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Welcome to The Polish Writers Society

This is a group dedicated to the brony writers of the Republic of Poland. Of course, bronies of all nationalities are free to join, but the main purpose of this group is to support Polish writers, the stories of said authors, and to the discussion between Polish writers, as well as a number of other things.

Poland has had a strong brony community for quite some time now, but we are poorly represented when it comes to publishing our stories on this site. Yes, we have a lot of writers, but most of them publish in Polish, not English. In comparison, Russians, Czechs, Germans, the French and even Finns all publish their work here, and they are quite numerous. This group was created to remedy this, to unite writers from Poland under a single banner, give the support to new Polish authors on this site as well as the ones already here, and to generally get stuff done.

I hope the time you will be spending here will be enjoyable.

Stay Awesome

Founder of the Group

Rules :
Regulamin :

1. Despite this group being dedicated to Polish writers, everybrony is encouraged to use English. *
Mimo iż jest to grupa dedykowana polskim pisarzom, nakłania się wszystkich do używania języka angielskiego.*

2. The use of Polish isn’t prohibited, but please provide an English translation, so that other bronies can understand what you are saying. It doesn’t have to be grammatically correct, but please try to respect it.*
Nikomu nie zabraniamy używania języka polskiego, ale proszę podać również tłumaczenie na angielski, by inni brony mogli to zrozumieć. Oczywiście nie musicie być całkowicie poprawni, mimo tego prosiłbym o uszanowanie tej zasady.*

3. Harrasing other users, especially due to their nationality, is strickly prohibited and will result in swift and harsh punishment.
Zakazuje się atakowania innych użytkowników na jakimkolwiek tle, a zwłaszcza nacjonalistycznym. Będzie to surowo karane.

4. Please put your stories into correct categories.
Proszę umieszczać opowiadania w odpowiednich kategoriach.

5. Remember: Love & Tolerate and Friendship is Magic. Have fun!

* These rules do not apply to [Only-Polish] Threads and “Comments” section on title page.

The administration reserves the right to change the rules whenever it want to.
Administracja zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany regulaminu kiedy tylko zachce.

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Did everyone (except me) forget about this group?
Czy wszyscy (oprócz mnie) zapomnieli o tej grupie?

No heja, co tam u was? ;)

Fajnie wiedzieć, że nasi też tu są.
Good to know that we are here too.

Cześć everypony!

I'm an American who has never been to Poland, but I'm about 50% Polish, so count me in. Plus I'm just in love with everything Polish. I just love their history and culture and how the people have suffered through probably the worst oppression in history yet remain a strong nation.

I really want to visit Poland someday! I just love everything about it.

My polish many be rusty and my Polish reading and writing really out of shape, but I am proud to say that my mother was Polish and I was born in Poland.

Rodacy? :D
Nationals? :D

Is there any chance that someone would look at my translation of my own poem? I konw it's horrible and I'm not going to do this anymore, but I wanted to share this one with a little... more wide audience.

I myself am Romanian...but polish always interested me...could you guys maybe teach your friend from the Balkans some of your words....and maybe tell me how you pronounce them? Thanks


So I heard you guys also like white and red? :pinkiecrazy:

Welcom here fellow writers!

I wish I could speak english, unfortunetly I can't. Even reading anything more complicated than easy comedy (with dick gags of course) make my mind to burn.

Anyway, I'll try to support you in your writing. U know, likez, fawz and shyet. If I ever learn how to use english, I'll try to make some critique, or even (DUN DUN DUN) REVIEW.


It's not dead, there is basically nothing really for a moment to do. It's just a group to unite Polish writers and to publish and recommend their stories here.

Howdy, is this group even still alive? Or as dead as the internet group can only be?


Just between you and me –I think it's a problem on my end. Banner seems to have went bonkers for me and disappears and reappears as I refresh the site :derpyderp1:

As for the new version... well, I kinda just started it really :twilightblush: Just started my vacation so I have a bit more time. And, well, you can actually look at what I did so far in the link you've sent me, I'm working on it as we speak.


I'm not sure, I have no access to this right now. I will be back in Poland in about 13 days.

PS. Spike, could you send mi link to the new version of You Know What when you will finish it? I simply can't wait for this.

Is it just me or did the group banner died on us?

Arrgh, i've already seen that fiction in other languages are not allowed to be published. :C I can only give u link to translation:

Comment posted by Ureus deleted Jun 24th, 2013


No problem, I have added this.

Could I ask for one more category for group? TCB, 'cause i have already published first chapter of "Letters from Home" polish translation.

>> Matalos
Cmon! Not as bad as my "inglysz". You are to unkind to yourself.

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