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This story is a sequel to Dear Applebloom

Granny Smith passes away and leaves Applejack a strange box in her will. Inside the box is a journal that's been passed down through the Apple Family for generations. The journal contains all the great secrets of the Apples... including a secret transgression that has been kept hidden for close to a century.

It is a secret that will shake Equestria to the very core... and set the eldest Apple daughter on her way to a greater destiny than she could ever imagine.

Amazing Cover-Art by Kaitlyn Warner!

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Comments ( 51 )

Yesss, I been waiting for this. So this means there's hope for a follow up for "Dear Scootaloo" right? RIGHT!? Anyway, I added this to my read later pile (this will be top priority (hopefully lol)) and I left a like since, well, I reckon I'll like it. If could leave love I'd probably do that too... coz Ah'm coolio like that. Yeah. :ajsmug:

Oh my gosh, I've loved these "Dear X" stories and their sequels. Now I can't wait for the one after "Dear Scootaloo."

I have to say I am a bit shocked by this revelation of a tale, but I do wonder how it could change things between Applejack and the Princesses or even Twilight Sparkle ?:twilightoops:

Still, this is some tale of yours. Great job alround.:ajsmug:

granny smith is having nightmares about slender? i didn't even know he existed back then! :rainbowhuh:
also i am not of fan of :ajsmug:+:rainbowkiss:=:heart: but, whatever. it's your story.

This was pretty good, but your characterization of Celestia felt a bit off. A bit too condescending and stuck up. I just can't visualize Celestia using the phrase “What would a bumpkin like you know about nobility?”
Still, that was the only scene I had any real problems with.

Also, I could totally see AJ asking Twilight to remove the curse on the book or replace with something less potentially harmful.

Please tell me your going to continue this, please! It's going to stay in my brain forever and I'll feel like I'm going to explode, that's not a good feeling

dude you're writing is awesome

I love how Applejack is associated in someway to higher powers (or alicorns). Hope to see a continuation of this :rainbowkiss:

2843472 That's a little reference to my own story 'Slender,' just because the scenes take place around the same time-frame... but in seperate dimensions.

That makes sense, right? (Looks left and right nervously.)

2843488 Celestia's purity that we see is a mask, a front put on to hide the inert darkness inside her. Celestia did some terrible things in the 1000 years since Luna's banishment, things we can only imagine. The mask slipped when she percieved the threat Applejack now presents.

As to the bumpkin comment... I like to think it was spoken in defensive anger.

Not a big fan of Celestia as a tyrant, but we shall see how this goes.

Woo, cliffhanger!

I'm really not sure what to think here. I mean, you already revealed that the apple family was related to celestia, and I really liked this little look into that, but this just doesn't seem like applejack at all. shes seems too harsh. AJ would try to understand celestia. and I'm certain she wouldn't threaten her with blackmail :ajbemused: it just doesnt seem like her at all

2845099 I promise, all characterizations will make sense in time.

2846877 I do so love it when folks follow the continuity...

I don't want to say too much, but there's another reason Time Turner left so early. Let's just say that even the Guild makes mistakes.

I want Applejack to turn into a princess alicorn and overthrow Celestia! :pinkiehappy:

I mean... if you want to... :fluttershyouch:

Is that bad? Am I on my own here? Man, i'm such a weirdo... :rainbowhuh:

OOOOOOooooooOOoooOOooooh! I just cant wait for what comes next! :pinkiecrazy:

Alright you have Applejack/Appleblooms secret Rarity/Sweetie Belles secret and Rainbow Dash/Scootaloos secret Applejacks secret now we just need Fluttershy:fluttershysad: Pinkie:pinkiehappy: and Twilight/Spike:moustache::twilightsmile: :heart:

Oh yeah and this "series" is just plain AWESOME!!!!!!!:heart::heart:

Ooooooooooooohhhhh snap this looks like a good story. :pinkiehappy: I demand more! Thanks for writing.

So I just around to reading this and it's awesome... I'm real glad you chose this for a sequel for applebloom... but I don't know why I just enjoyed it

So the reason Applejack is the way she is......goes all the way back to when her granny's pa had sex with Celestia and had a grandma she didn't even know.

.......which ultimately because Celestia had to dry her wet nethers with a everyday pony, came up with Sweet Apple Acres.......

.......and Celestia's secret fuck-stallion is Applejack's great-great grandpa, the pa to Granny Smith, which is the mother of Applejack's pa........

.......now that entire reason for Sweet Apple Acres today, and the princess evades that she had a daughter........

............and now Applejack confronts Celestia, discovers that Celestia is her great-great-great-grandmother............

.......it make so much freaking sense.:trixieshiftright:.......

OK, my mind is officially blown to bits.:applejackconfused::rainbowderp::twilightoops:.....

Jade, I don't know where do you get all these ideas and possibilities for this particular universe, but this is stupendous :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp:

2935777 The concept of AJ being Celestia's descendant actually came about because of a single random thought. I wasn't a big fan of the episode 'Family Appreciation Day,' but something that caught my eye was Granny's dad kissing Celestia's hoof in the flashback.

That image stayed in my head until I wrote 'Lost in the Night.' When I wrote Luna's line about her past lovers, I wondered if Celestia had had lovers as well...

BOOM. There it was.


one by one the pieces of the game are being revealed, like parts of a box that are slowly discovered to be part of a bomb that is already ticking, the storm is approaching :heart: soon the fate of ponykind will be changed, all because of the different sins that where born from apples. (love, lust, selfishness) mmm not sure about selfishness :twilightblush:

Obviously this story is crazy good and just more proof of why Applejack is best , she is part goddess.

Is there going to be a sequel to Dear Scootaloo next?

3337588 The official sequel to 'Dear Scootaloo' is actually the second story of this big trilogy I've got planned for much of next year.

3337593 Is it going to be connected to their parents?

So Granny Smith isn't really there grand mother, but there great aunt?
Also, what's the point of "The sons of armour" fighting over AJ if she's dating RD?


Sorry but it kinda feels like you only did it because Celestia is "ok" to be portrayed as evil

Because as we all know ALL female rulers are evil racist tyrants (unless a man pulls them in there place)

3943486 Celestia's not evil, though. She's...complicated. And dealing with some serious issues at this point.

I recommend the latest completed fic in this continuity for further understanding; 'What's Done in the Dark.'


A bog grim dark story. No thanks. I already know what happens in those things
Yeah and of course a person who's love is so strong for his wife it can defeat Celestial would so cheat on her.

3945681 Grimdark? Huh? What? There's ONE super dark moment in the first chapter. After that, it's straight tragic romance.

And if you'd bothered reading the story, you'd know that it examines the idea of falling in love with two totally different people at the same time. It begins as adultery, to be sure, but I assure you that the love Shining feels for both Luna AND Cadance is quite real.

I don't see what the issue would be in just, yknow, actually reading the story.

d716 #35 · Feb 15th, 2014 · · 1 ·


Oh of course Luna's the perfect waifu better than everyone and Celestia is the 2d tyrand

how cliche can you get?

I ready don't need to read it because I've seen this a dozen times what I've seen it just boring melodrama done for the shake of it.

3946564 You are callously committing the greatest of all sins; judging a book by its cover. I bet you skip ahead and read the ending too.

The ENTIRE POINT of Celestia and Luna's characters in my continuity is to establish them as flawed beings. Neither are perfect. In Luna's case, her plan of using Shining Armor to father the foal she's always wanted backfires when she ends up falling in love with him and he with her.

In Celestia's case, since it pertains to this story, SHE IS NOT A TYRANT. THERE IS NO HINT OF BEING A TYRANT, 2D otherwise. She faced the darkness in her soul long ago and conquered it, something Luna failed to do. When Applejack confronts her as living evidence of her greatest transgression, she becomes defensive, not racist.

Celestia is not, nor has she ever been or will be, a TYRANT.


And yet your fanfic is in MLP's "Ron the Death Eater" page (that's how I found this btw)

"Jade Ring's "Apple Family Secrets" paints her as (underneath a mask of purity) shockingly arrogant and racist, blaming earth ponies for "saddl[ing] the rest of us with your feeble moral code" (i.e. monogamy) and addressing Applejack as a "bumpkin"- despite having just learned that AJ is her illegitimate great-granddaughter. She even briefly considers turning AJ into stone (and it's stated she had done the same to "so many would be radicals in the past") after AJ implicitly threatens to blackmail her with the knowledge of her affair- which verges on this trope for AJ as well!"

Yeah totally not a tyrant what with turning ponies to stone and shit.

Oh btw Hand (or hoof) kissing is insanely common as its a sign of loyalty http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand-kissing

3947105 What the devil... where'd that... Is one of my stories on TVTropes?

Also, as it pertains to the turning radicals into stone thing; sacrifices must be made for the greater good.


do you know how many atrocities were committed under the greater good? You just turned her into a mass murder or something

and like I said in its MLP Don the Death Eater page

aka fanfics that turn good characters evil

3947464 She's not evil. She's... complicated.

Look, I'm working on a blog post to cover all this right now. I'll link it when it's finished.

Comment posted by d716 deleted Feb 16th, 2014

You must be one heck of a good writer to make this concept work...and you really surprised me, what's not easy to do.

Do a sequel please

Is there a sequel?

I'd like a sequel too.


Oh gosh, that was good. Kinda ended on an incomplete note, though? I’ve noticed a lot of people are pleading for a sequel, so I guess I won’t. (Just... please write a sequel. Seriously. Please.) :ajsmug:

Comment posted by Fimfictionreader deleted Jun 15th, 2018

Who said the Apple was a pony? Or if it is, Why does it have to be AJ in particular? Lol, I'm just as curious as any anxious reader wanting to know what happens next.:twilightsheepish:

agreed, this concept has much potential, also I'm morbidly curious as to what sort of 'things' happen to non-apples who might happen across the journal, I know if I was in AJ's place, the warning about not reading stuff before the marked pages would only make me more curious than if Granny simply said she marked a good place to start, I might be slightly curious about older secrets, but not as much. Here's hoping for a sequel in the meanwhile I'm going to look at the other stories that are in this interesting and very often heartfelt collection.

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