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Anonymous. That's you.

And you're now a green horse.

Not only have you found yourself in the magical land of Equestria, but you're now a filly as well. Not only will you have to come to terms with a new world, but a new body too. Will you be able to navigate the new (horse)shoes you've found yourself in?

This story is an adaptation of a greentext that is being converted to prose. Changes to the original story may or may not happen. Do not read said green if you do not want spoilers.

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Comments ( 12 )

A bit short, but a good start. Since this is an Anonfilly story, I have to say it would be better if you avoided the typical cliches. Namely the ponies being terrible and trying to force the protagonist to be a filly, not caring, and generally being both humiliating and harmful while calling it a good thing.

Also since I did skim the greentext, some suggestions in spoilers: It coukd do with some alterations. For one, the ending. HE shouldn'tjust forgive them since they withheld such infor from him, as well as didn't seem very supportive. Them acting like someoneshoukd qccept being permanently transformed against their will is super hypocritical given the prescence of Starlight Glimmer. Also, goving up and decidingto be a Filly is a rather depressing ending. Rather, him deciding the opposite makes nore sense.

I originally planned a sequel to address some of that (among other loose ends) But have yet to publish or do any significant work regarding it beyond the planning phase. That may change.

That's good then, makes the anticipation of future chapters into a good thing rather than dreaded, since you'll be avoided that cliche of "Bad Situation pretending to be a Good One".

I like how this man spike just acts like it’s a normal day.

I imagine that Twilight has no actual knowledge of Anon being in the castle. It would be hilarious if Anon just got yeeted into the world and right into her Crystal Tree.

Not sure you would need an apron to dust, but then again with Twilight’s propensity for chemistry I can imagine even a thin layer of cloth would be a welcome shield on the off chance you disturb something. Full hazmat suit would be preferred.

I saw this and immediately started reading the greentext. So here I am waiting patiently for part 2.

I quite like the ending. While I understand that most Anon fully clichés are them being ass holes to Equstria and I totally understand their reasons for doing so but Anon being a proper adult and willing to talk things through is a good way to end the story satisfactorily. . It shows proper character development and not having them forever stuck in a rut while the world moves forward.

Overall its a good story I loved it

I did not question in nature vis a vi canon. Just reading about it made me question the vague absurdity of it.

This is a world with magic technicolor cartoon horses after all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

And my diseased brain asks questions that I feel like spewing into the æther.

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