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After an accident that should've killed me, I instead find myself within the world of what was once my favorite TV show, as a character who admittedly was not my favorite. How can I get out of here? Is there even a way to get out? More to the point, do I even want out?

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Seems interesting thus far,

This has potential. Good luck, my friend! ^~^

I'm confused. Why would you hate the perfect earth pony filly? Why would anyone not want to hug her? And squeeze her, and cuddle her, and brush her mane?

I think it's a good idea to add 'Human' tag because most other author with a former human MC does that.

I love it! Keep it up!

Huh. Can't say I've ever seen "human turns into Apple Bloom." Time will tell if this is good or not.

Also, welcome to the site, person who joined 4 days ago!

“Wait, why does Pinkie have eight pairs uh skates?” I asked in complete confusion, pretty much already knowing the answer before the other two gave it to me

“She’s Pinkie Pie!” Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo said in unison.

Hmmm... I only know one horse type creature that comes with eight legs, and that worried me.

I was back. I was back in Equestria, and I was Apple Bloom again, my headache fading.

Okay, I have to admit this is one possibility too. Let's see where this would go.

Thanks for the welcome! I've browsed the site for years but never actually made an account or written any stories here

This story definitely has my attention. There are so many ways this could go, and just thinking about the possibilities leaves me giddy! I eagerly await the next chapter! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Which will DT make fun of first? Her blank flank, her reading an obviously advanced book, or her black eye?

If this is some kind of karmic afterlife coma, then becoming Apple Bloom probably means that you have to rediscover your sense of adventure and wonderment in life before you can leave.

I wonder if Twi will catch on, and if/when she does, what she'll do with the information. It shal be very interesting...

Neighlem Hay, whoever that pony was, took the idea of travel between different worlds and somehow managed to suck every single drop of excitement out of it.

Well, that would explain the reason why it was left in the dust in the first place.

I was suddenly jerked from my reading by high pitched snickering and chortling. I looked up, and saw a pair of Earth Pony fillies. One was pink, wearing a tiara, that looked almost exactly like her cutie mark. The other was grey, with a mane and tail that were lighter grey colored, and she was wearing pearls and a pair of glasses. Both of them had a sneering, malicious grin on their faces.

Bro, "Apple Bloom" is about to pop the fuck off on these bitches.

Ready the...


you know what will be hilarious? She straight up walk up to DT and flirt with her , saying "Ya know. Maybe you really like me? Why else would ya single me out all these times? Hmm.. Well you are cute. So maybe?'

fight back bullies with flirting heh.

Therefore, it falls to me to break new ground, which is admittedly a field that I am not familiar with, due to my lineage as a Unicorn rather than that of an Earth Pony.

Ha :ajbemused:

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A truck blaring its horn at me as a too late warning


Truck-kun stikes again

Wouldn't eight pairs of skates mean sixteen legs?

If we're equating skates owned to legs had, anyway

very good story so far keep up the good work :)

i wonder how (he) will roast the two brat's :pinkiecrazy:

I'm willing to bet money that Diamond isn't gonna get far mocking someone who probably doesn't care about a personal insult when it's not their personal history it's playing on

Water makes me feel funny said Sweetie Belle

For some odd reason, I immediately read the sections of the book in an Australian accent. Nothing else odd about this chapter, but glad I was able to find it.


My compass always points to sweetie belle.

There is way too much dialogue that ends with no punctuation, and that should definitely be fixed in the future, but it was still a good read!

I was once again interrupted in my speech, and crashed into by an overly excited Sweetie Belle, being knocked down onto the frozen river on my back, Sweetie on top of me.


“SURPRISE!” A very loud, obnoxiously pink pony shouted from behind me. I squealed and jumped into the air, spinning around and flopping onto my stomach once more. Sure enough, there she was, right before us. Holy crap that was scary! It seemed like Pinkie’s reality defying powers weren’t just limited to the show, how had she gotten here so fast?


I slipped and fell upon the freezing ice immediately. I saw it coming rapidly, but had absolutely no way to stop the sequence of events I had set in motion. I witnessed my be-skated hooves hit the ice, immediately felt the change in friction, heard the cutting sound of the skate against the ice; felt my center of balance go awry, and sure enough, I fell right onto my stomach. FUCK, was what I thought. THAT’S COLD. I felt my ears flatten against my head as I frowned, that was weird. I guess that was some kind of natural response from my body to my own annoyance? Being a pony was weird. So many little things, and I still had no idea how any of them worked. I groaned, and shook my head, my messy mane getting in my eyes. I saw why Apple Bloom wore a bow, this mop was very thick and unruly.

Personally, I remember needing to get my skates in left pairs, if you catch my drift.

“Oops,” I heard Twilight say from under my book mountain.

I imagine that hurt.

“Sorry Apple Bloom, you know how excited I get whenever anypony demonstrates an interest in studying! I’m just so excited! Even if this is a more theoretical realm of study, it’s still a great thing to want to learn! Well, I say theoretical despite uh-Well, let’s just say that it’s more than just theory!” She says with a little chuckle.

A book theory! Thanks for reading. :derpytongue2:

Oh for fuck’s sake.

My sentiments exactly.

I look forward to the next chapter. Keep it up

Definitely a solid start here. The classic Truck-kun transdimensional transport service is very reliable.

“I need to dry off, some snow and ice got in my coat and is melting. Water makes me feel funny. ”

Are you a robot this time sweetie?

I like how twilight immediately thought of the mirror, good job Bloom with the misdirection. I wonder if she's going to get that concussion checked out soon.

OH!! It took you pulling that part out specifically for me to get it! I was like "This is your first serious theory and you're praising yourself so highly?"

I'm liking this story so far. The characterization on everyone is pretty good, I'm looking forward to more.

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I rarely like self-insert mlp stories, mostly because they tend to be a very mixed bag with me. But the summary and cover art caught my interest, so what the hell I'll give it a crack. Here's hoping it's interesting and well written.:pinkiehappy::twilightblush:

Hmm... I'm not too sure about this story. I'm not feeling it I'm afraid.:applejackunsure:

Skates aren't good for drifting

I tried using one of the walker-ish implements and still couldn't get farbefore slipping.

Esto se pone bueno

I hope applebloom doesn't bleed over into his personality

I can just see "Apple Bloom" standing there staring at Diamond with a blank expression while not saying anything.



Good stuff so far yo!

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