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In a moment of weakness, Chrysalis had more than a taste of Shining Armour's love. 11 months later, Twilight Sparkle finds herself a brand new niece by way of 'A small foal in a basket on my door step'.

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kind of wired, but well written and a great concept for a story

-pulls the couch from out of nowhere like usual and pushes it over to dayland- here you go. -pulls out another couch and faints at the thought of the misunderstanding-:facehoof:

... This is certainly... interesting. It's well-written, only a grammar problem or two, if that... Yeah, I'll keep reading. I expect the questions 'Why does QC trust Twi enough to raise the foal', 'Why did she leave the foal there' and 'Is she planning anything' to be answered eventually, though, since they're semi-obvious questions to ask in this scenario. (Kinda surprised that Twi isn't even TRYING to deny that it might not be her borther's, how he could do that, ect, but whatevs. *Keeps reading*

Also, first.

Wow Twilight, your not a good aunt...:facehoof:

Right, I forgot about that :pinkiegasp:. I shall add the fainting couch.

I'm sorry, Lady Rares, but I must confess: It was I who stole your fainting couch not three chapters ago! Verily, I throw mineself on thine forgiving nature and beg of thee for forgiveness!

Yeah, this is interesting and unique, so I'll keep reading. Noticed a few more grammatical errors, but they're relatively small compared to many others, so I shall not go Nazi on you. Yet. (Find a pre-reader, if you can. Might help.)

~ Magical Trevor, Minstrel of Equestria

I... They... But... WHAT?! ~Oh~ *Summons Rare's couch, passing out upon it henceforth*

It's been established that whatever place Changelings come from SUCKS. I think she wanted her kid to have a better life and there was no way to get her to her father.

657554 Just because we're supposed to infer something doesn't mean that that's correct, though. Just stating a few things I hope/expect the author to explain in further detail at SOME point. Not necessarily in the new chapter or anything, just... something to think about.

Oh boy. I can only imagine what the others would think as well. Especially if Rarity is the one who tells them...:rainbowlaugh:

I have that feeling. You know the feeling that something really good is about to happen, but for all the wrong reasons.
Yeah, that feeling.

That's funny, I thought Rarity would enjoy something that'd conceivably come out of one of her novels.

Forbidden love?
That. Is. The.....

Not worst thing?


Oh boy, here we go!:raritywink:
Make Rares the one to inform the rest of the mane six. Thats going to be one real funny conversation:twilightsmile:

Oh Rarity enjoys it.... after a fashion. She is being suitably horrified but will keep on trying to find out more. :raritystarry: It is a secret that no pony must know. So she must know every detail of this forbidden incenstual love triangle.

Handsome stallion married to a young living goddess, yet even a goddess is not enough and he cheating on his immortal wife with his own sister. For a small village this is probably the most interesting thing to happen in a while.

"We will then have to go see The Doctor and his blue box. What follows after that is a lot of running and screaming." :trixieshiftright:
Well shit just got real! :yay: Have a thumb!

657304 Yeah! Good aunts breastfeed their nieces if they are hungry! :derpytongue2:

Spike... F$%#.
Damn I think I face-palmed so hard I re-fractured my broken nose.

Twilight, talk to Celestia. Spike, shut up. Jeez… :facehoof:

I like this. Can't wait for more.

657505 And me too. :eeyup:

I clicked on this expecting something involving Shining Armor and later a new niece for Twilight but I wasn't expecting THIS. :applejackconfused:

Gets up, chloroforms superPinkBrony, and pulls him onto the couch. And the teen rating is... Lenient.

657988 I don't think that's how it's suppose to work, besides Twilight is too young to provide any milk she said so herself. :twilightoops:

Something is going to go wrong though, either Twilight will snap or Queen Chrysalis has something planned. :raritycry:

Dang Twilight just, I don't even want to talk about. :pinkiesick:

This is getting quite akward, I wonder what her friends will think if they find out about this. :applejackunsure:

657609 You're right that is so akward, Rarity had better keep her dang mouth shut about it OR ELSE! :twilightangry2:

Also I suppose Chrysalis either dosen't know the first thing about foals or she completly forgot, because no one sends somepony a baby without any sort of supplies or at least diapers. :eeyup:

I'm just surprised Spike knows what a baby shower is, yet doesn't have a clue about what a bachelor party is about.

Oh well, that's what happens when you've grown up with just girls.

659390 what if Chrysalis didn't have any supply's? It seems that she and her changelings are not well off and may not have access to such things which ponies take for granted.

659349 I'm pretty sure she just said she had no milk because she wasn't lactating. In most species that doesn't occurs unless the female is pregnant. Since Twilight wasn't pregnant she wouldn't be lactating.

659530 They probably had a baby shower for Ms. Cake.

659729 Well if worse came to worse I would think that Chrysalis would steal the supplies needed. But maybe she just didn't feel like it. :applejackunsure:

659802 according the the nurse, Chrysalis was starving. She may not have had sufficient strength to successfully attained the necessary supplies undetected. Additionally she could have surmised from her interactions with Twilight at the wedding that Sparkle would be able to easily attain and afford the necessary supplies without risking the foal. Consider this, if Chrysalis had tried to steal the supplies and got caught then what would have happened the the filly?

...*shudders* Rarity you're sick...

this is just getting dam wired and award:applejackconfused::moustache::facehoof:


660017 someone needs to give Spike a lesson in tact... and keeping his mouth shut.

I think that's the point. But yeah, from the moments the words left his mouth I was mentally saying, no SCREAMING, ":rainbowderp::twilightangry2::flutterrage:BUCK YOU SPIKE!:flutterrage:" It was Spike's mistake, not the author's. The author did it on purpose!

Refresh page: The Foal in The Basket has new chapter


Perfect is it not? Rarity is the only pony in the small town of Ponyville that can supply Spike with cloth for diapers. And she is the town gossip. And Spike cannot hide any secret from Rarity either cause he infatuated by her.

Soooo... not my fault. Trollololo....:trollestia::trollestia:..

I swear after this fic Rarity and Applejack will be enjoying the back side of my hand for being dumb and spike will get my foot :twilightangry2:

Well this is just going to turn out insane

Why did Applejack let Rarity talk her into that. Thought the cow-pony had more sense than that. Great chapter none the less.

I haven't thought of it until now, I wonder if there is a twilight/shining ship fic...I'm sure someone is crazy enough to do it

Rarity's grandmother is Catwoman!!:pinkiegasp:

or would it be Catmare?:trixieshiftright:

“You should meet my parental grandmother. She is quite the jeweller and amateur acrobat.”
Hilarious aside! But I think you mean paternal grandmother - that is, her father's mother.

I also like the "furry reminders" that Our Little Ponies are talking horses and not just young women, and the direct use of "this is a fantasy world" (like the lactation inducement spell - sure makes wetnursing easier).

Ops spelling mistake. I'll correct it immediately.

Rarity and aj are going to be in so much trouble when twi finds out they broke into her house

657554 I think that Wisp is unable to feed off of love. That's my theory, which may go out the window in future chapters.

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