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Character Profiles - Minor Antagonists · 10:29pm Nov 2nd, 2015

* This profile will cover all minor characters that are considered antagonistic in the storyline of the Canterlot Chronicles.
* For the purposes of definition, a "major" character is one that appears in more than three stories. All others are considered "minors" unless they appear in more than two stories, in which case they will be moved to the appropriate "major" character entry.
* Major canon characters (including OC Stand Ins) will be found in the Major Canons entry. Pure OCs that are major characters will be found in the Major OCs entry.
* References to canon material will be given in bold. References within the stories themselves will be in italics.
* Jump to following subsections by using the find function in your browser (typically by hitting Ctrl+F) and typing in the letter code after the subsection entry:
1. Agents of Chaos (CHA)
2. Other Villains (OVS)

Agents of Chaos (CHA) - A shadowy organization within the Royal Guard that acts as an "enemy within", secretly subverting and disrupting operations for the apparent purpose of generating chaos. Their exact number and reach is unknown, even to other members, although apparently large and deeply embedded. Their leader, Agent Snake in the Grass/Agent 1, is in the Major OCs entry. Lieutenant Stratocumulus (who is Agent 3) and Misty Fly (who is Agent 8/WA) can be found in the Major Canons entry.

Agent 5 - Pegasus mare, civilian identity Weather Minister Thunderdash. She was one of the lead figures in "Operation Love Lost", and ultimately died to protect her fellow agents when the operation failed. (Cadance)

Agent 12 - Former designation of now-Guard Lower Class (Locked) Ventas, effectively revoked when Ventas "defected" to the loyal membership of the Guard. See his entry in Minor Allies and Neutrals for more information.

Agent 15 - Upper Class pegasus guard, member of the morning shift under Lieutenant Captain Aten. He participated in "Operation Love Lost" as one of the two Agents of Chaos that persuaded Princess Luna that Princess Cadance could be made to go away. He was also one of the two pegasi that attempted to abduct Princess Luna. He was later arrested and executed by Princess Celestia for treason. (Cadance, Games We Play)

Agent 20 - Former designation of Guard Upper Class Thornwing, effectively revoked when he attempted to defect to the loyal membership of the Guard and ultimately was assassinated. See his entry in Minor Allies and Neutrals for more information.

Agent 21 - Earth pony stallion, civilian identity of Flank Thrasher,an old friend of Buck Withers. He formerly served as Buck Wither's #2 at Canterlot Academy and after graduating from that institution was employed by Buck's father (an Agent of Chaos) to secretly help break up Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. He ended up arrested, and presumably incarcerated, trying to steal Royal Guard armor on the orders of Buck's father, exposing the whole campaign in the process. Later he was busted out of prison and joined the Agents of Chaos himself, going in disguise to monitor Strong and Lilly Withers as well as prevent recognition and recapture. In revenge for Buck Withers' betrayal, Agent Snake sent Agent 21 a letter ordering him to kill Strong Withers and take Lilly Withers to Canterlot.(IDW Comics #11-12, Buck Nothing, Pocketful of Posies)
After apparently receiving the letter sent by Agent Snake, he successfully executed the mission with the help of some other stallions, betraying and murdering Strong Withers and capturing Lilly Withers to be later delivered to Canterlot. He later received a new mission to assist Agents P1 and P2 attacking Lemony Gems' jewelry store before escaping Ponyville to deal with "unfinished business" in Canterlot. Despite interference from Twilight Sparkle and Spike the dragon, he succeeded in escaping Ponyville and traveling to the city gates of Canterlot. There, he attempted to execute his "unfinished business": assassinating Guard Upper Class Buck Withers. In doing so, he revealed his civilian identity as Buck's old friend in order to help psyche Buck out. He was stopped by the intervention of Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor and Lieutenant Skyver, the former of which tossed the Agent over a cliffside and causing injury which the Agent did not recover from. (Pocketful of Posies)
Mentioned in A Hearth's Warming Caper, as the collar Agent 21 was using when he died was later reused by Snake himself, the attack in Pocketful of Posies being an only partly successful test of the collar's power.

Agent 23 - Unicorn stallion, civilian identity Lieutenant Pyros. His special talent is inducing combustion in flammable materials. He joined the guard to make a statement, but instead found himself in trouble for drunkenness and setting the bar on fire. As Shining Armor helped put the bar fire out, Pyros had a grudge against Shining that helped Lieutenant Captain Aten recruit Pyros into his faction. Shortly afterward, he was contacted by Agent Snake and became an Agent of Chaos.
Pyros made his statement by following Snake's orders to destroy Guard Archive documentation, covering up the misdeeds of many of his fellow Agents. Unfortunately, the instructions also caused him to take a tumble down the side of Canterlot's mountain that was designed to kill him. After his fatal fall, Snake had his horn cut off as a trophy of sorts. (Games We Play)
His cut-off horn was later discovered mounted on a labeled rock bust in Snake's "trophy gallery" during Captain Gibraltar's survey of the defeated Agents of Chaos secret HQ, and presumably recovered afterward. (Consequences)

Agent 27 - Upper Class unicorn guard, member of the morning shift under Lieutenant Captain Aten. He participated in "Operation Love Lost" as one of the two Agents of Chaos that persuaded Princess Luna that Princess Cadance could be made to go away. He was later arrested and executed by Princess Celestia for treason. (Cadance, Games We Play)

Agent 33 - Upper Class pegasus guard. He was one of the two pegasi that attempted to abduct Princess Luna during "Operation Love Lost". He was later arrested and executed by Princess Celestia for treason. (Cadance, Games We Play)

Agent 41 - Upper Class grey unicorn guard, member of the night shift under Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor. He was one of the two night guards to Princess Luna's royal suite during the attempted abduction and was arrested by Shining Armor. The interrogation of this stallion helped alert the Royal Guard to the presence of the Agents of Chaos. He was later executed by Princess Celestia for treason. (Cadance, Games We Play)

Agent 46 - Civilian identity Zodiac, a pegasus colt about Twilight Sparkle's age and with an inky-blue coat. He aspired to be a Wonderbolt like his aunt Misty Fly, and was Moon Dancer's stallionfriend. He also knew Lightning Dust from being in the same Junior Speedster's squad with her. Originally employed in the Weather Ministry, he became a janitor at the Royal Observatory after the Weather Ministry was dissolved. It was there he first met Shining Armor. Shortly afterward, he used the influence of his aunt to apply to Wonderbolt Academy and was tasked by Agent Snake to help split apart Moon Dancer and her mother.
He succeeded in convincing Moon Dancer to try to run away from Canterlot as part of Agent Snake's plan, then ambushed Shining Armor and Lieutenant Stratocumulus with a crossbow weapon at Star Dancer's apartment when the plan was executed. He attempted to assassinate the two Guard officers with the weapon, but failed and after badly losing a fight with the officers committed suicide with the crossbow's ammo (a lethally high concentration of cyanide solution in syringes) instead of surrendering. (Broken Fences)

Agent 67 - Upper Class white unicorn guard, member of the night shift under Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor. He was one of the two night guards to Princess Luna's royal suite during the attempted abduction and was arrested by Shining Armor. The interrogation of this stallion helped alert the Royal Guard to the presence of the Agents of Chaos. He was later executed by Princess Celestia for treason. (Cadance, Games We Play)

Gemini Bats - A pair of treacherous batpony brothers (possibly twins) who served the Agents of Chaos as mercenaries. They worked to assassinate the guards to both Princess Celestia and Princess Cadance during "Operation Whirlwind", and may well be responsible for the deaths of other characters seen in previous stories. During Operation Whirlwind, they were promised as much gold as they could take out of the royal treasury for their reward, and it was in the royal treasury they were captured by a loyalist party lead by Princess Luna herself, mostly due to their own greed. (Rainboom Revolution)

"Lord Zedd" - Codename for Aten's father and predecessor as head of the Agents of Chaos. He joined the Agents after being rejected by both the Wonderbolts and Royal Guard in turn, and through his ruthlessness eventually became their leader. He originally conceived the plan that would become Operation Whirlwind and trained his colt Aten to carry it out and manage the Agents of Chaos when Zedd himself became too old for the task. In his "retirement", he became the head manager of the Final Act Retirement Community - his involvement in the Agents of Chaos still unknown to the outside world - and intended to fortify it as a rebel stronghold when Operation Whirlwind was executed. When this operation failed, he "harvested" (by poisoning) the entire staff and residency population of the community, including himself but excluding two heavily-drugged "witnesses", both out of spite and to prevent any ponies from being rescued alive. (Consequences)

"Mr. Hoofer" - Codename for the traitorous head of the Equestrian Intelligence Agency (also known as Ponies In Black or "PIB"), believed to have been "Agent Snake" at one point. He appeared to conduct several attacks personally, and committed suicide when a Celestia-ordered squad approached the EIA headquarters to arrest him. However, there are indications that he may have been framed by "Agent X", and his actual relationship with the Agents of Chaos is currently unknown. (High Fashion High Noon)
"Mr. Hoofer" was discovered on a list of Agents of Chaos during Captain Gibraltar's investigations of their secret HQ, which confirmed the stallion was a member of the Agents of Chaos, but much lower in status than previously assumed - his number was 42. (Consequences)


Other Villains (OVS) - These characters are (or were at the time of the Canterlot Chronicles) considered villainous. This applies both in canon and in the context of the Canterlot Chronicles.

The Griffon Ambassador - Former ambassador of the Griffon Empire to Equestria, this male griffon (his real name is not known) arrived in Canterlot demanding compensation for the darkness of the "Eternal Night" damaging his realms. Even though it is uncertain whether his claims had merit, the ambassador's attempts to ally with the Agents of Chaos ensured the failure of his mission and loss of his position. (Excelsior)
Prince Blueblood in Consequences implies this griffon is a pretender (or representative of one) to King Guto's fallen government and not necessarily a member of the Griffonstone government, meaning his status was unofficial at best.

Gilda the Griffon - Female griffon and former friend of Rainbow Dash. Her father was one of the guards of the Griffon Ambassador, and she took opportunity of that relationship to accompany him to Canterlot, making a side trip to visit Rainbow Dash in Ponyville. This visit did not go well, causing the friendship to end abruptly. The subsequent scheming of the Griffon Ambassador ensured it would stay that way - collateral damage of those grand schemes. (Griffon the Brush Off, Excelsior)

Trixie Lulamoon - Unicorn mare, a traveling magician and charlatan "showmare". Although she does not appear in Operation Shield, she is mentioned several times there as her arrival in Ponyville (as shown in Boast Busters) sets off the plots of both Boast Busters and Operation Shield. After her humiliation in Boast Busters, she successfully escaped patrols sent to capture her and eventually was forced to take up rock farming to rebuild her resources in an attempt at seeking revenge. (Magic Duel, Operation Shield)
Trixie's later use of the Alicorn Amulet was compared to Agent 21 having some kind of similar magic enhancing device during his assassination attempt of Buck Withers. (Magic Duel, Pocketful of Posies)

Lightning Dust - Highly competitive and reckless pegasus mare who is Lightning Streak's filly. He also knew Zodiac (aka Agent 46) from being on the same Junior Speedster's squad as him. Thanks to Misty Fly, she was able to get recruited to potentially join the Wonderbolts despite the bad record in Junior Speedsters that would've warned Captain Spitfire of future problems. Her later clash with Rainbow Dash at Wonderbolt Academy caused an incident which nearly killed Rainbow Dash's fellow Element Bearers and seriously humiliated Spitfire. Misty Fly had attempted to recruited her into the Agents of Chaos, without success. (Wonderbolts Academy, Broken Fences)

King Sombra - Tyrannical unicorn ruler of the Crystal Empire who was banished, along with the Crystal Empire, to the far north by both Princess Celestia and Princess Luna over a thousand years ago. Some time later, forts were constructed along the northern frontier of Equestria to watch for his return. Lieutenant Captain Fidelitas once served in one of those forts earlier in his career. Fidelitas later confessed to Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor he had not believed in Sombra before "Nightmare Moon's" return, but seeing that happen made him believe Sombra might be more than just a legend himself - a statement that would later prove true. (The Crystal Empire, The Luna Shift)

Flim and Flam - A pair of twin unicorn stallions, possibly related to the Apple clan, that operate primarily as con artists. The first confrontation by the Mane Six with these ponies was compared to the fight against the Gemini Bats by the loyalists during "Operation Whirlwind". (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Rainboom Revolution)

Pony of Shadows - Apparently an entity formed from residual magic driven out of Luna's body after she was blasted by the Elements of Harmony in Friendship is Magic. This entity would later be seen in Castle Mania and mentioned in Circle of the Moon, where apparently Agents of Chaos P1 and P2 were temporarily controlled by it after attempting to make a deal to have it cure their poison joke affliction.

Tantabus - An entity best described as a "magical automaton", created by Princess Luna as a form of continual self-punishment for her previous misdeeds. Confronted and ultimately destroyed in Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? (by the Mane Six by helping Luna deal with her guilt), it was later speculated by Shining Armor Luna created it around the time of Circle of the Moon as a reaction to hearing about Nightmare Night for the first time.

Sunset Shimmer - Renegade former student of magic of Princess Celestia, who had long ago went to the "dark side" and abandoned Celestia to seek power unfettered by any moral constraints. Only a few knew what had actually happened to her - travelling through a mirror portal to a parallel world - until her much later return and confrontation with Twilight Sparkle. Shortly after the defeat of "Nightmare Moon", Princess Celestia thought of Sunset Shimmer and was pleased Twilight Sparkle had not turned out the same way Sunset did. (Equestria Girls, The Long Road Home)
Upon Cadance's return to Canterlot following the reunion of the royal sisters, it was revealed the Sunset's desertion hurt Cadance as much as it did Celestia, which explained the later presence of the mirror portal in the Crystal Empire. It also explained Cadance going into the foalsitting business - helping Celestia find a replacement for the student Cadance could not "save". It was also revealed before the truth was exposed it was generally assumed some bad accident had happened instead of her deserting Celestia. (Cadance)
Sunset Shimmer was mentioned again in In Praise of Twilight, having come to the minds of both Celestia and Cadance shortly after the Sonic Rainboom that made Twilight Celestia's new apprentice. Celestia also tells Cadance had succeeded in her mission to find a replacement for Sunset but that she still had to invest much in Twilight's life to prevent a repeat of what Sunset had done.

Chancellor Neighsay - "Starmover" unicorn stallion with a deep ingrained prejudice against all non-pony races, and at one point even pegasi and earth ponies as well! Chancellor of the Equestria Education Association and eventual nemesis of Princess Twilight Sparkle. (School Daze, Phoenix Down)
Before becoming Chancellor, he served as the Vice Chancellor of Trailblazer, the previous head of the EEA. The ambitious Neighsay took advantage of the unpopularity of Trailblazer's reforms and publically incriminated Trailblazer as a supporter of the Agents of Chaos. As a result, Trailblazer appeared to commit suicide (although it was later suspected he was murdered on a hit instead) and Neighsay became Acting Chancellor in his place. Neighsay then secretly joined forces with Lieutenant Troilus and his squad, cooperating with the anti-pegasi campaign lead by Troilus in exchange for Troilus killing or forcing out all viable alternative candidates for the EEA Chancellorship. The success of both schemes eventually forced Princess Celestia to confirm Neighsay as Chancellor, although Neighsay remarked to Lieutenant Troilus that he would have to be more careful who he showed his hatred toward in the future now. (Phoenix Down)

Guard Lower Class Petronius - Unicorn stallion that is a lower-ranked member of Lieutenant Troilus' Royal Guard squad. He joined his squad commander and senior comrade in going renegade, assisting in executing the conspiracy against the Wonderbolts and Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor. He ambushed Captain Spitfire and delivered a blow that caused her to miscarry her unborn foal. He also announced Troilus' abdication of his "prosecutor" duties during the board of inquiry regarding an anti-pegasus riot, forcing the board to suspend its activities and triggering a second riot in the process. (Phoenix Down)
After becoming involved in Operation Hornpoint as part of Lieutenant Troilus' conspiracies, he was betrayed by Troilus and senior comrade Lyacon (both later revealed to be Changeling agents) during the initial attack on "Fort Beta". Forced to lead the survivors of the misguided attack back to safety by the betrayal, he was found and arrested by Operation Just Cause forces lead by Lieutenant Captain Shining Armor. After being arrested, he was stripped of his rank and commission to serve in the Royal Guard. (A Just Cause)

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