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My problem with writing a fan-fic is I cannot keep the personality of the characters, Which is why I never wrote fan-fics. Normally I just write short stories about my own characters {Bytheway, Nothing to do with ponies, Mainly foxes or wolves} And that's easy. That is the extent of my writing. "The Secret Spring" was an attempt to write a fan fic but I am not satisfied with it...I cannot be sure if "The Secret Spring" will continue {Besides, School started again -.-}

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Ah what i am good at. The main ideas. its turning the main plot points into a full story that i am absolutly shit at. All right lets see: you can have them in well wherever the hell you want them in the middle east. There all taking a trip back to camp in the homvie its fuckn party time since mission is over and there drinking some good shit and playing some good shit. But on the way back to base they get teleported i dont know who you or me can figure out later. We can make them all fuckn lutenants if you want but we will make one the unannounced leader but it will be ovious and we can have you huge mother fucker and one just fuckn crazy guy who has been through shit and all together we can have 6 and each has something in comman with the main 6 all pm you with more after geting feadback about it so far.

I've never written about humans either, so its two unknown writing areas for me, But I shall keep this one in mind, Communicate with you and see what can be done. Realize an outline would be most helpful with something like this though, as you have the main points of idea.

Thanks now about the request: a company of present day soldiers gets teleported while in a humvie to equestria oh and there fans of the show. I have a couple other little details but i will wait on all that and just get the idea out there. Its pretty simple, gives you lots to talk about, and its not about ww2 or some futuristic magic elf shit either. I thought of it while listenin to bad company by five finger death punch.

68046 That is amazing :rainbowlaugh:

Now whos fucking first bitches! Well a little much but i think i like how i put it!:scootangel:

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