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take flight


After a long day of work, Spike shares an intimate moment with Rarity that sparks a budding relationship. Together, the two recover from tragedy and move toward an uncertain future and inevitable conclusion.

A short romance set several years after the conclusion of the series.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 89 )

Hooray! Heartwarming Spike and Rarity shipping! I'm always up for that. :pinkiehappy:

I enjoyed the story, it was short and sweet.

i think i know where that was going :rainbowderp: u should write another book :moustache:

Nice! I thought the chemistry between Rarity and Spike was very well done.


Thank you for the read. I found the exposition at the beginning a little droll, but the second half is much better.

Thank you for the read.


This was great! Take my stars and my :heart:

P.S. :moustache: + :raritywink: = :mebigsmile:

fan fics can be boring, bad, sad, or disgusting. and they can be good.... your fic is none of them... :twilightblush:

your story is fantastic:raritystarry: keep it up i want to were this go:pinkiehappy:

This is the fourth time I'm reading this fic. It's that good.

Also, I noticed that it has an 'Incomplete' tag. Is there more?

SO CUTE:pinkiehappy:
and i sure hope that there is more, there is so much you can do


This is a planned four-part story, although the first can be read as a one-shot.

The next installment will be published tomorrow after pre-reading.

Thanks for reading and commenting! It really makes writing worthwhile.

take god you told use how much you have planed nothing agianst you its just im a big spike fan because i can relate to the dragon and i hate when people write storys mounths pass and im still tracking


I'm not sure I comprehend your comment, but yes, the update will arrive this week.

236794 Punctuation isn't your friend, huh?

236824 Thanks for the update, I look forward to seeing more! Poor Rarity! :raritydespair:

this is a very thoughtful story, i can tell that you put some hard work into it, considered it tracked and thumbed! :twilightsmile:

Interesting twist.

Once again, you bring a truly emotional chapter on Sparity, highlighting the true emotion in their relationship. Very well done, sir.Very well done.

I can't wait to see what you've got in store for the final chapter.

this just confirms your huge talent and dedication for writing storys:pinkiegasp:
i,m amazed how beautiful this story is. the phasing was right, the athmosphere was right, the feelings were right.

everything was perfect from start to finish.:yay:

i think i have a picture that describe how i feel, wait a moment sadanduseless.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/681.jpg

that should cover it.... oh before i forget. FIVE STARS and thumb up

God, this is so beautiful. Though I don't really know what happen with Rarity or what happen in one year after they confess their love but the you can show how much love they have at that moment, great job!:raritywink:

This is a lovely story
Its always wonderful to find a ship-fic with such true unbridled (pony humor) love
You sir/madame, are a genius
have some cake


(A little typo at the end, but still it is great,
She reached into his jacket, retrieving a simple silver necklace. Prolly should be "he")
Anyway best wishes!

...All the bucking internets in the world. You deserve them.

Bravo, a fine story indeed!


Yes! Simply yes!
You are amazing! The detail of the scenery, the stars!
I favorite your story in the name of...well. Anyway,:heart:!

I... OK, I'm speechless. This has to be your best entry yet. I mean... all the emotion and the descriptions... I'm just... this is wonderful. Have all my win.

Got chills when he popped the question, fantastic work!

I always enjoy it when writers take characters that could be considered shallow or set in their ways and have them go through a big change. It's like the basis for a great musical. The odd thing is even though I'm not a big fan of Sparity shipping, this fic was done very well. I went into this story with low expectations and thought it was gonna be just standard shipping, but how happy I am that I was wrong. Kudos to you, If I could give you stars you be getting all 5 of them.

Peace Out. Oh and that better be one hell of a wedding/Epilogue.

Awww... how so very cute!

Very well thought out and well written. Well done!

Through I am curious as to what else Rarity was going to say,

And that was even more well written, well thought out and cute!

Cuteness. Overwhelming. Must. Keep. Self. From. Blacking. Out. Must. Keep. Reading.


I wasn't a huge fan of the ship either. The idea for this fiction came to me when I saw my two cats snuggling in front of a fire place. Thank you for your kind words! :twilightsmile:



Chapter 4 is in the planning stages.

>> take flight

Chapter 4 is in the planning stages? Excellent!

I just hope that the cuteness overload doesn't kill me.

so....when's the sequal?

Beautiful story. I particularly enjoyed the interaction in chapter 2, giving both characters more depth than the fandom usually ascribes to them.

One little thing that bothers me, though: the constant naming of Rarity's eyes as "turquoise". Unless they've changed colour over the years, Rarity's eyes are blue, plain and simple. If "turquoise" applies to any of the Mane Six, it'd be Fluttershy, so it's a bit distracting seeing the term applied to Rarity.

Two more chapters planned. Thanks for reading/commenting/tracking/thumbs-upping/favoriting! :twilightsmile:

Sweet, I was worried that this was the epilogue, but now I have 2 more chapters to look forward to. I can't help but think that there might be a bit of sadness in the chapters to come.

Given some of the heavier subject matter in this chapter, I look forward to the next two with both eagerness and dread. :fluttershysad: :yay:

There is a fic titled "Crystalline" which is story about rarity and spike daughter, I think it can correlate to this fic.


I did read it. I'm not a fan of Spike and Rarity having children. It ruins the inter-species relationship dynamic and makes it seem...too normal. One of the reasons Spike/Rarity appeals to me is because of the difficulties they face being a dragon and pony in love.

I think you should read it. Its a good fic and still carries some of the impossibility I think.

About time I updated :derpytongue2:

Thanks for all the comments, tracks, thumbs, and faves! :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... interesting. Rather interesting developments here and not completely expected.
Didn't she the Doctor-Pie pairing. Nor was the relationship between AJ and Dash turning back into one of simple friendship...

Its the ending which gets me though, that last little section which could hint at so many different things...

Let me guess... Something bad gonna happen to Twilight. The chapter is VERY touching. I lost touch with many of my past friends, but there are always scars that make you remember them.

Wait a minute, Doc!
Are you telling me that Pinkie is married to Doctor Whoves and that she is about to have twins?! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks for the comments :)


Yeah, losing friends is one of the toughest parts about growing up. Partially inspired this story.


Congrats, you found the plot to my next story! Have a cookie. :twilightsmile:

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