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:yay: just a couple of things i need to address...first off the work needs some re-editing & chapter completion.
i'm going to post a much shorter work but with the same couple/pairing🙂

in chapter 5 the dragon tells rarity how he feels only to reject him by saying ''what will ponies in canterlot say about me dating outside my own species? heavens think of how it could affect my business/career!'' causing him to get angry, lash out at her & leaving her boutique in tears.
she does turn herself around later on in the fic. this story is centered on spike being attracted to another pony of the same gender while discovering that sexuality.

second of all forgot to mention this in the message prior, it's also a musical au series:heart:

p.s: thanks for being so open-minded to my work & that ship:twilightsmile:

This message was written out on 7/6/22


Cool I'll check it out and in regards of the Sparity ship I feel you lol I just like that ship here in FimFiction cuz ppl know how to actually make it work hahaahha

To the author - hi! i just didn't want to overcrowd VClaw's comment section.
yeah it really sucks because that comic was great & showed not all the dragons are assholes!

p.s: you should know while i'm not into sparity (have about three reasons why for not liking that ship!) i do like rarity's character.
there's story i wrote but couldn't be published due to terrible laptop issues & is called love between brothers (the title is misleading on purposed!)
also it's part of tetralogy:raritystarry:
Please give me a follow as us spike fans gotta stick together!:rainbowdetermined2:

this message was written out on 7/3/22

thank you for making a very cool short story xd

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