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Big Macintosh had a perfectly good reason for taking Twilight's doll; he wanted to use it to finally start a conversation with her. But Applejack's having none of it, Rarity's getting the wrong idea about everything, and the Cutie Mark Crusader Matchmakers are about to really throw a spanner in the works! A comedy of errors launching a full fleet of ships.

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205597 Yeah, I got a lot of comments over on EQD asking me to put the story up here. I'm the author, don't worry! :scootangel:

It's nice to see it here. Favourited and Tracked so it'll never go missing. I hope.

I liked this story, and I liked how you have twilight matched with Big Macintosh :twilightsmile:X:eeyup:

Yay! It's on Fimfic~!


Good timing. I started reading this on EqD last night; now I can comment on it. Got the first chapter finished so far, and like a lot of things, it can be summed up best with the following: :facehoof:

Applejack, what have you done?

Words cannot express how glad I am that you put this on here. I like EQD and all, but it is absolutely terrible if you want to continuously read something, and you can't track it there. You sir are an awesome person :pinkiehappy:


Rarity never struck me as the kind to go for the ladies; she seems more into colts.:unsuresweetie: This'll be good.:pinkiehappy:

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are hilarious.

This chapter is chock full of "Aw Shit" moments. God the awkwardness is so thick! :derpyderp2:


This is the best thing ever. Her majesties fleet has achieved victory.


Dunno why this doesn't have more comments than it does; I'm only on the first chapter and I'm already sucked in! :pinkiehappy: Those Crusaders, always causing trouble...

206156 Hee, thanks! I only posted it up this morning, so I'm actually super pleased to see this many comments already :yay:

I asked multiple times to get this posted over here so that I could favorite it and add you to my watch list. Thanks for doing so Arkensaw! Hope you post your future works here as well.

(RWC on EQD)

Aww, such a sweet story! Though the shipping eventually got so complicated I had to draw up a diagram just to keep it all in check. But a satisfying conclusion, believable couples, well written, in character for all of them, and a little bit of raunchiness at the end. Fantastic.

Just finished reading. Late for work now lol. :pinkiegasp:
Really enthralling story. Midsummer by Shakespeare was nothing without ponies. Everything worked out perfectly... Too perfectly
More stories like this would be great!

205925 That's no Applejack It's her doppelganger Jappleack

Wonderful story! So glad to see it here and be able to stalk...er.. Track you now. Keep up the fantastic work and can't wait to see more.


:facehoof: :facehoof:

The Facehoof has been doubled. *shakes head* At this point, the next logical step will be Celestia finally bringing Twilight's letter back up, followed by the revelation that Rarity and Pinkie have secretly been dating for years. And Spike is Luke's father.

Guess I'll start the third chapter now...

*Sniff sniff* You smell that? That is the smell of a disaster waiting to happen.

Dear lord save us all......... o.o

So much :facehoof:
This story is nothing but :facehoof:

But I love it~! :pinkiehappy:


Wow. I really didn't expect this to be neccesary, but: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

The description said this story would launch 'a full fleet of ships'. It didn't say anything about the kraken-infested hurricane they were being launched into.

there is chaos afoot
or is it ahoof
that is all

"Admiral, we have a message from the fleet!"
"Lets me see that... oh by Celestia's beard...!"
"What is it Admiral?!?"
"The fleet has encountered the Awkward Blockade!"
"May the princesses have mercy on their souls..."
that is all

Earth Ponies: :ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

Unicorn Ponies: :twilightsmile::raritystarry:

Pegisi Ponies: :yay::rainbowdetermined2:

this story has taken a lot of unexpected turns, i mean, vinyl and pinkie pie? never would've seen it coming.

So much :facehoof:
Im waiding through a sea of :facehoof:
The sheer amount of :facehoof: in this fic makes me :facehoof:

It would be so awesome if we had a flowchart of the likes and misinterpretations :rainbowlaugh:

so much shipping
my head is about to explode
must... finish... story... before... death... by shipping
that is all

Pinkie Pie/Vinyl Scratch? I can roll with that.

i cant get a story on Equstria daily. :ajsleepy:

my brain
it hurts
so much d'awwww
i love the story
that is all

“I suppose you’re right. Should we go and find out what’s happened?” Rarirty asked, lazily.
I think you misspelled Rarity there. Great story anyways!


Came for no real reason
Stayed for the delightful chaos.
For some reason I saw this fic on EQD and just shrugged it off- dismissing it as yet another heard-it-before shipping fic, but I regret that now. Absolutely hilarious and sweet at the same time. Five stars for you.:pinkiehappy:

I'm glad to see you took our advice on EqD. Now I can track you!
That will never stop sounding creepy.

More :facehoof:

But on the bright side the mess seems to be organizing itself :pinkiehappy:

such as mess :>

must rad moar :pinkiehappy:

A veritable giggle wrapped in confusion shrinkwrap.

Oh man oh man oh man! :rainbowkiss:

I can tell the party is gonna be an awkward mess before everything gets sorted out :pinkiecrazy:

Man, all we need now is someone behind the scenes to come out at the climax, slowclaping as he watchs the shit settle and say "well, watching all of you make an absolutle mess out nothing has be a blast, but I think it's time to tell you what's really going on here". That would just be awesome

I just realized something; they got this deep in the shit without Pinkie:pinkiegasp:. I can only wonder how much worse it would have been if she was involved


That was undoubtedly the most shipping I have ever seen in a fic at once! :pinkiegasp:

PS: Pinkie Sense is slightly unnerving o.o


First time I see Octavia being related to Pinkie as her sister :pinkiegasp:, I checked the episodes for reference and although their manes and coats are slighly different colored, it's quite a resemblance :yay:

Octavia being Pinkie's sister?
She even looks like one of her sisters from The Cutie Mark Chronicles flashback (with the only diffrance (other than age and cutie mark, obviously) being a slightly diffrent shade of color on her mane (which could be simply because of aging)) even their eye colors match

I love this story so so damn much ! :D Its amazing from start to finish!!! ~

Even when everything is going right, its going wrong.

God, I love this author.

I'm back from Cambodia

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