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Pinwheel is a simple earth pony. She lives in a little cottage outside Sweet Apple Acres, she makes pinwheels for a living, and she has plenty of friends. But one day, when she goes flying with her good pegasus pal Dizzy, she takes a fall and lands in the dark crossroads between life and death! If that's not bad enough, the Grim Reaper is forcing her to bargain for her life! And what will she do when that bargain takes a somewhat more...personal turn?

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Sweet, I love this story.

Finally, what took you so long, jk. This has always been one of my favorite fics. I can't wait to see what happens next. i mean it's not like you can kill Death. I have a feeling Pale Hoof is gonna become mortal, based on the fan art, but hell I've been wrong before.

Peace Out.

191282 I see a tiny hole in your logic, if he becomes mortal there would be no death.

Wow I REALLY like this. Not great on grammer but as far as I could see you had no grammatical or spelling issues and over all a great story. Keep it up.


Thank you for your comment! I would like to ask what you mean by "not great on grammar." Do you mean my sentence structure isn't varied enough? Or did you spot punctuation errors? I'd really like to know so I can fix it!

This is really good so far! I hope to see the next chapter come out real so!


Oh sorry my bad I ment "I" was not good at grammar.

In many cultures there has always been more than one Grim Reaper especially if you look up western mythology, there are even some tales of a multiple reaper myth in Celtic folklore. If he's not death anymore I can see a new persona of death chosen as a replacement. Plus it would be funny/awkward to see Pale Hoof deal with things that don't die at his touche.


Thanks for clarifying!

If you do find errors in the future, however, feel free to point them out. Mistakes sometimes slip past me and my pre-reader, so it's great when people help point them out.


No problem and I'll keep an eye out.

Oh my god. Could he think of a better way to die then oh I dont know... pukeing up your esophagus? Over all really good chapter and a little creepy on what his idea of romantic is, well he will lern I guess.

Poor fella all he wants is a little love, I can completly sympathise with him. Well execpt him being the god of death and me being a nerdy teenager.

Now aint that something. Really good on grammer and I could not find any spelling errors and over all very nice. Keep up the good work.


Well good chapter but I noticed a spelling error


Change "HERE" to "HER"


Fixed! Thanks for the heads up!

Okay, just started but I have to say this, your Death speaks in caps AND italics, isn't that a little overboard?


It changes to just all caps later on, if you keep reading.

:facehoof: I was wondering who he was going to end up killing, sigh. The speech about how Diamond and Silver were going to die alone and unloved was badass man, nice work.

196211 My first comment was meant to be in a joking tone, don't sweat it. I like the way you separate his void and mortal plane voices with it.

So I was thinking about it, and it's similar to dating Rogue, except you'd have a little more leeway with her. Oh, and the cliffhanger...you bastard.

Dunn. Dunn...DUNNNNN
I can't wait for the next chapter, believe it or not you fic was he first Friendship is Magic fan fic that I actually ever read, I really hope that ending is amazing.

Also Twilight doesn't believe is ghost yet Death has been living in her town and he has also resurrected several things. Plus her own gods are tangible on a daily basis. Just saiyan.


Peace Out.


Hey, thanks! Glad you're enjoying the fic.

As for Twilight, she also said "I don't believe in curses" and "I don't believe in Pinkie Pie's Pinkie Sense", so saying "I don't believe in ghosts" is still in character, I think!

Also, points for posting Jelly Pony. Best pony ever!

I was just referring to the fact that all this supernatural stuff is happening and yet Twilight is unbelieving. It's be like you not believing in molten rock men from the center of the Earth and one just happens to be your room mate.

I just call him the jelly pervert.

This is definitely up there in my favorite fics!
Pale Hoof as a character is fascinating, and Pinwheel's bravery in the face of death is something I admire.
I demand more! :pinkiehappy:

Wow that was a twist im really wondering how the next chapter will go. Dang you have me by the throat dang these cliff hangers :pinkiegasp:

Well that was both a combination of awesome and depressing. I don't know if i should shed manly tears or beg for the next chapter. I oddly like the pairing of Pinwheel and Pale Hoof, and let's face it she is more awesome than the love child of Kenshiro and Sonny Chiba because she can talk down and yell at death. I like that he's all like *ROAR* FUCK YOU CELESTIA, but his love interest shows up and he's all meep and offering her godhood and all "yes dear". I hope it works out for those crazy kids. i like a happy ending.

You have me on the edge of my seat! :derpyderp2:

Easily the best pony story I have ever read.


Thanks, baby. :heart:

You helped inspire it.

Things are getting serious! Please continue...:moustache:

It's pretty funny when gods try to fight death. They usually never win.:eeyup:


Wow...just wow. This was freakin amazing, one of the best things I've read in a long while.I can not wait to see what happens next.

You feel really bad for Death at the end of this chapter. I love the back story of him once being a wide-eyed young colt to becoming a true god and his detachment from his old life and animosity towards Celestia. Speaking of Celestia she starts yelling at Pale Hoof and forgets that her immortality can be taken away by him. I will say this I really miss the humor and lightheartedness of some of the earlier chapters.

peace out.

This is amazing. I loved this chapter. Please keep the updates coming. :pinkiehappy:

Wow that was an interesting chapter i am already wishing i could read the next chapter great work /)

I read this all in one night, now i must sleep thank you for the amazing read. longest story ive read on thins site.

woman you are facing death himself and you call him a hobo
you monster!!

This is like a better version of the movie Meet Joe Black. I love how Pale Hoof had a hard time controlling the volume of his voice. This is my favorite personification of Death. He's unsure of himself, stubborn, emotionally distant and yet when he meets a certain female it twist turns his life upside down. I find this story extremely heartwarming, grim, sad, funny and endearing. I mean we laughed, we felt d'awww, we threw up, and we were thrilled whilst reading this fic.

Months ago this was literally the very first fan fic I had ever read and now I'm a little bummed out that it is almost over; I know it sounds weird to grow attached to a story.

Peace Out and I can't wait for your next fic.


this won't end well


No worries, friend. We've still got a little ways to go before we reach our conclusion.

And there may or may not be a sequel in the works.:raritywink: So don't feel too sad just yet!

If it's any consolation, I'd like to put on my best Cockney accent and say "Thanks for the ride gov'na, it's been one hell of a journey."
When it's over, I shall post this gif and give you the full review, that covers most of this fic.

Peace Out.


A sequel will most definitely be appreciated.


Well, I'll keep everyone here posted. My editor and I have to work out the details first, but we're definitely considering writing a sequel. :pinkiehappy:

So what, is Pale Hoof giving up being death to become a hobo?

While nothing about them suggested unkindness, there was no way to predict how they'd react to an unusually tall pony with a skull for a face. There was no way to predict how anyone would react, really.

That says it all, really. :pinkiehappy: This is a great story, I'm really enjoying it so far!

i get it, no face no real atachment so; when that not work the "keep it real and sincere" deal. Oh mr death you are going to the right path (hoofs up¡¡¡)

Oh my gosh. This chapter. Morbidly hilarious! I think my favorite part was "IT'S FINE. EVERYPONY WILL GET USED TO IT."

I have to admit, when I read the synopsis I was not terribly interested, and eventually I concede to reading the first chapter. I figured I was going to go to bed in about 15 minutes, so it couldn't do any harm. :facehoof:

Two hours later, I finish part one. I'm horribly amused, thank you for the story!

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