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On one fateful Hearth's Warming morning, young Dinky Hooves finds herself in possession of a pair of letters that reveal the true nature of her origins.

The story held in those letters is one of swash-buckling adventure, terrible loss, grim triumph, and desperate sacrifices. It is, above all other things, a story of a love that transcends time itself and creates something very special for a very special pair of ponies...


Cover art by the always incredible Swirling Line.

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Comments ( 10 )

So, Dinky is Jenny?

Yipe, heck of a "family emergency." Take it easy for a while.

Anyway, I knew this would be awesome once I saw the word count.:pinkiehappy:

Nice to see that Nevermore isn't floating around in the void plotting ambiguously-deserved revenge. :ajsmug: And interesting and a little sad to see the Feather Duster who might have been, even if it doesn't really take away any of his culpability. It does, however, raise the question of what became of his daughter and unseen wife, as well as if Dash still reminded him of the former at all. As well as how he ultimately contributed to/caused the destruction of the timeline....

Hmm, if Applejack's dad had survived he would have gotten the family journal instead of AJ and maybe handled it better, but we'll just have to see how that plays out in the midst of everything else going on. I mean, it's not Duster or Nevermore's fault that Shining and Luna don't have any self-control.:facehoof: Then again, the timeline apparently reacted in other ways, even in the past... there's the changelings, there's Sombra...

On the "fixing" side of things, if Rarity's parents hadn't died then Sweetie would never have found Crescendo and Dimmy... which in some ways would have made current events less complicated, but "Somber Rex" would still be floating around out there... we really will just have to see.

So the (Second) Great Storm and Battle of Ponyville come four years and change after Fluttershy and Big Mac's wedding... seems like that should still be quite a while off.

I'm afraid I don't get the remark about Derpy's "rebound". She was seeing "Uncle Doc" all this time and he didn't "run off" until just then.

7032631Yeah, I didn't want to scare anybody and also didn't want people to think I was just being lazy.

I planted SO MANY clues to the identity of Feather Duster's foal that to give any further details would just flat out reveal her identity. GAH! Expect a PM about this.

Oh, the Apple parents still would have died. That's one of those unavoidable fixed-point-of-time things. The major difference is that maybe Granny never gave the journal to AJ but instead to one of her siblings, specifically one who didn't receive the benefits of god-like powers.

Come on now, Yami; it should be obvious by now how important Crescendo and Dimmy are to the events at play. Let us not forget Belial's test in 'the King of Lies.'

Turner had to make damn sure that no one in the Guild knew about Dinky's true paternity, especially Nevermore since he's the only one (supposedly) who knows about the coming of the Harbinger. He just made up a story for them about Derpy having a misery-induced fling that resulted in Dinky right after she found out about her love's supposed death.

So, I haven't read all of the stories in this continuity of yours, and am thus slightly confused, but this one is still a good read. It also seems to allude to future adventures involving Dinky. If this is true, I'm looking forward to more.

I hope your health stays good.


Oh, I just figured it out. Very nice.

now i feel kinda bad for feather duster

Wait, Tick and Tock combined sounds like Tick Tock, the name of one of the companions in Doctor Whooves and Assistant. Did you intend that as a coincidence?

I've actually never read that.

It's a Youtube audio drama. Look on the Ponies With Pockets channel.

I'm trying to remember, didn't they make it canon in the comics that he was the Doctor?

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