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With her dreams crushed after the horrible night at the Grand Galloping Gala, Rarity leaves her friends to sulk in peace and quiet. However she finds her hopes of being alone are shattered as her little "Shadow" known as Spike follows her to cheer her up. In result, it seems that this little dragon is more of a prince than one might expect.

Sparity OneShot, meant to be fluffy and pointless.

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A fluffy Sparity one-shot? Count me in! :pinkiehappy:

probly would of went with civilised over tamed since tameing involves him being mastered but i guess as the nobles are asses i can see the former still i doubt he would of said that he proved he could be tamed same with when he reflected pon his actions adn thought slave assistant seem more likely.

And fantastic well written story and yay sparity fluffy or otherwise

453337 Civilized people always suck in movies, aside from Fancy Pants if I remember correctly, so they would go with "tamed" over civilized simply because they see him as an animal, not a pony...

453366 indeed but i was reffering more to spike being unwilling to call himself tamed

I would write a big ass comment on this story but im to tried from class so i hope this works too.


Beautiful. :duck: :moustache:

Very nice, very nice. :moustache:

453686 Holy crap! I had no idea that approved gif existed! :pinkiegasp:

sparity is my fourth favourite pairing after dislestia. this pleases me.

favorite shipping, u did a really nice job on this, really liked how u made spike look like a sir i0.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/006/550/feel-like-a-sir-template.jpg

Very good, romantic yet not vulgar. I give it 5 out of 5 :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Great story, man! :eeyup:

Yay. I love Sparity. :twilightsmile:

... I... don't know...

I love the pairing but I dunno... to...sudden and forced. This story doesn't flow.

466126 Bleh... I have no excuse, I just crapped out a OneShot for myself because I felt like it. :rainbowwild:

Fury of the Tempest disapproves of this story. Much potential in it, if it is simply cleaned up and made to flow.

Probably one of the most perfect Sparity fics I've ever read.

Loved it!
Had cute moments throughout and actually felt like a scene from the show. Which is good!
Oh, and Rarity, Spike was raised by Celestia... he basically IS a prince :raritystarry:

this…is AWESOME.
yay sparity :twilightsmile::yay::raritywink:

Very enjoyable.

The view was great haha :ajsmug:

An immensely satisfying read. Thank you for posting this fic, one the best on this site if i do say so myself.
Here, have some ponies as a gift: :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::fluttercry::ajsmug::coolphoto::rainbowwild::rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::moustache::yay::eeyup::duck:


453638 Holy crap! Both Bruce Lee AND Chuck Norris approved? This must be some good stuff!

That was simply a beautiful story, :moustache::heart::raritystarry: = FTW

Nice little read.

Yea but spike calling himself tamed is something that I just don't see happening. Unless spike acknowledges being enslaved by ponies than he just have the stock helm syndrome.

Improper to look at a woman cry? I don't spike did anything wrong there. Anyways , great fic!:raritywink:

453366Manly tears have been shed on this day

Ok so I spend 20 minutes looking for the proper image to describe my feels. couldn't find it.

Short form.. Death by Daw

Fluffy? Silly? Harmless?

Dude, this was pure gold! I say you did an excellent job.
Instand Fav. SpikeXRarity Forever! :raritywink::moustache:

D'aawww this is really the only way i could think of them loving each other as the original characters

well freaking done :twilightsmile:

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo d'aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... :moustache::raritystarry::moustache::raritystarry::moustache::raritystarry::moustache::raritystarry::moustache::raritystarry:

If the series were to end after only one season, this would be the perfect way to do it. Nice work:pinkiehappy:

This is adorable! Good job!

This turned out quite satisfying. Not nearly as fluffy as suggested; this had some substance to it, and some good characterization on Rarity and Spike.

Two minor typos: "Manehatton" should be "Manehatten", and "head-over-heals" should be "head-over-heels".

I think in season four spike should shout out his feelings about rarity :pinkiehappy: just a sayin

Spike & Rarity rolled back into Donut Joes, "Spike?" Twilight asked " Where were you two?":moustache::duck:
Spike just blushed with a shit eating grin "Walkin & Talkin" The lipstick stains telling another story.
Rarity smiled "Spikey is such a gentledrake Dear Twilight, Mind if we...":rainbowlaugh::yay::pinkiegasp::ajsmug:
Twilight interupts "Have that long talk I've been waiting for?" Twilight winked "Luna's told me every thing":twilightblush:
Pinkie pops out of thin air "FOREVER!":pinkiehappy:

Bravo bravo A Nuclear cannon back story with baby Draconies!:trollestia:

I liked this story :pinkiehappy:

I loved the story!

But I disagree with :moustache: :heart: :raritywink:

I ship Fancy Pants and Rarity. But it was still an interesting read.

Yeah, kiss Spike and he will turn into prince! :rainbowlaugh:

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