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Applejack will always love you 'cos that's jes' how she is, sugarcube <3


Big Mac helps Braeburn bring better gardening to Appleloosa, and a spark of romance springs to life in the most unlikely places. We also learn a lot more about the Apple family in general. This was written for a fic contest, in a single weekend. It looks like I went over it afterwards to clean it up, but this is actually what went into the contest- no changes made after the fact.Thanks to the rigors of competition, we got ourselves some M/M romance right here in Appleloosa! (I consider Braeburn and Big Macintosh to be essentially unrelated, mind you- some ponies might not see 'em that way)

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Probably one of, if not the best story I've read on the sight thus far. It was...just, amazing.

Gosh, you have no idea how much I love this. Love. :flutterrage: LOVE Maybe the best written thing I've read here so far, and such an amazing story. I want to screen cap it and make it my wallpaper, I love it that much.

I'm so glad I posted it then! I shamefully lost the fic contest. It just goes to show you about the polarizing thing- if I don't hear from you ponies for whom the story fits just right, I only hear from the ones who wanted something totally else, and then I stop writing the stuff that 'isn't reaching anybody'.
What about it do you want more of? Was it the way it fills in stuff about the family, the way it implies what's moving beneath the surface, the very different personalities? This was a first draft with no editing, so there must have been something pretty fundamental that hooked you because there wasn't time in the contest to second-guess anything.

By that I don't mean I'm changin' it, I mean if I was to write more stories like this in some way- seein' as I was able to make a few ponies happy just by spinnin' a tale. There could be other stories about other things, if this one worked for you. :ajsmug:

Hey Applejinx!

Just popping in to let you know that I enjoyed your story a lot. This one has been fantastic! One thing I especially liked was your interpretation of Big Macintosh's personality, and how he fits into the Apple family. Also you have this way of subtly implying things in your writing, not just coming right out and saying them, letting us figure out things and make connections on our own. I've seen it in your other stories too, and it makes reading them all the more satisfying for this pony.

Keep the good stuff coming, I can't wait to see what else you have for us!

There really is not enough stories abo ut Braeburn (and Big Macintosh), but this... This has got to be my favorite one, and I really would love love looove to see where there relationship would go from here. I really do hope you consider continuing on(if not, that really isn't a big deal). Either way continue with the great work.

All i have to say is :Please consider making this into a series it is just that good

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You've got very enjoyable characterizations and very good writing in this story(even if they are a teeensy bit OOC but that's perfectly fine). In fact, it feels just like one of those professional short stories I've read here or there. I fear you have changed my viewing of Braeburn forever!
Funny, it didn't really feel like shipping, and I wonder just what it is in your story that makes everything feel oh-so-natural. I can't really describe it but for the first time in a while since I read fanfiction, I was able to immerse myself in your short story. It's such a shame that this isn't on equestria daily (you should submit it, by the way, if you haven't already). I feel it should have many more views than it currently does.
I've also heard some of your music and seen your DA as well and, well, aren't you the artist? Songwriter, singer, writer, painter, all bundled up in an incredible package. Oh, and congratulations on 140 000+ views on your first Appledash song. I really feel as if you are under appreciated. Normally I don't like to rant off in praise like this, a lot of artists I've seen tend to see such comments as useless to them because such comments don't provide any valuable feedback. Suffice to say, I'm not an incredible writer, painter, singer, or songwriter, but I still want to benefit you in some way because you just deserve it.
I've also read your story about Applejack and that old castle on EQD and after my first reading, I remember thinking to myself that it had been the best short ponyfic that I had read. I didn't even know it was you! And now I find this gem and I'm left wondering why you aren't more popular in the fandom. You really, really should be.
So enough with this over-sized comment, keep writing my friend, I look forward to more from you!
(Excluding cloppy stuff. Nothing against you or cloppers, but I'm just not interesting in those types of stories)

41283 Your story telling prowess is unmatched by all others. Contests are decided on ppls personal wants not on your merrit, you could never win one while being true to your message nor should you want to. It's been a long haul waiting for Big Mackintosh to be given a chance to be voiced so well by someone who is in touch with his inner aspirations. This new story finding format should help your audience find you now. The path your story takes is like silk, it feels so good and so natural. It all flows so well.

Excellent job. I admit, the characters were a wee bit out of character at least from what I'd consider, but hey! I loved the portrayals all the same, and who said that characters aren't perfect in their own way, in their own story? This made me smile, and laugh - genuinely. That's not generally an easy thing to do. There were typos here and there, but, very few. I loved this story, and it's one I'd read again. "Heartwarming" is the word. And the way you portrayed Big Macintosh at the end? My word... I'd give a lot to see that grin on his face.

It's been almost 20 minutes and I'm still smiling and chuckling over this. I don't think you realize how much I needed something... happy, just like this. I don't think I realized how much I needed it. I could hug you.

Awww. You can hug me- and explain, WHAT typos?

I forgot if I'd missed one! I generally have NONE, and would go back and fix it immediately, but this is a contest fic so it runs as it was at the deadline. I'm jes' curious now... I did find a " that shouldn't be there, but this one has to stay unrevised unlike non-contest fics...


Silent characters are difficult to write, but I feel like you did a great job with Big McIntosh here. He is definitely himself, but also definitely Applejack's brother.

*takes you up on that offer and hugs!*

Hah! I just checked back on this story. I never got a notification of your reply, but, I took another "skimmed" read (I pretty much stopped skimming and read the whole thing again). This story still makes me smile. I love it so much.

Anyway, I think what I saw before may have just been artifacts of the dialog accent and not actual typos. the only thing that stood out to me was one place where Applejack says "tole" instead of "told," but after thinking about it, I thought maybe that was accent too.

Thanks so much for writing this. I love the mood and everything about it.

you must have some sort of magic word power or something. That was quite amazing

You should totally write a sequel to this! :eeyup:

It is very rare that a shipping story gives me the warm fuzzies. This one does. Congratulations, Applejinx, you have successfully reminded me that I have emotions somewhere.

This is magnificent, and you are just a fantastic writer, something you hear a lot I am sure, but... it never hurts to hear such a thing again.

Thankee :ajsleepy:
Got to get up the courage to start up somethin' else an' not totally derp it, so it's nice to feel I got some folks on my side... :ajsmug:

I'm sad to say that I had to talk myself into reading this, because that is one of the best pieces of literature that I have read.

glad i read this instead of skipping over it like i was going to

You don' aright with this here story! *grin* Nice job!

I have to say... You've gone and done the near impossible.

I normally shy away a M/M romance fic. Nothing wrong with them, they've just never been my cup of tea, see?

But this? This was incredibly well done. And I have to say, you've managed to get the accent of the Apple clan down to a bloody science!

I hear by approve this for Twilight's Library.

For use in the description, should you wish. (Link only, no picture.)

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yay! :ajsmug: I'm so glad you liked it. I have so little that can fit in anticlop/antidark places.

:rainbowkiss: …but I like you not being able to fit! :rainbowwild:



…don't mind me :ajsleepy:

:ajbemused: Rainbow Dash, since when was THAT an anticlop place?!



Pfffttt, niiiice!

The innuendo is strong with her...

But, yeah, I quite enjoyed this tale you created. Very well done, I thought. The ribbon is well deserved!

~Skeeter The Lurker

terrible?” said Braeburn. “

Got a wild quote there.
Oh. Can't revise. Well, one is still great.

It feels on the lean side, but it gets the job done.
I was expecting a title drop somewhere. It doesn't need one though.
The Thunderhooves bit was effective.

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