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Butterscotch Cream

Everyone has a story. The question to ask is, what do you want others to read in yours?

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The Pen Behind the Pony

My character "Butterscotch Cream" existed before MLP:FiM, but being a pegasus pony definitely made moving into the fandom easy. I don't truly consider myself an "author." Authors are much more skilled people who write fantastic, full-length stories in the time it takes me to get down three paragraphs. I'm simply a person who writes when inspiration hits (with a tendency toward the long-winded).

That being said, I'm a person who believes what you write can help others regardless of skill. It can be through catharsis, laughter, a meaningful message, or just simple entertainment. In that spirit, I hope what I write achieves that basic goal. Also in that spirit, I encourage anyone who wants to write to do it. You don't have to be "good" or "perfect," you just need to always give it your best and seek ways to improve.

Despite the fact I'm often nervous about replying to story comments (and sometimes too nervous not to), I'm always grateful. If you have specific questions or whatnot about a story, I'll do my best to reply when I can, either in comment or PM.

Thank you to everyone who's supported my writing! Even during the times it's slow in coming.


Still Alive · 9:02pm Jun 17th, 2022

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Author Interviewer

Long time no see :) I have a few cobwebs to shake out, I think. It's good to see you!

Author Interviewer

whoa! uh, suddenly welcome back? :O

I hope wherever you are...you are safe and happy

1771315 This is most saddening. :c

Have you disappeared?


I take it you were in the stream then?

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