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The second Nightmare Night since Princess Luna's return is coming soon, and she prepares to make her public reappearance in Ponyville at that time. But her efforts are set in the background of Changelings secretly infiltrating and sowing confusion amongst the Equestrian population. Loyalties are being challenged, falsehoods are being spread far and wide, and far away from Equestria an old traitor makes a dark compact with Queen Chrysalis to pave the way for opening Canterlot's gates to her...

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"I'm not even sure my messages are getting through to her. Sure, the letters of friendship sent by Spike are arriving back here just fine, but I can't tell the same about anything sent in the regular post. She didn't show up for the promotion ceremony, and she hasn't responded to any of the other letters I've sent so far..."

That explains why we got pretty much no introduction of him by Twilight in the show, not until his actual reveal. Early season Twilight, who's currently obsessing with friendship tasks, pretty much never noticed. :facehoof:

Yep, it's the same kind of "tunnel vision" that eventually got Twilight in trouble a couple of times over the course of the series. And in this case, it would lead to her (and thus the other main cast of the show proper) being "completely left in the dark" about the Changeling infiltration and its effects until just before the wedding, at which point it was far too late to avert disaster.

I wonder how many of these attackers are ponies are how many are changelings.

That was creepy.

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