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Peter Collins. Full-time copy clerk; part-time competitive shooter and sketch artist. Not the most glorious life, but for an independent 26-year-old looking to make his way up the corporate ladder, it's not a bad start.

But the thing about one-in-a-million chances is that somebody has to be that one. And Pete has just found himself the winner of a bizarre cosmic lottery, giving him a free one-way trip into a land of magic and wonder: Equestria.

Unfortunately, the locals are skittish, distrustful of anything not their own, and outright terrified of whatever might be threatening to them. And with no way to speak to or understand them, what might have been a trip through paradise becomes a journey through a living hell, where the simplest of misunderstandings can bring the most dire of consequences. Alone, confused and desperate, Peter wages a one-man battle to escape a land seemingly out to get him, searching for a way back home, while the forces that protect this magical nation- ignorant of his goals and terrified that he may be a threat- do all they can to capture him.

How far can fear push us apart, what can it push us to do, when communication is impossible?


Partial rewrite finished. See this blog post for details.


Rated Teen for language and violence. This story was inspired in part by A Voice Among the Strangers by Tystarr, as well as Over the Edge and Through the Wood by JarOfHearts. Cover art graciously provided by the talented Sonson-Sensei! Also look here for the original cover art provided by Armalite.

Now with its own TV Tropes page due to the heroic efforts of redandready45.

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So here it is, a little idea my brain decided to spring on me one night at about 1:15AM. Blame it, not me.

So far it's looking like this story will have somewhat short chapters (2k to 4k words a pop), which ought to help readability a bit. However, I can't promise that there won't be a larger chapter here and there.

Color me intrigued. This isn't the first fic I've read that involves a language barrier, but it's the first one I've read to take place from dual perspectives.


You've piqued my interest.

funny you would post this right after the final chapter to A voice Among The Strangers was posted

that and Over the Edge and Through the Wood are some of my favorite HiE fics, right up there with yours.

I'm glad to see you've taken inspiration from them, but I have to say, the synopsis sounds rather dark.

I've read both stories you say inspired this one. Both of them are excellent. And just from the description alone, it makes me want to read more.

Yes, this story is very well written so far. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Well, off one story on to the next, with new ideas!

Nice! In midst of things right off the bat! So few actually use this writing tool, the fact I'm seeing it nearly made me jump out of my skin. Well done, can't wait to see what's next.

I'm interested in this story. And a language barrier between the equestrians and humans? I read that one time but they made horse noises I think. Is this barrier more like an alien language where it's words but the human isn't familiar with the language nor vice versa with the ponies?

Ho-ly shit, man, I haven't been this intrigued since the Ballad of Echo was still running. I can not wait to see where this goes.

Comment posted by Poyoarya deleted Feb 3rd, 2019

Alright, I'm definitely interested now. Keep the chapters coming and ill keep reading.:pinkiehappy:

Oh, and someone left a star and er...a thumb laying around, I guess you can have them.

Wow, really looking forward to seeing where this goes. As long as you don't do the annoying 'MLP exists as a TV show in the world the human comes from,' I think this story will stay on my favorite list.

I'm sure I'm not the first to use that in response to someone's story, but it sure fits my feelings about it. :twilightsmile: Nicely worded, good pace, and a good bit of action to catch people's interest. If there were any spelling or grammar errors, they slipped under my radar. All in all, well done, mate.

this is. SO. AWESOME:rainbowkiss: you earned yourself another follower :pinkiehappy:

can't wait til' the next chapter

faggot.............only posting 2000 words and not any more of this.

Ze 100th Like is mine! Muahahaha!

Anyway, I look forwards to seeing more of this. I do so love tales of this nature. . .

2968736 Oh, how I love this part of the internet, where even slurs are usually compliments in disguise.

Bro.... You have my attention, please do go on.

The thing about a one in a million chance is that more than seven thousand people roll the 1. That's a very large and confused crowd.

Not much to say, other than it is nice to see someone who is capable of starting a story In Media Res and do it correctly. You have successfully engaged my interest and what little I have had of an introduction to the protagonist was favorable. There really isn't enough of this yet to say more, but I am definitely following this with interest. I have added it to my Read Later list, and tentatively upvoted it. If it continues to be up to Rogue Wolf standards, and I have every reason to suspect that it will, it will likely end up on my favorites list.

2968653 YOU STOLE MY YOUTUBE REACTION CLIP! :twilightangry2:

Ah well, I agree with this guy. Please, do go on.

Awsome sauce! This is really interesting!

Interesting... Very interesting... Yes, very interesting, indeed... Veeeerrrrrry interesting... Vvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrryyyyy-*gets smacked* Sorry:twilightblush:

you troll :flutterrage:

ill call it even if ya give us moar!!!!

Magic absorption like a baws? Doesn't speak horse jiberish? Suicide jump off a cliff into a river?
This story looks promising. :trollestia:

Love It! Love everything about It!

Like the fact that you've included perspective changes, see situations from both sides.

I want to eat your keyboard. I know you probably hear that a lot but I think I may just have to make something edible like that sometime soon...

2968322 wow it's awesome how language barriers can be used. I gotta find more HiE fics like that

Oh yes! The story seems very well written in the first chapter and seems to have no massive plot holes (possible pun intended I have read too many characters turned evil recently), no Gary Stu action and thankfully some interesting developments. I like it so far thank you. :twilightsmile:

Just please don't take forever to update.:trollestia:

EDIT: Wait a minute! I remember a few of your other stories. I thought I had followed you....

Good story so far, can't wait for future chapters. :twilightsmile:





Wow, guys. Just... just wow. 224 225 favorites in the space of a day. :pinkiegasp: I think you'll all be happy to know that more chapters are in the pipe! I'm just pacing things. :twilightsmile:

2966282 The timing was completely coincidental. (And I was as sad to see AVAtS end as anyone. :fluttershbad: ) And... things will be darker than the two stories I listed as inspiration. Not so dark as to warrant the associated tag, I think, though.

2966400 Unfortunately, the Prench judge only gave me a 6.5. :twilightangry2:

2969053 I hate probability. :facehoof:


I've been waiting for a story like this!! My heart cant take it, its beating so fast out of excitement and anticipation!! Oooooh please tell its not going to be long between updates!?:fluttershysad:

Seriously though, like, fave, you have my support and hopes that this story will do well!:pinkiehappy:

However long you make it, 50k to 300k words! If you keep this up i'll stick by your side the entire time!:raritywink:

Well, lemme tell ya, one heck of a day today. Car wouldn't start when I had to go to work this morning, took two trips to the garage to get it sorted out... thankfully that didn't cost me anything but time. Owning a car can be a headache sometimes!

But hey! I believe in turning a problem into an opportunity. And this problem gave me an opportunity to spend a little more time going over this chapter, and that means I get to release it ahead of schedule! It's small, but it should whet your appetites for a meatier course coming soon. :pinkiehappy:

Personally I wouldn't mind if you hurried up with the intro of the story. The place he found himself in in the previous chapter was so exciting and I don't want to have to wait weeks or maybe months for the story to catch up to that point in time.


Not about the car though.... I meant the meatier course coming my way.

And by meatier course I mean....:rainbowderp: You know I should have stopped earlier.:pinkiesick:

Hope your day gets better!

He's lucky he can sleep in the car, with a roof over his head, as opposed to the alternative.

Looking forward to how this goes. Though language barrier shtick has been done before I'm excited to see where you go with this. Its nice to find something that seems a little less happy go luck, mime out everything and more adversarial confusion.

Hey. Why this chapter is so short?

Dang this is getting exiting!

2976096 I apologize that it's a short chapter. I have each "scene" plotted out as a chapter in my mind, and I'm not paying any real attention to word count as I write them; I'm including what "fits" and nothing more. I'm also practicing an economy of words- I've had a bad habit of over-writing, so this story is an attempt to keep things compact.

Ah red lightning....Wait, Red lighning!? WTF I'm getting out of here! *Acelerats to 88MPH then gets hit by lightning* AHHHHHHHHH- *fwoop*( The great sound made by traversing time and space)

Yay! An update, and so soon! Can't wait to see where it goes from here.

2975734 .... I'm thinking meat... as in beef... what the heck made you go :pinkiesick:?

Beef is gewd!:scootangel:

Let's play "How many clichés can we spot!" I kid, I kid. I am liking the story so far, even if the storm is extremely cliché for HiEs.

Dun dun dunnnnnn! Next chapteeeeeeer! :D


I have a sick sick mind....:applecry:.. Or maybe it wasn't enough baked goods.....:pinkiecrazy:

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