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Hey, you know that really good author who has quality stories that everyone loves? I'm not that guy, he's over there. I'm that mediocre guy that's lucky to have as many followers as I do. Thanks!!!


A/N: This is based on the Koala patches of the indie game Starbound. The game has since seen a full release and things have changed. These changes will be nodded to, but otherwise do not appear in the story.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is given the honor of being the first pony on all of Equus to engage in interstellar travel. Her mission: to explore unknown space, discover new planets, find new life, boldly go where nopony has gone before, and report back her findings five years in the future.

Things go wrong during her flight, and she soon finds herself stranded above a planet many worlds away from her home, with no fuel and dwindling power. If she wants to survive, she has to gather resources from the planet below. She slowly starts to develop her survival skills, but along the way, she encounters a friend who can help.

Jack Thomas, a "human" from a planet called "Earth," happens to be exploring space as well, and he seems to have a head start in figuring out where exactly she's at. Together, the two of them set out to find a way to return Twilight to her home.

NOTICE: Gore will be minor, and will appear most prominently in later chapters.

09 June 2014: 100 likes, 8 dislikes! Thanks a bunch, you guys!
05 October 2014: Featured! Thanks, guys!
02 April 2015: Computer Science milsetone! 128 likes! That's 2 to the 7th, or 80 in hexadecimal! Only 127 more until I can say I have FF likes!

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 171 )

Not gonna read until a couple more chapters are out but if its as good as TATSATC I'll do my damndest to get this out there. That is still the sneakiest underrated well written fic out there.

Finally, a Starbound crossover.

... So Star Trek meet's pikmin then? :rainbowhuh:

Funny, I made Twilight Sparkle in Starbound.

I'm keeping an eye on this!:yay:

Well at least she won't meet my character, he'd kill her to see if she dropped any interesting loot.

3761761 Uh, could you abbreviate that for those not in the know?



I abbreviate my stories like that too, especially when they're long titles.


Heh, doesn't everyone do that? See a new character? KILL IT! IT MIGHT DROP LEGENDARY GUNS!

3761761 The sneakiest eh? I raise you a really sneaky good story.neener neener, this one's sneakier!

You know, I didn't think it'd take this long for a Starbound crossfic to come out. It's been a month (or so), after all. We had Pacific Rim stories after two days.

3765559 I see you legendary guns and raise you a death stick, as well as impervium armor that affords forty thousand health, four thousand energy and energy regeneration, and fifty thousand defense.

And soon humanity and the aliens that attacked Twilights ship will go to war, a war that will last a thousand years!

3769227 not that big of a deal considering that it was the space penguins.

Jack Thomas, a "human" from a planet called "Earth,"

Twilight got very lucky. Earth is basically a lesser Death World. Although, the main threats on Earth are disease, poison, venom, parasites, and other things within that vein. Basically, the stuff you can't see are what kills the most on Earth.

Anyway, the reason she got lucky is that humans are the best at surviving on Earth, so a human will be able to help her survive on some other world.

On Equus, that would be a different story, however.

Keep telling yourself that *cough* exterminatus *cough*.

Anyway, this is good, I'm enjoying it so far. I'll reserve judgement, though, until I've read moar.

3899771 Its a crossover of the game Starbound,You can find it on steam,I highly recommend it.Think Terraria,In space,With the combat mechanics similar to Chasm (Discord studios chasm).Its hard to explain why its so much fun,But it is

3900020 Just a gamer,Sharing the joys of his field

So humans are still more advanced than ponies? Cool, now the other thing is that the Human race is at war with the owners of the ship that attacked Twilights Ship?


Nah, some of the commentors got it right. In the game itself, space penguins attack your character rather early on, and I figured they'd be a good early antagonist to get things moving along. "Them" are going to be the Big Bads for the fic. Let's just say that Jack's gonna know them a bit too personally.

As for humans being more advanced than ponies, I'm placing this story a few centuries down the line. Late 24th-early 25th centuries, our calendar. So we're really about the same; they were faster than we were with their technological revolution, but then again, they had Twilight Sparkle.


At least can the Humans have better weapons and military.


Oh great, now I want to get the Starbound game. . . do they have a set of clothing that looks like a Caroleans.

While the stupid penguins that destroy your house are jerks, I think I can speak for all Starbound fans that the birds are real villains. Especially the ones that can shoot lightning. :ajbemused:

Seems pretty good so far, I hope you continue with this, thoe I wonder if this story if based off a play threw of the game yourself?


Yes and no. It will follow the general order of events that happen in a game of Starbound (e.g. gather resources, build stuff, summon Penguin, explore Sector Beta, and so forth), but with the added bonus of a plot featuring Intrigue! Mystery! Implying a human and an intelligent pastel-colored pone get it on without actually being clear on the matter!

Forgot to say how much i really liked this fic.
keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

I really like this! Keep up the good work!

a Starbound crossover? Well, I'll certainly be reading this later!

Yep, miniature alien penguins attacked Twilight's camp, and in the end (i hope) Jack the human save her. You know, just a normal day.
Anyway, great chapter good sir. I can't wait for the next.

Cue the tier 10 weapons o' doom and the 'screw you,Im invincible!' armor that falls apart after the fight due to an explosion

Cmon Twilight. You're an alicorn. Kick that aliens ass!

Twilight's an alicorn, just have her rip the ship apart! TK one way on one half and TK the other half the other way!


I think I mentioned in story that she's conserving magic for a situation where she absolutely has no choice but to use it, out of the possibility of such an event coming along and having drained her reserves doing things that didn't require it earlier. At least, as long as they're on Alpha Prime III B. She'll start using more of it later.

Nice little cliff hanger

4223103 I know... but will she at some point rip something big apart using TK?

4222340 My armor has a total protection value of 100,000 in Starbound. I totally did not alter files.:scootangel:


That seems so un-Twilight-like to be that bloodthirsty in battle, at least against living things, if you catch my drift.

4227507 But if she gets very pissed...

I actually don't watch the shows so all I know of their personalities I got from this site by piecing together the similarities between stories... ever read Stardust?


Can't say I have. Well, Twilight as a magic user is gentle, but if you ever make her mad (mad enough to burst into flames, even), may Faust have mercy on your soul.

4227571 It's an XCOM crossover. SPOILER!!! Near the end of Stardust she get EXTREMELLY pissed, She turns some of the Invaders into stone... END SPOILER!!!

I HIGHLY recommend reading Stardust, here's a link:

4227595 My comment didn't slow you down did it?


No. Still working on latest chapter, but I'm juggling two stories, remember. As well, I have schoolwork and work-work too. It's just Finals season in college, so expect less frequent updates.

4246504 okay, I'm a Senior in High School and I'm taking two College level courses so I have an idea of what it's like...

I was just a little worried that I had just introduced you to something else to keep you from updating...

FYI My mom's a college BioChem Professor, you go to UW-La Crosse?


Nope. Midwestern State University in Texas.

4246564 ... That's quite a ways away...
Bet I could fly there
Yah, but it would take you about a week!
I̸̩̺̤͇̝̽ͫ ̧͇̹͚̱̘̅̿͑̃̓̄̉c̢͕̲̤ͯ̂͒͑ͅͅo̴̲͖͇̠̤̿̍u͓͔̩̰̅̌́̒ͥ̈͞l͓͉̜̽̅͆̽̆ḋ͇̻͕̼̈́̑̏ͥ͒ͪ ̛͇̤̭̼̞͉̱gͥ̉̓̑͛ͥͣe̟̩̙͎̲͆̽̎͂̆t̓͆ ̴͒̆ͧͫt͋͘h̭̝͈̭̣e̋ͩr͚̩͓͚̬̗͋ͥ͋̇̈ͪ̅͢e͓͖̎͟ ̎̂ͮ̌̅͏̠̲̺͍̺ͅī̘̠͈̻̝̬̻͗͛̒̓̎n͎̫̻͈͍̖̦̓ ̹̎͌ͪ̏ͪ̚a͕̟̺͂̏̂̍̑̊́͞bͮ́̌ͮ̂͊͞ȍ̢̳̙̻̦ͧù͍̪̙̝̌̍̉̊͑t̓͋͆̎̉̊ ̮̮̦̺̾̓̆̿͆̉͟ț̨̅͌ͅw̶̮̬̘ͪ̃ō͕͇̰͉͚̘̬̔̿ ̵͙̤̪̟͈ͬd̡̮̩̝̈́̃̓͛̾a̟̟̪̫̓ͭͥ̉̄̚y̭̪̠̹̱̭̟̒̋s͓͋,̶͒̿̄̏ ̬̖̪͔̈́̽̍ä̯̯́ň̞̰̳̹̖̱͛͢d̲̫͔̱̂ ̜̖̬͙̔̈́n͈̳̺̼͎̆̂̽ͤ̚i̡̫ͫ͊͊̅ͭͩ͑g̙̻̹̪̙̪̅ͣh̫̦̮t͈̩ͭ̔͋ͧ̄̚s͎͔̯̗̤͋ͧͤ̀,͈̪̗͉̍̋ͧ̈ͧ̊ͬ ̡ͤ̒t̮͎̗͚͋ͣ͝op̷̅͐̈̿s̛͖̻̙̤̥̤̪ͫͤ
You teleport between shadows! That doesn't count!
Says the one that can teleport to any location that they've been to previously...
HEY! That's only if the location is within the same universe/dimension/timeline/reality as the one I'm currently in!
You two can discuss this later!

1. First(?)
2. I noticed a spelling error, lost where it was though
3. more:trollestia:

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