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This story is a sequel to Dear Sweetie Belle

Following Rarity's example, Applejack writes her little sister a letter. While Rarity's letter revealed the truth of Sweetie Belle's origins, Applejack's letter will shed light on the greatest unanswered mystery of the Apple family; what happened to Applebloom's parents?

Beautiful cover art by AcrylicDawn. Her DeviantArt. Check it out.

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Good story, even better than the "Dear Sweetie Belle" one.

Now I guess I'll have to see how RD and Scootaloo connect, whenever that comes out ;)

WHAAAA This was so sad sniff but good [:applecry::applecry::applecry:

can't wait until dear scootaloo

This actually made me cry, more than your first one :fluttercry:
For your awesomeness, I give you this:
for no apparent reason.

The first story was excellent, but this one just feels forced and superfluous.

In the first, Rarity and Sweetie Belle are coming to terms with the reality of their relationship and what they mean to each other. In this one, the reveal is what? Something everyone knew all along? Why did this letter even exist? Did Applebloom really have no idea what had happened to her parents? Did she just assume that they had been on vacation for the past decade or so? Did she stop asking about them because she no longer cared to find out? If that's the case, then why even bother?

The storyline is carried by illogical setups and characters doing stupid things. Why did nobody tell Applebloom that her parents died in an accident on the farm? Why did the parents risk their lives to save a tree? Just how big was Scarlett for that one tree to account for half the harvest of Sweet Apple Acres? Why didn't the rest of the family even attempt to find medical attention? How did Granny Smith know they were going to die? Was her Apple Sense tingling?

I wouldn't say this story is bad, it's just that, following up from the first one, it seems pointless and artificial. Whereas the first was carried throughout by an idea, this is little more than one of countless other interchangeable sadfics that seem meant to inspire nothing more than witless one-line replies and manly tears image macros.

Dear Sweetie Bell 3: Dear Scootaloo?:unsuresweetie:

THE FEELS! THEY BURN! :raritycry::raritycry::raritycry:

Beautiful story just like if not more then the first, also I love the way you are managing to logically tie everything together and even leave telltale head of the next story at the end showing the connection.

For me nothing kills a story faster then inconsistencies or massive amounts of improbability piled on itself. I mean if one or two events are near impossible it may still work as exceptional circumstances are often what make a good story. However, if it were something like three of the main six all happen to get pregnant with tragic back stories of astonishingly similar caliber and then all happen to have their foals at about the same time, AND THEN the three foals just happen to form the cutie mark crusaders..... er... really?

You sir (or madam, I will check your profile in a minute) have just earned yourself a watch.

1469119 Looks like it to me. :trixieshiftleft:

Also I smell AppleDash in this. :ajbemused:


Actually I found the story to be quite logical, but perhaps its only "obviously logical" to me because of my background.

See as far as Applebloom not knowing what happened to her parents the story did say that she used to ask a lot in the beginning but eventually stopped.

The reason for something like this is that in situations where a child knows something is wrong and they have been told again and again not to ask then begin to get the notion that whatever happened must be one of those things that are not to be talked about. For instance I did not know until I was in my late teens that what had cause my mother and father to separate and his eventual death was due to his being an alcoholic, it was just something we didn't talk about.

And as for the apple tree being so important that farmers would risk their lives for it things of that nature often occur around these woods. Maintaining farm land is expensive business, one crop can mean the difference between making it and haven to sell the ranch. Normally the tales go a bit like this:

Bad storm is coming and one of the fields isn't done yet and the rain may cause the seed to drop to the ground so a farmer hurries to beat the rain. He gets the job done and loads up the last grain truck as the rain starts and heads out on the dirt road as they don't exactly pave the routes to farm fields. So the farmer gets going down a steep hill into a deep ravine when the wheels start to slip due to the weight of the grain and the muddy road. Soon enough the truck is pulled by gravity right down into the heart of the ravine pulling with it lots of torn up gravel road that my cover the truck cabin pretty quickly, this in turn traps the farmer in the truck and likely blocks any water flowing in the area which in turn may likely drown the guy.

Now I admit half a crop from a single tree is probably a bit much but it may have been a much smaller farm at the time and some seasons fruit trees can be rather fickle, it isn't uncommon for fruiting to become spotty.

Heck, this year apple prices are expected to more then double the norm due to the early spring causing early blooms and then a late freeze killing them off, not to mention the darn drought. (also killed all my peach tree blooms.... at least I have some frozen from last year)

As for the birthing in the middle of the field and Granny knowing that the mom was going those can be explained too.

See when you grown on a farm or at least around them you learn a lot of things, among them are when life is coming, and when life is going.

Among the things that can trigger birth are storms, this is one of the main reasons ya gotta keep a close eye on any pregnant animals if a storm is brewing. Another key trigger can be trauma to the mother, and once in a while the two of these may combine. I myself once saw the body of a sheep that had huddled near to a barbed wire fence that died with the lamb half way out her back end, interestingly enough the cause of death is the same as here, lightning had struck the fence it was huddled next to and had gotten electrocuted.

Granny Smith most likely knew that the birth was the result of the mother preparing to die, the big eyes and labored breathing mixed with a "numb" look is common, that's just what one of my cats looked like before distemper took her from me.

Granny probably knew getting medical help was pointless, not to mention impossible, they had to hide under an overturned wagon after all.

So maybe its just because I live around this stuff that it makes sense to me but this is how a lot of stuff goes down around these parts. canterlot.net/images/smilies/ponies/mlp-aj-shrug.png

Oh gosh. That was...wow.
The whole thing about Applejack's hat and Applebloom's bow made me cry. :raritycry:
But that was amazing. I can't wait for Dear Scootaloo! :scootangel:

Another good story, I gotta say it didn't hit as hard as the last one did, but, I can't wait for the "Dear Scootaloo" story........

If I have to give this story a rating, I would rate it 3 out of 5 same as last one, I don't know, the ending just seems to ruin it for me each time......

Thumbed up, Favorited, Following.

do i feel a dear spike after scootaloo

1469899 ...thank you. You covered all the bases, so thank you kindly.

Cornjob, as to the purpose of the story; it wasn't written just to be sad. As I've stated previously, 'Dear Sweetie Belle' was a oneshot with an open ending left to readers. A friend asked for a follow-up, so I eventually settled on the story presented here.

I've always thought it would be nifty if the CMC had a special connection before they met just like the Mane 6. The link, in this case, won't be fully understood until 'Dear Scootaloo.'

Oh, and no, there is no 'Dear Spike.' Just 'Dear Scootaloo,' which it's only fair to tell you guys is not done yet.

From all the love ones I've lost the previous year, my last two grandparents and my dog and all in a matter of a few weeks from eachother, I know what it is like to lose the ones you love quickly. This story hit me far harder than I ever thought it would and even as I write this comment I am still choking up with tears in my eyes. Never have I cried this hard from reading anything. This story was beautifully written and in my opinion, the single greatest story ever told. I very much cannot wait to read what you have in store for Scootaloo, only knowing in that it will be great. :fluttercry: :fluttershbad: :ajsleepy: :applecry: :pinkiesad2::fluttershysad:

First Sweetie Belle, then Appleboom, and it's gonna be Scootaloo's turn! I can't wait for the next one!!! :heart::heart::heart:

So much sadness.....:raritydespair:. You sir, have a talent.

First one was pretty good, this was better, does this mean that the third will be super?

is there a dear scootaloo or is that something for another day? :fluttershysad: oh yes and, SO MANY FEELS!!:applecry:

A beautiful story. Thank you.

“Stop! That’s not gonna bring them back.” You earned a dislike because of that line. I'm not kidding. That's one of the worst and most nonsensical cliches ever. :ajbemused:

Oh...oh my:fluttercry:
I like your adaption of their parents.

I..i can't say anything more than just WOW just wow. I have to admit i was crying out my eyes, while i was reading the letter for Applebloom :fluttercry:

1480462 Aw, c'mon. At least they didn't try to cut Feather Duster off at the pass.

"Cut 'em off at the pass? I hate that cliche!"

1481100 Forgive my ignorance but I've never heard of that before... anyway, good thing you're not offended, it wasn't my intention but it was my fear :facehoof:
Oh and there are other two things which don't add up: I think even the line "he's not worth it" is a bad cliche, and... they punish him by sending him away of Ponyville?! Isn't there anything like, I don't know, A JAIL!? :rainbowhuh:

1486028 ...does Ponyville have a jail?

1488950 Well even though the show never showed one I don't see why Ponyville shouldn't have a jail :applejackunsure: And even if it doesn't but another city (like Canterlot) does, they could still send criminals to a place which has a jail!

No.... no.... not again... :raritydespair: MAH FEELS! :raritycry: YOU BROKE THEM AGAIN :fluttercry: Y U DO THAT?
Luna damn you, that tale of AJ's hat and Apple Bloom's bow... fjlojfsjfsiopfj SO HEARTWRENCHING
You better have 'Dear Scootaloo' up soon or I'm banishing you to the moon. :twilightangry2:

Good story. But...ugh...fuckin' AppleDash hint...:ajbemused:

1530180 Wow, all this AppleDash hate...

You're all gonna DESPISE Chapter 2 of 'Morning Glory.'

You made me cry, the only other fanfic's ive cried to were "MLD" and "Scootaloo's Personal Diary". I cant wait for the final installment, I was dreading this, thinking it was gonna be the same as Dear Sweetie Belle, but now i have no idea whats gonna happen.

I don't think it would be Dear Sweetie Belle part 3. It seems more like is should be Dear CMC to tie them all together.

You are one of my favorite authors EVER!Please keep writing!I can't wait for Dear Scootaloo,just like everyone else.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::raritystarry::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:(the reason for all the :moustache:'s is cause I:heart::moustache:'s:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Can't wait for Dear Scootaloo!:scootangel: What'll be next after the "Dear CMC" Trilogy? A Dear Spike, Perhaps..?:moustache:

1701387 No, no 'Dear Spike.' 'Dear Rarity' is coming though.

I just noticed the Brock Lesnar reference :yay:

Near the end,I felt like I was going to cry:fluttercry:I shall tell my friends to read this this is amazing.I was listening to the one that got away by Katy Perry,while I was reading this and someone like you by Adelle.Not exatctly sure what that has to do with it but...I :heart: this story!

1727876 Yup. I've always preferred that name to Roid Rage.

I know. Shocked the daylights right outta me too.

I know should have a comma after it, not a period.:twistnerd:

We were gonna tell you eventually, Applebloom. We were just waitin’ for you to ask. Truth be told, we were getting’ to be a might concerned that you never asked about Ma and Pa.

Instead of 'Might', I believe the correct spelling of that usage is 'Mite'

Other than that, well done! I was thrilled to find that there were more stories in this continuity.

2252818 Yep. There's a section on my author's page that tells you whcih of my stories are part of the continuity.

“Mac, you’re Pa is gone. You’re Ma’s not gonna last much longer either, but if we act fast we can save the baby. Now go get the wagon and flip it so me and Applejack will have some cover.”

Some confusing with the words your/you're. It'a your Ma and your pa.

Less of a twist than the first. All the more emotions. Brilliant.

Man, I cried all the tears. :raritycry:

hey. so i made this story that takes place during the storm in this story called "When They Loved Me" it can be viewed in the group "Sad Stories". if it bothers you to use elements from your story. i'll delete it for you. bye :pinkiehappy:

2256543 Yeah, took a look at that. It isn't a prequel. You copied and pasted the story, just moved the sections around. Please delete it.

Don’t tell anypony, but I know for a fact that I inherited his fondness for Pegasi.

“The letter said that you inherited your dad’s weakness for Pegasi. Who is it?” She made a grossed-out face. “Ugh. It’s not Lesmare is it?”
“Brock? Nah. He’s not my type.”
“Well then who is it?”
Applejack’s eyes darted every which way, trying to find an escape route. “That’s for me to tell when the time comes.”

*sniff sniff*
Is dat some AppleDash I smell? :rainbowkiss:
*reads comments*
Why yes, yes it is. Squee.

Reading these one by one, eager to see what Dash will say to scootaloo.

Also, 1530321 ? I am *so there*.

Finally, I've come to this one. I realize I've read them out of order, but I loved all of them! That account of how Applejack and Big Mac losing both of their parents (but not before Cloud Apple gave birth to Apple Bloom) nearly made me cry. That moment when the citizens of Ponyville began to gang up on Rainbow Dash over that storm before it was discovered that Feather Duster was behind it was an awesome moment too. I was glad that Pinkie Pie stood up for Dash and also confronted Applejack when she went to apologize to Dash for slugging her before she found out that Feather Duster (not Dash) was responsible for the death of her parents, GO PINKIE!!:pinkiegasp:

Anyway, this was an awesome trilogy. I wonder if you have more of this to come concerning the CMC. Maybe one with Babs Seed, just a suggestion.

2257644 Sorry, but the 'Dear CMC' trilogy is closed. Plenty more in-continuity stories to come though...

1480462 You disliked a story because of a cliched line? That's fucking stupid. And things become cliche because people have used them for years and when someone is under duress, like the Apple siblings would be I think it's safe to say they would use a couple cliches. There isn't a story out there that doesn't use at least one cliche, it's impossible not to.

2257917 That was a very sweet story. I would say my only nitpick is that I prefer the spelling to be Apple Bloom. I don't know why, maybe because pages like wikipedia, IMDB, and mlp wiki have it spelled as two words. Also, phonetically when saying it (at least for me) it makes more sense for it to be two words and not one. But that really is just a nitpick, so sorry for spilling that on you. lol But hey, the internet is all about nitpicking, right? :pinkiehappy: With all that said, a lovely story. MUSTACHES! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

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