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Hello! I'm mainly gonna be writing one-shots of my Next Gen characters. I'm also the artist for "The Bridge"~


All was rather well in the young Princess Stella Nova's life. She was happy with her mother, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her father, Prince Flash Sentry. The day continued as usual until her mother received a heartbreaking message, and thus started the chain of events that would change Stella's life forever. Are these good events? Bad?

Or is there more on the young filly's mind that she's not speaking aloud?


Special thanks to my wonderful bf Tarbtano for helping me with this! QWQ

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I'm so happy to see an NG story about Stella and Flare. Sunset being an Alicorn was a huge shocker, but a nice one. I wonder how differently the story will play out in this version now that Stella meets Flare at a young age.
P.S: Would this story be a part of the NG Revamped? Or is this a "what if" or a new canon? Anyway, thank you so much for this story.


it is part of Next Gen REVAMP~ :twilightsmile:

6674574 So, is the Revamp going to be a rewrite of the NG events or a what if scenario with some altered scenarios? Basically, would the REVAMP be a new canon or an alternate universe like what Lopoddity does with some of her characters? Anyway, thanks for replying.

:raritycry: So many feels :raritycry:

Even if I'm pretty aware of the conclusion, I know that you have many more surprises planned . . . . . .


NGR will be a reboot of sorts

This book is amazing so far Faith!!! Amazing Job!!!! :twilightsmile:

In other words, she turned into an alicorn in this universe.

wasn't expecting that. I thought Sunset was mortally wounded or dying

Wow, this scene is more dramatic than the one in the original version. I want to say great job, but that'd imply that I support the bigger heartbreak. Anyway, thanks for the great chapter and the quick update.

Way more dramatic than the last version with Flare and Stella meeting, but them meeting as fillies works better. Hope Stella will listen to her parents side and see what happens. Can't wait to see what happens with what will happen in Canterlot!

The Feelz! They're just so cute. The drama is smoothly portrayed, you have a knack for this Faith.

aww thanks! ;w;
to be fair, Tarb helped me out a lot with the pacing and whatnot

I like the idea of Stella having panic attacks, I hate to admit it but she was slightly mary sue before and this adds a lot to her personality. I lso like how she jumps to conclusions.
I'm also confused about who you ship with Scoots. Stella's obviously at her place. You mentioned a gem shape- is Scootaspike in your NG?

Wow, I feel bad for poor Stella misinterpreting the situation with Flash and Flare. I'm also curious as to whom Stella is going to meet as she seems to have gotten to a cottage belonging to the CMC. Keep up this amazing story.

Is the story gonna focus on Stella, or change throughout as needed? (I'm sorry if that made no sense. I just had coffee and caffeine makes me tired.)

Scootaloo, I presume? :pinkiehappy:

Stella Nova is an OC, right?

It's Scoots! I wonder what Stella is gonna ask her.

Can you tell Duskshadowbrony that I'm sorry I inadvertently criticized his work? I'd apologize myself, but he blocked me.

6683962 That wasn't criticism, that was you downvoting a story because you don't like AU's.

OMG! Spike and Scootaloo?! They are a cut couple, I gotta admit. :scootangel: Can't wait to see who was knocking! I wonder if it was Flash, I don't think Twilight would have returned back to Ponyville so soon.

Wait, wait, wait, wait... I thought the only canon character to the sires you shipped Spike with was Apple Bloom? And let's not forget about Huffy. I sometimes wonder if you ever will make up your mind, although I guess we're all guiltily of something like that.

OK, Spike comforting Stella about her situation was very adorable. Still, I'm surprised that Spike hooked up with Scootaloo in this version as I thought he was with a dragoness. Regardless, I liked this chapter.

I suggest you add space in the dialogue because I was having a little trouble in who was talking.

Anyway, good chapter.

Spike and Scootaloo?! Didn't expect that coming.:rainbowderp:
Sure...I guess they're cute, but I'm more of a Scootaloo X Rumble shipper.


this is part of Next Gen REVAMP

in NGR, many ships have been changed around.
and the reason Spike isn't with AB is due to the fact i have another ship for her

Stella is definitely her mother's daughter!

Fun story so far! Have to agree with the commenter above that you should have a paragraph break whenever someone new starts speaking. I look forward to reading more!

This chapter was great. I really loved watching Stella have a talk with her parents about how she felt about them and I liked how she and Flare developed their sisterly relationship. The story had more impact than the original story made of pictures and the little changes you did were charming. Also, I liked how Spike and Scootaloo ended up together and how she manages to intimidate the "big bad dragon". Hope to see more stories of this universe along with the little changes you did for the NG characters from the original version.

Just a word of advice: when different characters speak, their dialog needs to be separated in different paragraphs.

Yay! They made up! I cannot wait to see what you do next!

D'awww! I could have a cuteness attack right now! It's just so cute!:heart::raritystarry:

This was great. Well done, Faith :pinkiesmile:

Dawwwwww.... Looking forward to the next story. Stella and Flare was like peas and carrots.

Though shipping Spike with any-pony still strikes me as odd, not your fault Faith, just the concept itself.

I'd like to see a story about the adult's side of this...particularly Sunset's. I mean I just want to see Celestia's face when she sees her.

Yeah! More alicorn Sunset!:pinkiehappy:

My mind told me they should've kissed. Should I be worried? :rainbowderp:
I might be reading to many ships...

Loved the story! :twilightsmile:


Please send things like this in a PM.
And thank you for acknowledging that you were spamming us.


Please send messages like this through my user page or PM.
this is your second warning.

I really adored this story, I hope to see more like this featuring the NGR!

Just reread the story, and I still want to know what happened when Sunset met with Celestia.

i'll try to cover it at a later time :twilightsmile:

This is so cute and so good. It's just too bad I don't ship Flash and Twi. They're just so cute, but I can't imagine Flash's personality to way you've described him cuz I'm so biased towards CometLight. This is sad. And funny in a warped way. I just really like Next Gen stories no matter what I guess.:derpytongue2::pinkiehappy: But I do ship Sunset and human!Flash, so that works. But I am surprised he died, but I guess that does put him out of the picture in order to bring Sunset and their kid back to Equestria. I'm working on a similar concept for my SunFlash child, and killing off human!Flash never crossed my mind, haha. I was actually considering divorcing them or something. I'll set something in stone eventually, that I can count on at least.
On to the next chappie!

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