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We all know the story of how the Princess’ young student and five friends defeated Nightmare Moon and brought Princess Luna back to our lands. But what if the tale were false? What if the young Twilight Sparkle on the event of her entrance exam had not been rescued by Princess Celestia, but instead lost her mind among the power of her youthful surge and had to be sent away, far away before she could destroy all of Canterlot with her newfound power. Now the feral unicorn prowling the Everfree Forest only vaguely remembers her past, slipping away from constant terrifying attempts to capture her.

And she is beginning to remember what true power felt like.

Editors include: Peter, Justin, Featherprop, Mitch H, and Bad Horse
Featured on Equestria Daily
Reviewed by Chris on One Man's Pony Ramblings and by Paul Asaran on his review blog
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Monster in the Twilight (Paperback) 272 pages
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Thanks to Peter, Justin, Featherprop, Mitch H, and Bad Horse for helping out with my occasionally frequently incomprehensible writing.
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This is a retelling of the first two episodes of My Little Pony, Season One with a far different twist
Chapter 1: The introduction
Chapter 2: Setting the stage
Chapter 3: You should be able to hear the ghost of Alan Quartermane while reading, if I did it correctly.
Chapter 4: A little Aliens meet Predator style, without a hundred million dollars worth of special effects. The intensity drops after this for a few chapters.
Chapter 5 : Loyalty is now published. Slower paced, more setup.
Chapter 6 : Generosity has been put up, very short.
Chapter 7 : Honesty should be up Saturday. Honesty is not its own reward, or even rewarded.
Chapter 8 : Kindness has been put up. I can't sand it down any smoother.
Chapter 9 : Bloodshed (just kidding, it's Laughter) is a little large, but I don't think I can trim it down any more and not make people break into manly tears at the end.
Chapter 10: Summer has been split off from Mother to keep them from eating half the whole story.
Chapter 11: Mother has been completed, and looks fairly good.
Chapter 12: Queen is getting a final polish and should be published Friday. Was going to call it "Guncotton" but that didn't fit the theme.
Chapter 13: Judgement for the wicked and the killers.
Chapter 14: Coronation is in final editing. The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.
Chapter 15: Sundown has been put up (3/12) As the sun sets, and the moon rises.
Chapter 16. Draft. Darkness covers the land, waiting for the return of the sun.
Chapter 17. Nocturne. They have waited a thousand years for the return of their Princess. Hear their plea.
Chapter 18. Dawn, when Darkness gives way to the Rising of the Sun.
Chapter 19. Surprise! (they come in both the good and the bad flavors)
Chapter 20. Flight. We all run, some of us run to things, some away.
Chapter 21. Trust. Something that Trixie neither has nor has given in any significant quantities ever.
Chapter 22: Lies come from words, actions speak the truth.
Chapter 23: Fear is the intelligent reaction to the unknown.
Chapter 24: Courage and Foolishness are often confused.
Chapter 25: Mamma always knows beast. And 1200 Thumbs Up! Woot!
Chapter 26: Confidence is a good thing, except in stunt jumping.
Chapter 27: Rage can form a powerful weapon. Thank you Gardelius for the use of your picture I am the Power
Chapter 28: Shame. Four forces brought together in one area.
Chapter 29: Magic does not fix everything.
Chapter 30: Where there is nothing to lose, there is everything to gain.
Chapter 31: A new day is dawning, and Equestria has more than one princess again.
Chapter 32: Some things can only take so much stress before breaking.
Chapter 33: There's only so much summer vacation, grab as much of it as you can.
Epilogue: Life goes on.
Sequel: Stories never end, they just pause while you turn the page. In Letters from a Little Princess Monster, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna attempt to rebuild their lives, keeping in touch by mail to share their experiences and help each other over the hard times.

The Traveling Tutor and the Librarian (Now on EqD) was written at the same time as this story (go read it!).

For those of you interested in the Nocturne saga, I have a short guide to batponies as seen by me written here. And yes, I've written a lot more of them than I expected.

I would like to thank the countless multitude who helped edit and point out my mistakes. I love you all, but I'm still not loaning you any money :)

Other stories along this line include:
Twilight the Terrible by M1Garand
Twi Hard 2 : Twi Harder by Arcainum

and many other wonderful stories about our favorite uncontrollable purple powerhouse at the Badass Twilight Total Domination group.

Those are some hefty paragraphs you got there.
For your hard work, a rainbow kiss.

Interesting! Very interesting indeed, you instantly get a upvote and following.

I would put the AU tag if I were you.

Man, more good stuff from you. Yay!.

Youch, that did not go well. Very interesting premise.

Well written, Georg, well written.

THis looks awesome! I'm on Twilight's side on this one. I might be biased though heh.

Wow, this is really enjoyable! I'll definitely be watching this. But you might want to add an alternate universe tag, since it is splitting off from the normal show's story line. :pinkiehappy:

I'm not sure I've ever seen a Trixie as Celestia's student story, usually she gets paired with Luna.

Now I'm wondering if Cadence & Shining Armor are going to be able to find Twilight, or if she's going to show up later on during the search for the Elements having lived feral in the Everfree for years.

Now to the Everfree forest!

2002813 Nope! Now on to Zebrica! (Trying for a bit of Alan Quartermane)

2002742 Little difficult to have Trixie as Luna's student at this point :twilightsheepish:

2002529 If it were actually part of an alternate universe such as the Lunaverse, yes. Technically just about *every* fic is alternate, the L!verse just does it fantastic.

I made the sidebar, that is tough
Now for Zecora to strut her stuff

I believe the 'crescent moon' in Trixie's Mark is actually supposed to represent waving the wand and leaving a swirly trail of magic, or something like that.

Oh ho. Congratulations, Trixie. You're the new Twilight.

Also, something tells me that whatever's left of the old Twilight isn't quite dead yet. Mainly because there wouldn't be a story otherwise. Well, there would be, just not the one you're going to tell.

2002926 You are correct. Suffice it to say Celestia is a bit in shock at the moment. Expect a dialogue in the near future that says:
"Ah think you got a bit of glitter on your rump there, sugarcube."
"It's a moon, it's supposed to glitter."
"It looks just like Sparkledust #4 that we use on cupcakes!
"Shut up! It's real!"
"Darling, don't be embarassed. Lots of ponies use a bit of cosmetics to enhance their natural beauty. Yours is starting to run a bit, you should really touch it up."

2003049 Yeah, it would kill the mood to have her stagger out of the Everfree going "Brains...."

2002878 Yeah, I was thinking AU like the Lunaverse or My Choices. You also sometimes see a post-NMM Luna with Trixie as a student.

I'm mainly watching this to see how twilight fares.:pinkiehappy:

You have caught my interest. I foresee the expedition to find her remains will fail (she is still alive and evasive), events will play out as normal with Trixie playing the part of Twilight. And when Nightmare Moon flees to the old castle she will find its new feral squatter and misbegotten castaways will commence bonding.
Favorited on principle and interest.
Looking forward to this.

Ooooooph interesting

I have not read this yet but judging from the description I'm pretty sure this requires an Alternative Universe Tag. Just saying.

this is an interesting alternant universe. I shall keep an eye on this story.:moustache:

This was awesome.
And a wonderful explanation for why Zecora is living in the Everfree so far from home.

Incredible concept, can't wait for more.

wow, this story is awesome. I really can't wait for the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

"Strange, my slow clap simulator doesn't seem to have made it into this form."

Glorious, simply glorious. I would shake your hand if that were possible. Thank you so much for an epic tale, I say 'tale' since this is no mere story, no that doesn't do it justice. You have created here an Epic that should be ingrained into the archives of FimFiction to be forever immortalized for future generations. I look forward to where this tale shall lead.

Talking about scraping together a win from the ashes of defeat.

Celestia, in a bout of indecision, lets Twilight go nuclear, nearly destroying the whole of Canterlot, and still managing to kill lord knows how many with the collapse of the tower. In any case, Twilight's... out of commission for the moment, though I wonder if there's any sort of path for redemption?

Still, Celestia simply grabs the next closest option, Trixie, to take on the mantel.

Now this is certainly an original story. I can't wait for the next chapters.

Shouldn't there be a AU tag on this?

I'm rather enjoying this - having not googled it, have you managed to translate Swahili?

Can't wait to see crazed Twilight!

Tracked! This is going to be epic :pinkiehappy:

Hey Georg, just saw this in the "Featured" box on the front page, so congratulations! :twilightsmile:

Exquisitely done. Great way to illustrate the worldwide ramifications of this drastic change, and your portrayal of zebra mysticism was most engrossing. I'm definitely looking forward to more.

sounds Awesome... also Have you heard Of This?

2002477 The video? Well DANG. That beats the PANTS off my jpeg of that...

I really like the idea that the zebras are having to deal with eternal day at the same time the ponies are dealing with eternal night. Makes a lot of sense if you assume a spherical planet and an appropriately positioned zebra homeland

Very interesting zebra world building.

I can't help but think that when Trixie gathers the other elements she won't be able to wield the element of magic, unless that has also changed and it wasn't their predetermined destiny to become bearers, but the bearer changes if previous events change.

Also I am really looking forward to the next chapters, great story.

How in the world did you get that many veiws in one day?! that is amazing!

Well. That was the darkest "Everybody" chapter I've read today.

I guess it can't be that bad...


NIce development of the Zebra culture

Solid themes and well written.

This is going on my watch list.

Nice. I like this, especially the whole bit about Trixe pretty much taking Twilights place with Celestia. Can't wait to see how this develops.

I wonder what will happen when Twilight finally meets Rainbow Dash...

Dash: 'Sup, I'm Rainbow Dash! The only pegasus to ever pull off a Sonic Rainboom!

Twi: A... Sonic... Rainboom? A SONIC RAINBOOM?!?:twilightangry2: Back when I was a filly, a Sonic Rainboom threw me into an unstoppable rage! My childhood was never the same after that!

Dash: Uhh... sorry?:rainbowderp: Wow, this is kinda awkward now.

Twi: AWKWARD? I was thrown out of house and home after what you did to me! I had to spend the rest of my days eating pinecones and fighting off timberwolves the size of fucking airships because of you!

:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:YOU! RUINED! MY! LIFE!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

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