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Don't... be... dead... · 5:30am Feb 22nd, 2016

...I may not have fallen off a tall building, but I might as well have with the silence.

Too much has happened in the span of time I've left you all and I'm very sorry. I don't really have an excuse or reason behind my disappearance aside from the fact that life gets in the way of living sometimes.

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It would mean a lot to the fans, myself included if we were to read more of your addicting writing my friend.

hmmm watching you write might actually be good. wish i had enough of a fanbase that i could livestream myself and have feedback and ideas as im writting X3
anyway its great to hear from you again :D

that sounds good! so far the 11$ is a bit crappy but it is better than nothing! im glade things are looking up for you :D
i hope it continues to go good for you! ^_^
though...why would we kill you over the chapter? O_O?

Yo, it's Heartless demon wolf from Fanfiction.net, I been following your story for a long time and I'm glad to see it got featured and that I found you on here. I'm excited to see what else you will write in the future and honestly hoping if you ever have time to look over any of my own work that catches your eyes please, glad to see another Fanfic member on this awesome site, welcome....even though you joined a long ass time ago:twilightblush::facehoof:

so quick question im guessing Discord wont be "Loading" Pinkies "Cannon" anytime soon hu? :P

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