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Sam Wilson was a normal guy. He had a normal life, with a normal family, normal job, normal everything.

Yes, he was a brony, yes he enjoyed reading fanfictions, including ones where humans got sent to Equestria, sometimes turning into ponies in the process.

Yet, his normal-great life would not last forever. It all started when— *record screeching sound*

"Yo, Pinkie! Quit being a third-person view narrator! This is my life story and I'll thank you to let me narrate it, thank you very much. Narrating's the only time I can talk like my oldself again, so don't take it away from me!"

Okie dokie lokie!


Anyway, as I was meant to be saying, It all started when I woke up as Apple Bloom.

As me and my family struggle to understand what's going on and move on with our new lives, I find myself somehow in Equestria and what's worse, there's already an Apple Bloom here! How am I possibly gonna get outta this?! Why ME?


Note: I made the cover image with an Aj, Ab and background image i found on google and used microsoft powerpoint and paint to put them together and edit a little.

The applebooms came from HERE and HERE

I take no credit for them, the applejack or the background (if you know the link for the latter two, please let me know so i can give credit where credit is due).

this is a fic i was inspired to write after reading Becoming Sweetie Belle by Sparknanator.

Now, your first thoughts are probably going to be, this is basically the same story, but with Apple Bloom instead of Sweetie Belle.

well, while that is slightly true, i am going to be doing my best to make this as different from Becoming Sweetie Belle as I can, for I do not want to be seen as a plagiarist, for that is not my intention.

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It was an interesting start. Hope you will make it better as the other Story with Sweetie Belle.

:pinkiehappy: Intriuging go on :pinkiehappy:

4962001 theres a sweetie belle version of this story ?!?! :pinkiegasp:where?

4962019 Yes, there is. But I don't really like it.
Here is the link:
Becoming Sweetie Belle

this is an awesome story autmn breeze I look forward to your next chapter:twilightsmile:

I like the fact that you've taken a story which could have quite easily been a silly comedy, and turned it on it's head for a sort of semi-serious look at what WOULD happen in the real world if someone were to turn into one of the MLP FIM chacters. There should be more of this sort of thing.

I really enjoy this story, good one:heart:

Because you started already in the Human world, i would like it if you maybe let him stay in the Human world, i don´know if he is supposed to stay as a filly, but i would like that. I understand that he has to search for a cure to make it real somehow, but i hope he stays like this, i don´t know if it happend like this in a fanfic already.

I keep it as a favourite for the Moment and Thumb up:heart:

I know i am one of those who doesn´t want to loose one of your previous storys, but i can´t deny that i love this one:yay:

PS: I read the description and saw that he probably went to Equestria, that´s ok too. I am just interessted at how they act around him and want him to stay as a pony.

4962277 Have you ever heard of Five Score by TwistedSpectrum? If you like this sort of thing you'll probably like that too, it's very good.

This is a epic story!!!:ajsmug:

I've got one thing to say :ajbemused:.


That was really fun to read, dood.

Simply a lovely story darling! Oh sweet Celestia, I'm Rarity!!!

:raritycry: *righteous lady like scream*

Great so far.
Just one thing though... he has transformed into a pony and is still taking the same medication he did as a human? The size difference alone could cause the same dosage to be an overdose, and there is no telling what effects it can have on a pony body even if they did adjust the dose accordingly. :pinkiesick:

But, I was defiantly the one saying that.

"Defiantly" is the mouse making rude gestures to the hawk that is stooping on him (or her). The word you need is "definitely".
Incorrect use of certain words just brings out the grammar Nazi in me. Sorry.


I have spoken.

Hmm.... Now I don't know how accurate the cover is, but the cover made me think that Sam turned into Apple Bloom, and when Sam/Apple Bloom gets to Equestria, they'll find that Apple Bloom is already there. Ergo Sam-AB ends up as an identical Twin of sorts to actual-AB.
That in itself is a rather interesting twist on the "human gets turned into a pony" concept. But how good of a guess is that?

I suddenly got a shiver, realizing just how much I needed to keep myself hidden. What if a Clopper, one who didn’t care about concession found me? They’d—


I'm surprised I'm the first on to make this joke. That quote practically screams "insert sexually-oriented joke here".

1. Horses can be acclimated to eating meat. Horses which eat meat have more vitality than normal horses.
2. MLP pony hooves accomodate oversized frogs, which is why their hooves are much wider than normal horse hooves. Their frogs are soft fleshy pads which can be used to pick up and hold instruments with the same engineering principle as this robotic appendage:
So think of that robot appendage as a pony's frog, and their oversized hard hoof surrounds that frog. Look up horse anatomy to see what I'm talking about.

4964797 Oh dear Luna! That's weird... :pinkiesick:

Just reading along before

suddenly got a shiver, realizing just how much I needed to keep myself hidden. What if a Clopper, one who didn’t care about concession found me? They’d—


Well he did say

one who didn’t care about concession

didn't he?

Yeah, true...

Alright then, I guess I can say that we like the story. :trollestia:

What if a Clopper, one who didn't care about concession found me? They'd-
I shook my head. The thought was too horrible.

That's a Bronies fear when they get turned to a pony from the show:pinkiesick:

4964423 Now that is what I call "constructive criticism":rainbowlaugh:

Mr. Author, what do you mean by the word "concession" in your chapter?
It doesn't make any sense to me when I think of the normal definition of the word.

4965393 it means whether Sam-Ab would want it or not

Say, isn't Sam Wilson the name of The Falcon from Marvel Comics?

4965516 dunno. I just decided to use that name at random. Was just thinking of a name that sounded good and that came to mind.


What OC? Are you talking about my avatar?

If so, Archer is actually from the show. You can see her sitting in class at the beginning of "Call of the Cutie".

She is cute though.

If Sam stays on Earth, he could become ridiculously rich and famous in a hurry by being a media celebrity. Think of the venues that would just be begging for his contract. Vegas, Disney, you name it.
Of course, he'd have to approach this in the right way. The first steps would be the most important. If he goes about it wrong, the gov't would quarantine him in a research lab before the world ever hears about him.

I like it, it seems like a good idea to me. I wonder where you'll take this. I'll be waiting!:pinkiehappy:

Alright I have to admit that was a clever thing you did in the summary. :rainbowlaugh: I'll give this a chance just for that, and the cover art.

You have my divided attention. Ooh, shiny things!

Actually, this seems cuter than the one it was based from. This is so KAWA- No! I am not an otaku....

Oh mah gash!
Heya Sis!! :trollestia:

Comment posted by dragonjek deleted Sep 7th, 2014

4965420 Do you mean "consent"? "Concession" is the act of giving something up or surrendering, such as "I concede the point". Consent is both a noun and verb--permission, to give permission, to allow. It's also the word used in regards to rape laws. Concession isn't a lexeme of consent.

I don't know if he could actually give consent, though... his body, at least, is under the age of consent. Anyways, that aside Sam, your worries are unfounded (mostly...). Most people who write rape stories wouldn't actually rape someone--they're largely written for shock value (like those gory cut-em-up fics, a la Cupcakes, or like crappy horror movies).

The way it's affecting Sam's thoughts is rather worrying, moreso than the physical transformation. Physically becoming Apple Bloom is much less disturbing than mentally becoming Apple Bloom... especially for someone with an adult's mind. Here's hoping Sam stays Sam :applecry:.

I think it'd be best and run more smoothly if Celestia already knew, but why not just have him wake up normally, or just be creative and write what you think it should be:twilightsmile::heart::heart:

I would say Applejack got her friends and after Twilight used some spell on him/her to see if he/she was Apple Bloom or not (the result is, he/she is Apple Bloom) they try to find out what happened and why there are two Apple Blooms.

You earned my Fav with this second chapter.

I would prefer what Sjy Hooves mentioned, i would not like if Celestia wanted him in Equestria, i mean if she really want she probably could summon him into the Castle.

I would like it if he maybe get´s different friends then Applebloom, Dinky andk maybe Rumble or another Filly for his little gang. He can do something with Applejack and her friends i won´t mind, i just want him to have his own friend/friends too. At least Dinky please:pinkiesad2:

I don´t want a real spoiler, but i want to guess how the story could end. Maybe he get´s his own Ponybody, or he just live in Equestria or he turns Human again and returned to Earth.

I would not like it very much if he simply turned Human again and left Equestria without the possibility to meet his friends possible friends again, but i won´t hate it because of that. Maybe they could get his real Familly to Equestria, i mean they could have real problems if maybe a mad fan/scientist
wants to get him and take his family as hostage?

I won´t lie, i simply don´t like it if they just left without a possibility to contact them if he want. i just want to mention it yet already.

I really like that story, i just don´t like those Cliffhangers^^ well maybe it isn´t one but i feels like it

Twilight will check to see if Sam is a Changeling and once she finds it is a negatory, he will be released. Once that happens, Applebloom will drag him into the CMC causing his inner apple to bloom (worst pun in my life:facehoof:) and he will join the Apple family where happy things happen. Until he realizes his other family is probably looking for him.

On a more serious note, I am loving this story.

I haven't read what inspired you to write this so I'll have to give that story a shot.

“Ah... Ah... Ah’m...”

Ah'm a goofy goober ROCK!

Uhoh...Granny smith is gonna whip out the hickory stick.


I turned and bolted, heading for the stares,


Hah, I like where this is going. Apple Bloom's gonna have a twin sister now.:rainbowlaugh:

this is turning into as great story I look forward to your next chapter. Although I fear what will happen to sam/apple bloom when s/he re-awakens. I hope nothing bad. On a side note have you got a new name for sam/apple bloom so as to seperate her from apple bloom? A yes or no will suffice:twilightsmile:

4966991 Apple-horse #5

Comment posted by FLUTTERxxDASH deleted Sep 7th, 2014

more! more!! more!!! more!!!! more!!!!! more!!!!!!

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