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Jade Ring

“Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can't remember who we are or why we're here.” -Sue Monk Kidd


This story is a sequel to Paternally Yours

Sweetie Belle volunteers to foal-sit Diminuendo, her little half-brother, but Dimmy starts being distant towards his older sister almost immediately. Can Sweetie Belle break down the walls he puts up, or is her relationship with her little brother over before it can begin?

And why is Dimmy acting so distant anyway?

Cover art by the wonderful Kaitlyn Warner.

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Being in the dark about certain details is kind of interesting for me, so this story is definitely unique; I really think you're progressing in your overall ability to write, Jade. This definitely felt more like characters than words on a page, as compared to a lot of the crap that you can find around the site.

Pleasant way to finish the night.:twilightsmile:
Seeing Crescendo, Rarity and Spike bond like that was sweet.
Even if (a big if with you) they don't end up being that important to the story, I'm glad to learn a bit more about the other branch of Crescendo's family. And speaking of which, good being foreboding without being cliffhanger-y.
...And I need to dig out my Latin dictionary now that I've finally got it at my place.
BTW, when Sweetie went to talk to Dim-:flutterrage:-eh, Diminuendo the first time, all I could think was this:

If I could like this story multiple times, I would.:pinkiesmile:

Spike looked closer at the scrawled title. “'Rex Autem Tristes.'”

Rarity closed her eyes in concentration. “Let me see... Is it... 'the Sad King?'”

“Very close.” Crescendo gazed upon his son's most mysterious work. “The actual translation is 'somber.' 'The Somber King.'


I hope there's a sequel in the works, cause now I'm gonna be dying!!

4434138 :rainbowlaugh: God I love that scene



*ahem* I mean, yay?

This... dammit, this was so beautiful. :fluttercry: I'm a loss for words, this was just so painstakingly real. See, Jade, this is why I still freak out over your writing, your OC's pop to life off of the pages (er, screen?) and it's really beautiful and heartfelt and I love it. Never stop writing, or else.


Seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Sweetie and Dimmy are finally brother and sister, and for Dimmy he finally has someone to care for that he hasn't had for a long time----someone else to tell him that it's okay. And in a way, Dimmy's finally got a family again. A weird family, but a family nevertheless. And it's slow related to Rarity and Sweetie Belle---I hate to say it, but Cresendo abadoned Rarity after the one-night-stand that resulted in Sweetie Belle. Crescendo's definitely paying it back in spades. The similarity is Rarity took care of Sweetie Belle eventually accepting she is her daughter, and Crescendo did the same thing for Dimmy---both giving loving homes and lives so that the kid can be as normal as possible.

I hope Crescendo's successful in getting full custody for Dimmy. They both deserve it.

Thought this was my fic for a second lol:twilightsheepish:

Another great story. Well worth the wait. I can't wait for the next installment. Keep it up..:rainbowkiss::yay:

I'm guessing that the sombre king will either be in reference to King Sombra, or the changeling king in a future story. Or both?:derpyderp1:

Chronologically, this story is the furthest into the continuity timeline. Pinkie is already dead at this time.:pinkiesad2:

I'm interested to see how this story and it's consequences will tie into Rarity's vision from The King of Lies. It's confirmed that that will happen, and now it's just a manner of seeing how it will happen.

Small grammatical error here:

She got pregnant while we were in engaged.

The "in" is completely unnecessary.

Other than that I loved the fic, and really enjoyed your commitment to the small details and the rest of the continuity.

4438432 Thank you. Noted and fixed.

Glad you liked it. Now comes the bitter work of the Big Three...

Welp, back to the feel mobile then.

Really enjoyed this read. nice job.:twilightsmile:

I've been following you since Dear Sweetie Belle and once again you have made an impression on me with your stories.

So the creepy thing rolling through your stories is gonna be King Sombra??? Hmmmmmm, interesting.

For a sec I thought this was based off my fic when I read the title.

4866524 Uh... why? The titles aren't similar at all.

4867599 My character's names is Dim Shadow and is with Sweetie Belle.

Sounds like a family I knew when growing up.:facehoof::raritydespair::moustache::pinkiegasp::flutterrage::ajsleepy:

Sweetie is a descendent of King Sombra... and King Sombra is haunting her little brother!

So... we're going to see a sequel that explores the whole "Somber King" thing, right?


5419497 More of an over-arching plot thread that will pay off in the Continuity's finale.

The Somber King.

.......:pinkiegasp: O My Gosh!!!!! King Sombra?!?!? What!

Sombra is Dimuendo's imaginary friend!?:pinkiegasp:

theories have been made...

I've seen some comments about Sombra and I feel I should point out that it's Somber King

Somber meaning sad and Sombra being the spanish word for shade but in certain contexts, like Sombra's nature, it means shadow

Or it could be a fake name that Sombra put in the kid's head

I don't know if it's just a one off thing, or actually means something, but I still thought of Sombra when I read about the pure black page with green eyes labeled "Somber King". King Sombra is the only thing I could think of. Very good story. Glad Spike takes her former lover with such grace. He seems to truly trust that she loves him and only him.

After what you said in that blog post about who the somber king is, I can't help but think about the temptation of Warmaster Horus from Warhammer 40k.

"The Somber King"

Oh s***.

Spike made several impressed noises. “These are really good.” He paused on one page and narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Uh, what is this one exactly?” He held out the book so Rarity and Crescendo could see the page in question; it was covered completely in black paint save two glowing emerald eyes.

Crescendo nodded. “Peg and I were confused about that one too at first. You see, when Dimmy was younger he had an imaginary friend. Well, he might still have him and just not told me about it out of embarrassment. When he was about three, I asked him to draw me what Rex looked like. That is the result.”

“Rex?” Rarity laughed airily. “His imaginary friend had a dog's name?”

Crescendo peered at her. “My dear, I have been filling my son's head with ancient unicorn since the day he was born. In our household, Rex was no dog's name. 'Rex' means 'King.'” He tapped at the bottom of the page. “Years later, I advised Dimmy that he needed to go back and name his works.”

Spike looked closer at the scrawled title. “'Rex Autem Tristes.'

Rarity closed her eyes in concentration. “Let me see... Is it... 'the Sad King?'

“Very close.” Crescendo gazed upon his son's most mysterious work. “The actual translation is 'somber.' 'The Somber King.'

so i am not the only one to think this friend is king sombra

and i guessing a sequel to this will never come to explain it to us

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