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Coming April 2021... · 5:48am February 24th

The Canterlot Chronicles will officially return from its hiatus in April with Episode 2 of "Season 2", "Zero Point"! Stay tuned for more information as the return date gets closer!

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Know Thine Enemy: Canterlot Chronicles Season 2

(Image sourced from My Little Pony Season 2 Appreciation by Arteses-Canvas on DA)

The Agents of Chaos are dead. But their ambition is not, and is inherited by an enemy as yet unknown to Equestria. An enemy who practices as their main art deception and division. After a little bit of chaos caused by the old draconequus Discord opens the subversion doors, the enemy begins infiltrating Equestria in full force. With loyal Equestrians lead by Captain of the Guard Shining Armor not knowing their enemies from their friends, the road to disaster in the Canterlot Wedding is set in stone...

Episode Timeline
Character Profiles:
Major Canons Part 1 Part 2 (7+ appearances)
Major OCs (7+ appearances)
Significant Minors
* Royal Guard Members
* Celebrities
Minor Allies and Neutrals (1-3 appearances)
* Royal Guard Members
* Celebrities
* Apple Family Members
* Citizens of Ponyville
* Other Royal Service
Minor Antagonists (1-3 appearances)
* Agents of Chaos
* Other Villains

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What's "GJT" stand for?

Hey thanks for the fave and attention on the Thirty Minute Stories. And thanks for reminding me to keep moving with those.

Thanks for the look and comments on my collection of shorts! It makes me feel all fuzzy to see my little sketches get some love.

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