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I am an aspiring writer, romance enthusiast, and a horrible over emotional mess. If you're here I hope you like homosexual stallions. If you enjoy my work and want to support me I have a Ko-Fi!


Apple Bloom gets out of school for the day only to be disappointed by the fact that Big Macintosh's boyfriend, Caramel, is yet again not with her brother to pick her up. Three days prior, an incident occurred at that same schoolhouse that led to Caramel shutting himself in his home. While trying to understand why, Big Macintosh finds it best to explain to Apple Bloom that some ponies are simply against the idea of the two dating. Some ponies, such as Caramel, find it hard to simply shake off the words of others. Regardless, she tries her best to understand.

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Aww this story was adorable, your caramac is a rare diamond in a see of rubies stormbutt!! I can see the message you were trying to convey but it also had a sort of child outlook on alternate relationships which was good! Hat off to you sir! (And I think your BF is giving you worthy competition in the caramac section) ;)

While I don't ship these two personally, this was still a brilliantly written story that talked about real world issues.

AHAHAHAHHAAH 'get a room'! AHAHAHAHubfp9uabgp9uafbioaehpigfasibhsurithwou

This was all kinds of adorable. Really nice to see a Big Mac/Bloom story, too! I really liked how you handled the relationship between the two of them.

<3 much love, much wow

One of my favorite stories so far! Such adorable interaction between Mac, Caramel, And Bloom!


This was really, really cute! I liked how Big Mac still remained somewhat taciturn while kindly explaining things to AB and the shipping worked well.:twilightsmile:

Wow, this was written so sweetly! Apple Bloom loves her Uncle Caramel so much! :raritycry: I like how you had Mac take his time and gently explain things to Apple Bloom in a way she could understand. I also thought that Caramel's reaction to the mare's comments was especially impactful, showing that sometimes those hurtful comments don't just roll off the person's back, that sometimes even the strongest people get hurt by such things. And the fact that Mac and Apple Bloom are there for him when he's feeling upset? It's just so sweet and beautiful. Well done!

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