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Holy shit. · 8:34pm Jun 5th, 2013

Great Neptunes underbelly. It's been like, thirty three hundred million years since I've been here. Well I suppose nano seconds. But still, a long time.

So. How you guys doin'.

Yeah I um, I don't know where I stand at this point. I still like writing but I dunno, nothing has really been coming to me. But you know.

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Figured that I'd drop by and actually say "Hi" to one of Rust's other pre-readers/editors. So, hi and stuff. Here, have a funny picture:
Have a nice day! :twilightsmile:

Seems like I need to thank Kasper for promoting me within you guys.
Also, waiting for your respond to the PM :pinkiecrazy:

31529 Hmm? Oh, Kasper sent me a link via Skype. You know, Glassed? Well, got to reading your story and I like it. Different, not to fast, and you go into each character thoroughly. The only thing I'd recommend is perhaps a proof-reader, or another one if you already have, because, well, your current one is missing out on lot's of small little things. Small, but important. In any case, if you do decide to get another one, I'd be happy to oblige! Just send me a private message if you're interested! :twilightsmile:

What's with the sudden favourite?

Hey dude, how's it hangin'? You still writing that Rarity fic? Sorry we got out of contact, been really busy with life of late. Some say I've even been kicked outta me own home. lol.

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