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hey there. just posting stories. Please comment or favorite. it helps my self esteem, that is, if its okay with you.


Please tell me what you think! It really helps me out as far as having the motivation to keep writing!
Anyway... hope you enjoy!
Sibling Rivalry is one thing, but a broken heart can take away more than a traditional sense of Apple Family Unity. Applejack has always felt like she was the little sister of Big Macintosh and never anything else. Her strive to break free from the bondage of her brother's reputation might cost her something she didn't know she would lose...

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pretty good so far, kinda reminds me of when my nanna passed, and I couldnt bring myself to go to the funeral, I still feel bad about that. but still, very well written, makes me think about some things.

This was well done. I'm interested to see where you go with it. If you build up more dialogue, or combine chapters to get the word count up, I think this could post at EqD.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

waiting for next part :o

Yeah sorry about that. Ive gotten tied up with college applications and AP Bio. I hope to be able to write more soon!

Oh boy this is a story I'll defenantly be following can't wait to see more.:eeyup:

This story just gets better with ever chapter, AJ's frustration with her brother may not be the most honorable,:ajsleepy: but not without reason I should know I'm a younger brother in my family. I can only hope she doesn't do anything too drastic but we'll all cross that river when it comes.:eeyup:

Another great chapter, again I hope AJ doesn't do anything foolish :ajbemused: before or even during the race . Because shit is getting downright serious:eeyup:

Thank you! Good to have a fan. Now if only i had more of those and more views...:fluttercry:
ah well.



I know what you mean. I've had struggles getting response/readership myself.:twilightsmile:

This is good. I have eagerly waited for each chapter update since I started following, and you haven't let me down yet! :pinkiehappy:

68140 Huh? Closing in on 1000 readers isn't bad. That's about the threshold for a good story, unless you're linked from somewhere like EqD, which would drive it up to 2-5k.

A story good enough for EqD is something that i've been striving for, i guess.
I suppose I'm just a bit jealous and ambitious for the popularity of writers like RobCakeran35 or the writers of Fallout Equestria or something like that.
Maybe one day...:applecry:

82554 Be careful what you wish for. So far, they've published everything I've submitted, but I'd definitely say the reader community is much kinder here. Plus, one of EqD's recent posts seemed to imply that they're ratcheting up their quality requirements even more to fight the increased volume of submissions they're getting, so that they're essentially maintaining constant output in the face of increased input. And maybe a slight feeling that they might like to wash their hands of the fanfic segment of their audience, though I doubt it will come to that.

As for Fallout, I haven't read any of it, as I stay away from video game crossovers, but to some degree that's a matter of hitting something at the height of its popularity. It got to the point that EqD was getting so much Fallout stuff that they quit accepting any without previously clearing it. Thus, with limited supply, Fallout fans all flock to the only game in town. So, if you're on the right bandwagon when the plug gets pulled, you're golden. In any case, I'm sure you've encountered many instances where writing quality and popularity don't go together.

I've been happy with the EqD mods and pre-readers so far, but there are a few disturbing rumblings over there, and the site users can tend a little to the elitist side.

True, something is rotten in the state of EqD's fanfics. I have noticed the changes and upheaval that FanFiction in that site is going through as well as the fact that the pre-readers are getting more picky due to the increasing amount of material that they are receiving. I suppose i cant blame them though. However, now that you mention it, I suppose the audience of FimFiction is much nicer, even with my first story which was pretty bad. I just wish that FimFiction was the universally known hub of all those who write and read ponyfiction.
As far as popularity regardless of where my writing is posted, I never said i wanted to write an epic videogame crossover that would go on and on until it dies. Perhaps Fallout Equestria was a bad example. I just want my story to be read and hopefully liked out of its own merit. I detest stories like cupcakes that only gained popularity out of shock-value, but i mentioned crossovers because the brony community of readers seems to enjoy them.
However, crossovers really aren't my style. I was hoping for the popularity that came out of my story touching minds and hearts much like "My Little Dashie."
Granted, that may be wishful thinking, but I can only write more and hope and receive feedback.

it's nice to see that the two of them having a bit of fun. keep on writing i like this story very much

well,im not sure if i missed parts of previous chapters that had it,but whats with the sudden cursing?

I suppose Appleoosa is a grittier environment than Sweet Apple Acres, so i tried to make it so by introducing more base language with more colloquialisms and the like. I tried not to overdo it though.:scootangel:

Okay, so why didn't Braeburn get up on the bar and dance to "Tequila" while wearing platform horseshoes?

Believe me, I wanted desperately to do that, but I looked at it and it seemed too much, like I was milking that scene. I decided it would be better to leave it out.

I can't help but feel that this chapter dramatically changed the tone of your fic, and not for the better. AJ's internal conflict over her feelings about Big Macintosh were the meat of your story up till now, but now it seems that's all been resolved in a jarringly short amount of time. I feel there could be a lot more story told in that direction, I haven't read anything quite like that before and had hoped to read a lot more about AJ's feelings about being second apple to her brother, if only in her own mind. I hope you go back to the one sided conflict in later chapters, its such an interesting take on the brother/sister dynamic they share and I think you've created a real opportunity for drama and character exploration.

Who says the story's over?
Be patient, young grasshopper! A good conflict always comes around again.
I just wanted some comic relief, although I appreciate criticism anyway if you didn't like my attempt at a bit of comic relief. I tried incorporating it into my story thinking it was a good idea after reading Shakespeare's "MacBeth" and the importance of drawing attention away briefly from a boiling conflict with comic relief to recapture the audience's attention.
But I suppose I'm not really Shakespeare, Am I?

Loved it but very sad I want to know how she died?:applecry:::heart::fluttershbad::fluttercry::ajsleepy:

WOW...just wow thats a really awesome story....uh im kinda new-ish to this so uh what does Hiatis mean???????

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