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As her ears slowly adjust to the sounds around her, the humming of several monitors surround her body. It is impossible to hear anything, her friends, the doctor's voice, through her blurry eyes, she notices an absence of a certain orange earth-pony. With her entire life ripped from her back, Rainbow Dash must learn how to handle her now earth-pony life, all while Applejack is simply trying to be able to look her dear friend in the eyes without the overpowering guilt bringing her to her knees.

With gloom on the rise and guilt consuming, is there any way these friends can repair themselves without hurting one another?


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same as this guy ^^^^

I wanna read more, if only because I wanna find iut whatexactly happened. you have my curiousity's full attention

Why do I love dash losing wings fics
not sure


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Comment away.
The 'R' at the beginning of the chapter and the 'H' at the end have vanished. :twilightoops:

RD's lost her wings? Again? YES! My favorite cliche. Seems promising, tracking.
I know, I'm evil:pinkiecrazy:

i just seem to be finding all the sad stories today....even still tracking because im interested in where this will go and as to what happened..i want to say RD crashed badly during the race...but that would be to simple wouldn't it..

294075 Sorry, just joined this site, this is just a re-upload from my other fanfic site. I'll fix that soon.

Tracking. Good job. Can we expect more chapters? :pinkiesad2:

And now I want to know what happened between those two. :fluttershysad:
Tracking and hoping for more updates soon. :twilightsmile:

304141 at this point i have to say yes cause i want to know what happened!!! lol


Another great chapter on a great story. (sad though) :pinkiesad2: But keep it up!!! :twilightsmile:

awwww this is so sad.....im afraid to find out what happens when she remembers or is told what happened to her to lose her wings.

Loved it keep up the good work!

Good but sad chapter, let's see what you got for next chapter! Doodles!

>"Thank you doctor." Twilight called, almost as if the man was exiting the room.
>Twilight called, almost as if the man was exiting the room.
>almost as if the man was exiting the room.
>the man was exiting the room.
>the man

WUT. :pinkiegasp:

Careful not to dangle the carrot for TOO long, or you'll get "Lost" syndrome. :fluttercry:

beast chapter
IM A VEGAS BITCHES:rainbowwild:
not relevant but i had to say it somewhere

lol only rarity? they have the main 6, Celestia, and some background pony im not sure what her name is though...oh and cherilee :pinkiehappy:

anyways, curse you cliffhanger! you win this battle again! gah want the next update now lol

also this might sound weird, but have you been to the cupcakes story section of EQD? because there's an alternate ending to the story there that sounds very similar to how things are going in your story (except for the wings being applejack's fault), so im wondering if it had any influence on your story or not.

Either way i still love this story and cant wait to see what actually happened

.359925 Yes, I heave read it, but only the first chapter. The whole "Rainbow Without Wings" seems to be a popular thing, and I didn't even know that when I wrote this. But the fact is, the only influence I feel is Rainbow losing her wings and perhaps staying at AJ's house.

360567 "Lost" syndrome = Having an absolutely fabulous idea, mystery, or storyline in which a large set of events is unknown to the audience. Then dangling it at them and teasing them with it for so long that they lose interest and stop reading. Named after the television show "Lost".

360574 OH, XD, don't worry, that'll only keep up for a few more chapters until the dreaded reveal...

something about this chapter is off
like maybe the paragraphing or something near the beginning
and i distincly remember seeing some errors
but oh well
great chapter nonetheless
and have AJ tell Rainbow at some time during the story what happened
im dieing to know now :3

362079 saddly I cannot see the errors now, for I am in a crowded bar with crappy wifi on my iPhone... Plus the off thing may be me half asleep when I finished.:twilightsheepish:

360564 bout all I've seen in it as well other then the losing her wings part, but you put it into your own terms.

And to be honest this is only the 3rd story I've read about her losing her wings, how am i missing the others.

There were quite a few typing errors, it didn't really detract from the story but you might want to run through it again just to clean them up. Otherwise, great chap, I'm really itchin' to see how AJ caused this mess!

438116 Considering last time I went through the spell check with this I had to wait litearly 30 minutes to get through Applejack's speech... AHHHHHH.... I'll look over it again XD

absolutely fantastic, keep it up


Great, great story so far, and just pointing a few things out:

""Shoot, I've been stickin' to get like bark to an apple tree!"" -I think you meant to put her.

"She loved apples, she wasn't sure why, but the Sweet Apple Acer apples were amazing, the same as their cider." -Simple misspelling.

""I ate nothing but apples, I'm stuffed." -You forgot the end quotation mark.

"Her legs were trapped, she tried to look behind her yet couldn't see anything except a massive bolder." -Boulder.

But yeah, this is an awesome story. :pinkiehappy:

ok so from what im getting out of the hints your giving us....her and rainbow were racing (mostly a guess here) and something happened that ended up with her being trapped under some rocks while some sort of creature (timber-wolf maybe?) or something was attacking her either to eat her or to just plain out kill her...god i wish i knew what happened!!

Either way yeah other then the spell checks im loving the story and cant wait for the next update!

438565 I blame Applejacks speaking, it totally throws me off from spelling mistakes and normal talk for her XD.

438755 GAAAH, I don't know what is with me an spelling on this story, I am NEVER this bad!

440310 it happens, most people should eb able to see around it and figure out what is meant anyways, spelling just makes it look pretty :derpytongue2:

Awesome story are you still writing it?? :pinkiehappy:

564921 Well... I still am, I have just lost the inspiration to write it at the current moment. But I assure you I write down a couple paragraphs every day on my iphone :twilightblush:


READING IT. :rainbowdetermined2:

622346 There are many spelling mistakes...

622468 I haven't read it yet, but I am tonight (:
and I think I could make out the words even with spelling errors :scootangel:
do you revise your stories once you've wrote them?

623613 ehhhh This story was more of just an experiment for me, seeing as how it was the first one I wrote as part of the MLP fandom. And it isn't even done... But Winding Roads and Dragon's Tale have become WAY more popular than it...

awww, please continue it :pinkiesad2: :fluttershysad:
and your top two stories can relate to other ppl :eeyup:

interesting, and its clear now that dash lost her wings when aj pushed her too far
it's just like what somehow hasnt happened yet but will someday with the nitro guys

getting put in the depths of my read later folder for the pic

:flutterrage: Author, Y U No Tell How Wings Died?

362267 this is annoying me as all get out. You keep saying Dash is a "pre-pegasus." She's an "ex-Pegasus" the root meaning of pre- is "before something". The root meaning of ex- is "was but no long is something." Just wanted to add my teaching skills :derpytongue2:

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