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Memories fade but our connections will always exist. 🤍


After a few special outings with her new best fiends, Cozy Glow starts to feel as if she is part of a family.

Nudging along a budding Love/Hate relationship between a Lord and a Queen.

Because having a Mom and Dad would be magic!

Rewrite of first two chapters coming soon.

Takes place before Ending of the end.

Made Popular On 5/13/19

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Great start! I like the interactions between Cozy and the rest of the cast! In the show (or st least season 8) , they don’t treat Cozy like a child. Cozy is still adorable in this fic, though.

I can’t wait to see the Young and Mane Six’s reactions to the family. I hope this means Chrysalis will eventually become a changedling.

Heehee, thank you.

Yeah I came across this fanart and knew I had to write something to compliment it.

More will be added soon.

Nice. Cozy and Chrysalis is a good pairing.

I can already tell this is going to be an AMAZING ride, and I can't wait to see more

This is going on my shelf

I wouldn't be surprised if this was an episode.
You are missing a few commas, but good job!

Lol poor Chryssy and Cozy.

Plans go awry, fillies will cry.

My vote is for Big Momma C,

Cozy seems to be having a rough go of it.

I thought of a plot that revolved around these 3 becoming a family. I'm so happy to see this done.

Keep up the good work! And now I'm off to chapter 2.

Ty, I'll have more up soon.

“I'm not bickering, I'm trying to strike fear into her SOUL!!” Tirek let his voice boom loudly in absolute rage as the whole cavern shook wildly.

So, bickering? XD

“Brute force is used by fools, unable to create a decent plan.”

Yeah, like The Storm King.

“Starlight Glimmer!? You must be a superhero pony to know such a powerful unicorn like her!”

Now that she brings it up, most people who do know about the Mane Six or Starlight would have to be superheroes, right? I mean, they're kind of a big deal: you can't just casually walk up to them and act like normal.

A small pink bolt of lightning striking into her like a blur, as Cozy tackled the changeling to the dirt below. Wasting no time in biting and smacking the elder creature with her hooves, bloodlust dripping from her very soul.

Woohoo! Evil filly versus washout love-eating queen! I bet the victor will be someone completely different!

Well, that was... interesting. XD

Keep up the good work. :)

You misspelled Storm King it's spelled fucktard


Actually, bringing up the Storm King, I never understood why he wasn't part of Grogar's little group, as he is the only one that successfully took Equestria and held it for a decent amount of time that didn't get beaten by a friendship laser to the face, he merely messed up by letting Tempest walk free, if he'd had the foresight to trap/off her, he would still have the throne to this day.

All will be revealed in the finale...

Well that was quite random XD
But I would love to see how the rest of their adventures go, following up to the realization of them become a family. <3

It was an example of "Real Life writes the Plot." Storm King's voice actor Liev Schreiber was busy with other work (he is a celeb, after all!), and thus couldn't be contacted to reprise his role.

Thought this was dead. I must say, Cozy sure bounces back quickly.

You need to bounce back quickly, when plotting your next devious scheme.

Lol, not dead I was just dealing with real life.

Wonder if the rules for that game are particularly complex.

It takes a bit of skill, to get in close to the princess with a false sense of security.

But extra points for backstabbing.

Now I really just want to see the scoring system.

I'll create a chapter showing off the game in the future.:pinkiecrazy:

"With much disgust, I just ask for help."

Think you're missing something with this sentence.

"Aww, I was hoping we could play "Slaughter the princess."." Cozy sighed as she lowered under the table, only to lift upward holding a knife and a Twilight plushie.

Second most adorable pony with passive aggressive anger management issues!

"That just sounds absolutely horrible." Tirek began to shuffle out of the room.

Really? Figured you'd be all for that.

"No, just you!" Tirek's voice wafted to the child from the next room over.


Ha! I get the joke now!:rainbowlaugh:

Also it's good to have you back!:twilightsmile:(And no this emoji is not ironic, it fits perfectly!:pinkiecrazy:)

Edit: Ah, I've been awake for too long!

Lol, ty so much for pointing out that mistake, I fixed it, my auto correct is so dumb, lol great to be back!


No problem!

I fixed it, my auto correct is so dumb,

I've heard that a lot from other writers over my time here. Is that a big problem?

Lol, no just the ac is sneaky, lol hard to atch sometimes.

ty again sweetie.

"If I go Chrysalis, will you promise me I won't return?" Tirek groaned as he lifted to his feet.

That got a bigger laugh out of me than I expected xD So just chrysalis and tirek tolerate each other long enough to do recon, and leave the baby by herself. 10/10 allies

We all need our little getaways.

I am glad to see this updated. :pinkiehappy:

Hey when will you update

Not only can you get better at listening 1v1 lol, but you can also get a better understanding of the story.

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