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Sensual Fiction with a difference! This is an exploration of the concept of second person. It's said that in a second person story, 'you' are the reader, the subject is what's depicted in the story, and yet there is indeed a second person, an unseen person, and to learn the identity of this person you must ask who is doing the telling...

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Big Mac helps Braeburn bring better gardening to Appleloosa, and a spark of romance springs to life in the most unlikely places. We also learn a lot more about the Apple family in general. This was written for a fic contest, in a single weekend. It looks like I went over it afterwards to clean it up, but this is actually what went into the contest- no changes made after the fact.Thanks to the rigors of competition, we got ourselves some M/M romance right here in Appleloosa! (I consider Braeburn and Big Macintosh to be essentially unrelated, mind you- some ponies might not see 'em that way)

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A journey to Istanhoof, in a train, is interrupted by deadly snowdrifts. Could it be an attack of the terrifying snow weasels, sealing their victims in a mysterious time bubble? This short, complete fic was written in three hours flat to comply with the rules of the tryout for the upcoming ponychan-FIMchan fic battle. Tied for first place with Vanner! Contains the phrase, "Thou mad pink wretch". No refunds will be given for flinging of laptops or other computer equipment at the end.

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Twilight's trying to find out what makes earth ponies special, and her efforts start a chain of events that lead to Applejack and Rainbow Dash hooking up, and Applejack trying to be the iron pony to the point of endangering herself seriously. Grimlight- the cast go through a lot, but don't lose heart or become cynical, and the endings are happy. Kindle version available, linked in chapter one!

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