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#Totally_Relatable · 10:49pm May 20th

I wonder if Twilight has 70-hour workweeks juggling all the jobs she has, considering I feel exactly like this picture looks right now (and why I don't have another chapter ready for the story today):

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Report GJT_Productions · 30 views · Story: A Just Cause ·

The Canterlot Chronicles: Season 1

The return of Princess Luna after 1,000 years of exile - and the triumph of friendship that made it possible - has changed Canterlot forever. Now another battle must be fought by all those good and decent within that great city of Equestria: the battle to restore Princess Luna to the defender of harmony she once was.

The opponents are strong and many - the demons within Princess Luna that could easily drive her back into the darkness, the one thousand years of cultural and social displacement she must adjust to, the seeming apathy or indifference of much of Canterlot to her plight, and most insidiously of all, the depraved characters within both Canterlot and the Royal Guard itself that would exploit her condition for personal gain.

Too much is at stake to leave anything - or anypony - to chance. The forces of good must stay strong, stay vigilant and stay united if Princess Luna is to become once again the royal sister to Celestia she once was. Season 1 will show the trials and triumphs of this effort, paralleling the show's Season 1 and demonstrating the gradual restoration of Princess Luna from the shattered creature left in the defeat of "Nightmare Moon" to the strong-willed but sensitive princess of later seasons of the show.

Featuring Princess Luna, Princess Celestia and a number of fan favorite secondary characters, these are "The Canterlot Chronicles" - the stories behind and beyond the lessons of friendship being learned by Twilight Sparkle in Ponyville.

Episode Timeline
Character Profiles:
Major Canons (6+ appearances)
* Princesses of Equestria
* Twilight Sparkle and Family
* The Element Bearers
Major OCs (6+ appearances)
Significant Minors
* Royal Guard Members
* Celebrities
Minor Allies and Neutrals (1-3 appearances)
* Royal Guard Members
* Celebrities
* Apple Family Members
* Citizens of Ponyville
* Other Royal Service
Minor Antagonists (1-3 appearances)
* Agents of Chaos
* Other Villains

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Hey thanks for the fave and attention on the Thirty Minute Stories. And thanks for reminding me to keep moving with those.

Thanks for the look and comments on my collection of shorts! It makes me feel all fuzzy to see my little sketches get some love.

Thanks for favoriting The Lost Bride. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you for the favorite on 'Of Ponies and Dragons.' I hope you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for the favorite on You Really Bug Me! I'm glad that you enjoyed Rainbow's little adventure during the butterfly migration!:twilightsmile:

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