

“Oh! He said something about wanting to look at the stars!” Pinkie smiled.

“Thanks pinkie!” Applejack ran out of the house and looked around before running to the trees after not seeing Jacob around, she rushed past and around trees, what if it happened when he was alone?? He'd be scared! She needed to find him and tell him and be there for him if it happens now, she looked around panicked before she spotted him sitting in an opening and looking up at the sky smiling.

She was about to call his name but she waited, he looked so happy, why did this have to happen to him? He was forced away from his home into a different body and and then had that body stolen, he had just gotten his freedom back and now….now he was going to die, holding back her tears Applejack slowly walked over to him, she put on a smile “hey Jacob”.

He glanced over at her “oh hey Applejack, sorry for leaving the party, just wanted to see the stars…..never really get to look at them long from the show….plus here they look so….beautiful” he smiled watching the stars twinkling.

Applejack swallowed forcing her smile to stay “mind if I joined you?”

He smiled and patted the ground next to him, she walked over and sat next to him looking at the sky, they really were beautiful, she's seen them thousands of times but sitting next to a person who has limited time left on this world makes them seem so much more special.

“I already thought it was cool that most the stars we see up there are already gone...were just seeing the light they left, even though they're gone...their lights still there, even gone they leave something behind” he smiled.

Applejack's smile faltered before dropping, she hung her head “Jacob….ah got...ah got something to say...I..I'm not sure how to but I'm going to try”.

“I'm dying” he he said softly.

Applejack looked surprised and looked at him “h-how'd you know?”

He shrugged “felt it after the spell was casted, figured it was just after effects of being controlled but as time progressed I kinda just knew…didn't want to ruin the party by telling anyone so I just had fun, who could ask for a better final day?”

Applejack frowned “I'm so sorry…maybe...maybe if ah had been nicer this wouldn't have happened”.

“You don't have to be sorry Applejack, it's not your fault, I'd be hostel to someone who looked, and sounded just like me too, wasn't anyway to predict it or stop it” he sighed looking from her to the sky “life's like that's random and yet coronated, things happen and we can't change them, and then sometimes you can, no way to know until it happens”.

Applejack looked at Jacob and smiled faintly “ah think ah get it now…”

“That's good” Jacob blinked a few times, his eyes felt a bit heavy and he felt really really tired “I...I think I'm gonna rest a bit….that ok?” he looked at Applejack.

Applejack frowned but nodded “yeah you go ahead and rest…”

“Thanks…” he laid down and resting his head on his hooves blinking a few more times “hey…. Applejack? think you could...stay with me a bit?...just a little bit…”

Applejack nodded and laid next to him “yeah don't worry….I'll stay here with you…”

“Thanks…” his eyes were getting heavier and he just felt so tired, he leaned into Applejack “your a pretty good sister….”

Applejack chuckles “Apple Bloom says that too”.

“Heh…well we're right...would have been cool to have a sister….” He said softly his eyes struggling to stay open.

“You would made a pretty good brother too….I'm sure the apple family would love to have another apple in the family” she looked down at him smiling softly.

“Thanks…” he was so tired “you know...I'm not scared…” his voice shook as he spoke.

Applejack smiled sadly “you’re not a very good liar….”

He chuckled “yeah….I know...I...I think I'm gonna sleep now...sleep sounds pretty good right now...maybe just a little nap then we could get back to the party…”

“Ok...I'll stay here with you…” Applejack said softly

“You sure…?” He asked softly.

“I'm not going anywhere” she looked down at him.

“Thanks…” he said barely above a whisper as his eyes closed.

“Goodnight Jacob….” Applejack laid her head down on her hooves.

The sun rose over the hills lighting the sky up as it peeked over, it's morning light shined down on Sweet Apple Acres, birds tweeted and flew around, and apples shined from their trees.

Applejack slowly woke up blinking the blurriness from her eyes, memories from last night returned to her and she quickly turned around looking for Jacob only to find a large orange wooded apple tree, standing up and taking a few steps back Applejack looked over the giant apple tree, she was amazed and curious as to its origins until she spotted sitting on the lowest branch was Jacob's hat lightly blowing in the wind.

Applejack walked up to the tree and put her hoof against it smiling softly “even gone...they leave something behind….” She lowered her hoof and began walking away, after a few feet she gave the tree one last glance and a smile before she continued back towards the house.