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This story is a sequel to The Monster in the Twilight

Now that Luna has returned to the throne, and the aftermath of her brief appearance as Nightmare Moon is being cleaned up, the story is over. Right?

Not quite.

Twilight Sparkle had nearly been destroyed in the chaos of Nightmare Moon’s return, but now with the assistance of her five friends, she is facing a fascinating new world filled with wonderful things. No longer the scarred monster who nearly destroyed Canterlot and raged through the Everfree Forest for over a decade, now she has been healed by the Elements of Harmony and is living at the edge of town with her adoptive mother Zecora. Not all the fears of her past can be left behind that easily though, and now she must face the consequences of her actions as she faces the most daunting challenge of her life.


Letters is a sequel to the alternate universe story The Monster in the Twilight. In this story, Twilight Sparkle exchanges letters with Princess Luna, two ponies with a common problem of fitting in and making friends after the destruction of Nightmare Moon.

Normally I would try to talk you into reading the sequel even if you haven’t read the original story, but in this case, you’ll probably be more confused than entertained. But go ahead. I don’t mind if you don’t read the first story. You’ll never find out what an Urlock is, but that’s fine. It’s your funeral.

Editing Assistance by Alicorn Priest, Peter and Tek

Credit for the incredible picture All Night Study Group goes to Bibliodragon at Deviantart

Physical books are available on Lulu.com (up to Chapter 82)
Letters From a Little Princess Monster (Paperback) 726 pages
Letters From a Little Princess Monster (Massive Hardback) 780 pages

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First comment is reserved for the author. With the number of Hub leaks about Season 4, I thought it would be a good idea to get what I have written on this story out before I would have to rewrite it. Once chapter a day will be posted for your enjoyment, until I run out of chapters in about eight days.

Oh, and Big Mac is one studly stallion.

Please remember this is an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE fic for those of you who have not read The Monster in the Twilight

YES! The sequel I dreamed of is totally here.

Hey didn't it say Twilight turned into an alicorn at the end of the last story or did i derp?

Hee hee. Celestia calls first dibs. I'd say her libido certainly got younger.

:eeyup: Eeyup.

:rainbowlaugh: well it seems EVERY female pony is after Bigmac:rainbowlaugh: this can ONLY GET BETTER:pinkiecrazy: and I SO plan on being along for the ride to laugh at every bit of his hell:pinkiecrazy: of course the real hell will start when they start to get possesive:rainbowlaugh:

When I saw the title in my inbox, I thought this was going to be about Sunny. But Monster's good too.:pinkiehappy:

3439937 While I appreciate the story and I like how it looks so far, I'd like to point out that if you are worried about having to rewrite stuff -- and keep in mind that I am terrible at recognizing sarcasm even in conversation, so if you were joking I apologize -- then wouldn't it have been better to wait so that your readers don't have to rearrange things in their head later?

3440245 See if I can rephrase that a little. Currently, the story is ready to be enjoyed now. If I were to wait until December to publish it, I might have to do some major internal edits to match canon, and I'm lazy. So I can publish it now, you can enjoy it now, and we'll take Season 4 as it happens. Past Sins had much the same problem until Pen Stroke quit updating to match the cartoon and simply put his foot down. (Although in my wildest dreams, I'm nowhere near the story teller as he is)
3440164 Just wait...
3440143 You're right. I just can't find a good picture of Twilight as a filly alicorn, in particular with the Monster paint scheme (early pastel tie-dyed). :pinkiehappy:
3440161 (whistles)

“Princess? I think he’s breathing now. You can quit any time. The kids are watching, and I think Menace is taking notes. All right, you asked for it. Applejack, give me the bucket.”

“Ah thought you said it weren’t a good idea to dump water on Big Mac?”

“It’s not for him.”


The saga continues! Huzzah! :yay:

Eagerly looking forward to more.

Oh, yay! Very much looking forward to this; I loved The Monster in the Twilight, and some warm and fuzzy bits with Luna and Twilight trying to fit in once more will be lovely! Hopefully we'll see more of Cadence and Shiny, too.

Also - poor Mac. Too much of a stud for his own good. :rainbowlaugh:

This shall go on my read later list until I decide whether it deserves to be a favorite. Certainly off to a good start, though.


Big Mac is best studly stallion!

Also, I'm quite amused by the fact that Celestia's getting frisky. Doubly amused by Tallgrass being so adorkable.

Big Macintosh is a total mare magnet, even getting Princess Celestia kissing him!

Anyways, this universe continuing is happy! Though, I wonder if Twilight and Luna are going to recover from their experiences in the last story...?

Ey yo, One more question, what kind of interactions can we expect with twilight and luna considering they are kinda, sorta in the same boat?

I really wish you'd have started the summary with the mention of a prequel. There goes some spoilers for the first one, if I decide to read it. Chances are I will.

3440589 Well, all the way through the first one, I promised several times in comments that there would be a happy ending to the story. You would be amazed at what some people considered 'happy' about the endings they proposed. I think you'll enjoy it a lot. I know I had a lot of fun writing it, and any time you can use a few hundred tons of nitrocellulose to blow up Chrysalis is a good time.
3440485 Heartwarming, thoughtful, and occasionally shocking. Really the focus will be on Monster with Luna as a side-story. And Celestia. And Trixie. Yeah, expect a broad focus with many little bits to cover.
3440454 (snicker)
3440410 (also snicker) You never recover from experiences, you simply use them to build on.
3440360 Well, Tallgrass has always been the odd duck in the hive.
3440297 (snicker) Trying to write as warm and fuzzy as possible.
3440295 Eagerly writing more too. It's just fairly slow. I only have eight chapters in the can, so once those are uncanned, the process will slow. Darned real world.

Out of curiosity, while Zecora is Monster's mother, how does Twilight's biological family feel knowing she's still alive? I don't want interaction with them to be antagonistic, I'm just wondering. I think I remember only Shining and Cadence still held hope after so long. Hopefully she'll have two families in the end, if you decide to introduce them.

Also, how long has it been since the last story? Trixie seems to have settled in and Zecora and Tallgrass are now apparently together.

This looks like its gonna be as good as the first one!:pinkiehappy:

3440809 About 24 hours, hence the title of the chapter, The First Day and Night. Imagine the chaos at the castle, where Celestia has effectively breezed in and said "This is my sister. She's going to be ruling at my side. Go over to the Lunar wing of the castle and clean every thing up for her please. I expect a new throne for her by Tuesday."
3440840 With fewer explosions, one would hope.


I fail to understand your logic. The story is already alternate history so doesn't have to fit season 4 anyway.

And I just finished Monster a couple days ago:pinkiehappy:

Woot Monster is back!! Now with more Mac attacks and adorkableness! :pinkiehappy:

That was hilarious,

bucket of water.... no
cold compress and shade......no
mouth to mouth resuscitation........no.... yes? :trollestia:

Poor Macintosh, it's apparently his fate to be surrounded by terrifyingly powerful women.

Edit: Huh, wonder how I got a downvote for this. It wasn’t intentionally misogynistic or anything, but I suppose I could see how it might be taken that way.

Some of the writing didn't seem very E-for everyone... But other than I hope you write some more.

May want to bump that up to Teen.:unsuresweetie: Other then that, great chapter. Love seeing the return of Twilight/Monster.:twilightsmile: The humor was great too and I can tell that this will be a great sequel.:rainbowdetermined2:


Don't sell yourself short. Modesty is fine and all, but your story provoked more of an emotional response in me than Past Sins did. Never really got what the big deal was about that story, but I very much enjoyed yours, more than I thought I would.


It begins... or continues, rather.

Glad I stopped going to EqD awhile ago; I hate spoilers.

3442432 That's one way of getting the asshole out of the way.




That out of the way, I ADORED your last fic, and look forward to reading this one.

AAAND you did not disappoint! I must say, the adorable is in full force, though if you plan to go with this much d'aww, I hope you aren't planning to continue talking about *cough* events *cough* with big mac too much... I went into a slight bit of shock when it went from 'filly being adorable' to my brain trying to figure out what exactly to think about that.

Damn you Big Mac! Leave some for the other stallions... :eeyup:

A quiet guy being the center of attention of several girls who each got enough power to level a country... This can only go well, ain't that right Tenchi?

Pen Stroke kinda sucks as an author. Like everone who has done spinoffs of his stories or sequels did better...

Hey! Give Celly a break! It's been centuries since she last had any action!

A pleasure to see this sequel. Things won't always be this cute and funny as I expect ya to put that "sad" tag to good use tugging at my feels.

Big Mac is probably going to be bouncing about much like a certain party-planning-pink-pony for the next week after that kiss Celestia gave him.

And congratulations to newly married couple Zecora and Tallgrass... while I would feel worried about a zebra/changling hybrid foal being ostrized by other foals for being "odd", having a big sister named Twilght "Monster"-"Flower" Sparkle certainly will make things easier and fun.

3441677 Whoops, thought I had it on Teen. Fixed.
3442526 Ah, the sound of frying neurons. Music to my ears.
3441188 It has its advantages...
3442687 Nopony's going to bully her in school, that's for certain.

OK, going to have to go read The Monster in the Twilight. Sticking this in the to-read que for now. I think you're trying to explore the same idea that I was in Immutable, but doing a better job at it. I had given that a pass; I don't generally read anything with a sad tag.

I'm hoping the "sad" tag is just for heartstring tugging events in the course of the story, and not tragedy or tragic events or endings....

Sad is a redundant tag, and misleading. I think they should replace "sad" with "heartstring puller" or something like that, seeing as this is how that tag seems to be most commonly used.

3442643 You do realise you're technically speaking to Pen Stroke's fan?:unsuresweetie:

3442843 You told Georg, who is one of Pen Stroke's fans, that Pen Stroke sucks as an author. That's it.

Uh huh... And I'd tell Pen Stroke he's a shitty writer too!
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