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Thanks for tracking my story.

Yeah it probably would be. Thanks for clearing that up. You ever want to leave comment or a review or a funny yet appropriate image about the story, I’d much appreciate it!

I download most fanfics to my ebook instead of reading them online. "Waiting for Download" are simply stories that caught my interest but I haven't downloaded them to read yet. :twilightsmile:

I might rename the bookshelf "Plan to Read", should be less confusing for authors when it pops up.

May I ask what the “waiting to download” category of yours means? Is it a good thing my story made it there?

Thanks for the heads-up. :twilightsmile:
I am a fan of Blackjack, but I picked the avatar simply because I liked this specific picture for some reason. That reminds me I should also check out Somber's sequel to PH.

  • Viewing 21 - 25 of 25
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