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Ranma gets sucked into a book that makes him the protagonist of its story, one which follows the past exploits of Twilight Sparkle. Unfortunately for him, he has no idea how the story is supposed to go, or how to leave the book.

I commissioned the cover from Crowne Prince.

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So Ranma has been sucked into a magic book and will have to live twilights life before he can get out? Menwhile nobody knows he is in there and the book has likely been sent to twilight. Why does it feel like when Ranma does get out of the book he will come out with a clone of twilights body and stuff will happen?

Ranma, no... Spike is not Ninomiya Hinako.

Or is (s)he?


Aww. This is cute! Oh Pinkie, never change. <3

Interesting Ranma crossover, so far i didnt like mucho other Ranma crossovers, this one has potential, so lets see where this is going.

I wonder if he could change into a stallion once he gets wam water, it would be better for Pinky, or other potential temporary Lovers XD, Liked and faved :D.

Huh... I watched the first five or so seasons of Ranma 1/2 on early Youtube way back in the day, but I don't remember someone described like Ninomiya. What, did she fall in the Pond of Drowned Adult?

Fate Neigh/Night: Unlimited Horse Works.

I love the way magic is treated in this story. Like it's actually written by someone who practices Martial Arts.

Yeah, that seems about right for Ranma's luck. Now to see just what point in time you will be dropping the hapless protagonist... Then there's the fact that this won't be entirely real. I'm curious about how you're going to handle that.

No, she's from the manga (which the anime never reached her arc). She's a child whom Old Man Haposai taught how to absorb Ki/Chi to turn her into an adult.

So Ranma didn't know English? This would be interesting. I reckon he would ace the subject by the time he came back.

he couldn't help thinking that this was some scheme to get him to improve his English. Which would be a really strange thing to do, and certainly going overboard, but that was pretty much par for the course when it came to how he was treated by others.

Discord: I need to get my tub of popcorn.

Without any thought to where he was or who was watching, he set his head on the ground, with his forelegs crossed behind it, and raised his hind legs into the air before crossing them. Then, he closed his eyes and began to meditate, looking within himself for whatever powered his horn.

Zecora: Why is that pony know how to meditate like a zebra?

Poor Spike, being left alone all of a sudden.

It read: "A new book has been added to your library: Common for the Commonpony ."

I think the first book he should seek is 'English for Dummies' instead.

She was the focus of one of the OVAs and in at least the 2008 one as a cameo

i wonder if by the time anyone for the actual equestria checks the book ramma will have already caused this other version to change. After all at the end of the day the world ramma is in is a simulation but the adding of something not anticipated could change things. Would it be possible for the whole of the book world to become more than intended through ramma making thier own path.
Imagine when twilight evnetualy actualy goes in and finds a world that has diverged greatly and someone else as her

That is an interesting idea, I like it so far. Especially the interactions of Dash and Pinkie(who probably is only a fictional copy inside a book, but who knows with Pinkie?) with Ranma’s thought processes ;p
I mean, the Pinkie part was pure gold, in my opinion - but Ranma seemingly encountering positive reinforcement for the first time ever, and Pinkie going for a “smoke” after their fun-time were especially amusing, I think.

Even in a fictional world Ranma can't help but gain a few more admirers.

Did anyone ever really think about the part of the first episode where Twilight is incredibly full and bloated after eating so much food, then she gets tackled by Rainbow Dash and gets covered in a puddle of brown liquid that was not there in the previous scene, and then her belly is back to normal and she doesn't mention being stuffed anymore after that point?

Like, is that intentional fridge humor on the animator's part, or am I overthinking things?

That is, until he forgot his manners and allowed an immense burp to escape, which managed to rock the area and echo in the distance, much to his embarrassment.

Good thing neither Kuno nor Hibiki was here, otherwise he won't hear the end of it.

This is interesting, please keep it coming.

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She's not child with an adult form, she's an adult with a child form.

Her wiki page:


Mid to late 20's


She was very sickly. Happosai was raiding the nurses' panties at the hospital where she stayed at, and he "helped" her by manipulating her pressure points, changing her metabolism so she could absorb the auras of other people to increase her health. However, his only motive for doing this was so she could absorb the battle auras of the enraged nurses whose panties he stole, allowing him to make a clean getaway. This altered metabolism made her default form age very slowly, making her true age that of her adult form.


She is a teacher hired by Principal Kuno for the purpose of disciplining Furinkan's many delinquent students, particularly Ranma Saotome, she has a reputation for being quite the successful reformer. This status causes a bit of a surprise when she shows up as a young girl. Her reputation, however, is justified when she uses her ability to absorb a person's battle aura, rendering them incapable of fighting back. After absorbing it, she instantly grows into a voluptuous young woman and is then capable of firing it back at opponents as a large ball of energy. She reverts to her child form upon doing so.

Huh, I stand corrected. I guess it has been a while.

Slowly turning his head, he saw the pink horse looming over him, wearing a black skull cap and a white, sleeveless shirt, with intense, white eyes being the only feature of her face that could be seen in the gloom that enveloped her somehow.

"I must protect this house!" She bellowed.


After spending a few moments to assess his options, he settled on telling the pink horse to leave him alone. With the aid of small kana to help him with his pronunciation, he deliberately read, "Do you want to go back to my place... Bouncy-bouncy?"



I couldn't help making one Monty Python reference and turning the suggestive line into something innocent.

So, Ranma nuzzles Pinkie Pie, and then she gets so excited that she breaks reality a little bit and pushes him into a dark room and whispers, "It's party time" to him? If I didn't check that the story's rating was still Teen, I would be concerned for his Twiginity.

Pinkie Pie suddenly popped up beside him and remarked, " Wow ! You read even faster than Twilight!"

Nope, not gonna question it.

So good! Already waiting for more. One of the beast stories I have read here.

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