• Published 4th Nov 2013
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Letters From a Little Princess Monster - Georg

Monster finds problems fitting in and getting used to her new world in Ponyville. To help adjust, she reaches out to Princess Luna who has many of the same problems now that she is recovering from being Nightmare Moon.

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7. Sibling Revelry - Part One

Letters From a Little Princess Monster
Sibling Revelry - Part One

“Cutie Mark Crusader Pirates!”

Monster bounced around the Carousel Boutique with the rest of her friends, leaping over the low angled sunbeams that traced their way through the dust motes floating in Rarity’s main room. On the other side of the room, wearing identical expressions of nervous concern, were two zebras and a unicorn discussing the day’s activities among themselves.

Various implements of piracy were piled in a wagon at the back door, including wooden swords, shovels, and a rather dramatic looking flag of proper pirate type. After all, it was not every day that Sweetie’s sister went out prospecting for gemstones, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders were going to make the most of it, having decided that gemstones were indeed proper pirate treasure, and it would be more fun to dig them up that way.


dear princess luna

today my friends and i went out to help sis prospect for gemstones outside of the town. Trixie said it seemed like a fun way to get to know Rarity and Spike. i can remember Spike’s birth now, and he thinks of me as a big sister, which is weird. Trixie even says my wings make me a little bit like your sister too. when things calm down, maybe you can spend some time in Ponyville with us, like a big family. i don’t think we should dig for gems though.


Spike had volunteered for the job of pulling the wagon while they went out to the gem digging area (even if he didn’t get an official Cutie Mark Crusader cape), and everything was ready to go just as soon as the older ponies got done talking.

“I’m going to dig up a bunch of doubloons and triblooms and even quadblooms,” said Featherweight, stopping to snap a picture of the rest of his scurvy crew of pirates. His eyepatch had proven to be more of a detriment than useful, and had been flipped up to rest on his forehead.

“Well, I’m going to become a famous archeopteryx just like Daring Doo,” shouted Scootaloo from the top of the wagon, her cape blowing in an imaginary wind.

“You mean archaeologist, right Scoots?” said Sweetie Belle, adjusting her pith helmet and checking her supply of bug repellent.

“Whichever one lets you dig up more cool treasures and stuff. I don’t see what’s taking so long! I mean, let’s go already. Nothing bad could happen to us just digging up stuff.”

- - - - V - - -

“Shut up,” snapped Scootaloo. All around them in the creepy cave, every other Cutie Mark Crusader looked back at the grouchy pegasus filly and rolled their eyes.

“Didn’t say a word,” said Apple Bloom, trudging along behind her Diamond Dog captor.

“Me neither,” said Twist, looking uncomfortably at the stalactite-encrusted ceiling as they walked deeper into the cave.

“I think it’s our destiny!” said Featherweight, doing a flip in midair while adjusting his camera.

Rarity tossed back her curls and sniffed. “I might have mentioned something about ‘Tempting Fate’ when we left my boutique, which I may never see again, but I certainly did not intend for it to be considered anything but a helpful critique of your verbal skills. Besides, I’m certain these ruffians are simply taking us to their real leader, most probably a refined and noble individual with—”

“Quiet! Why can’t you ponies be quiet!” snapped Rover, the leader of the Diamond Dog pack, a greyish individual with a red vest who had been repeating the same phrase for much of the last half-hour. It did as little good as the more recent times he had shouted the phrase, as Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle got into an argument about Fate and Destiny, and whether or not they were actually the same thing.

Monster huddled under her cape and trotted along with her friends in the middle of a dozen or so of their mismatched captors. The group had only been digging for pirate treasure/gems a few highly successful minutes out in the field before the dogs had popped up all around them and attacked. It had been a rather peculiar fight, and she had watched with great curiosity the way Spike had flung himself into protecting Rarity and the rest of the Crusaders, blasting Diamond Dogs with flames and even biting one of them on the leg. Now the little dragon struggled soundlessly, gagged and tied to a long stick that one of the dogs had propped up over his shoulder.

She wanted to be afraid, she really did, but there was a presence in the ground here that seemed to whisper through her hooves in words just a tiny bit away from understandable while urging her to go with the dogs and her friends. mom had tried to teach her to talk with the earth spirits as a Wise One of the Sky should be able, but they had always been stubbornly silent to her ears until now. She still could not understand them, but their words sounded comforting even if she could not respond to them. They were a lot like the new magic, unable to be forced, only able to be cajoled and enticed into doing what needed to be done, and no more. Her old Magic was too brutal, too strong, too loud to speak with these spirits, and her new magic was too weak and raw. Still she tried, and although every step they took into the caverns the voices grew stronger, they still could not be understood.

“Here we are!” announced Rover, gesturing to a dirty underground corridor that looked identical to the last dozen or so corridors they had been down. “Ponies will find gems now, and dig them up for the Diamond Dogs. Dig!”

“I most certainly will no—” started Rarity before she was drowned out by a strident cry.

“Cutie Mark Crusader Gem Diggers!”

The five little ponies dove on the hapless Diamond Dog carrying the shovels and picks, grabbing and wrestling for the best tools. With sharp cries of “I want it!” and “I grabbed it first!” they began to fling themselves around the dusty cavern, jabbing shovels and picks into every available patch of dirt, including a few patches that were not that available.

“Yeouch! Ponies will watch where they dig!” bellowed Rover hopping on one foot before being beaned upside the head by Scootaloo, who turned around with her overly-long shovel while not watching what she was doing.

“Oops! Sorry, mister. You want us to put a bandage on that?”

Rover looked up at six pairs of eager eyes and felt the rising lump on the back of his head. If the little ponies went after bandages the same way they dug gems…

“No! Want you to dig gems! Dig!”

“Got it!” shouted Sweetie Belle, grabbing a pick in her teeth and swinging it vigorously at a support pillar.

“No!” screamed Rover, diving across the room to grab onto Sweetie’s pick before it could collapse the whole tunnel. “Not there!”

“This looks like a good place.” Featherweight swung his pick at the center of the ceiling, causing some falling rocks to make a group of brawny Diamond Dogs run for cover.

“Girls!” called out Rarity, moving to one side to avoid some falling rocks.


“And Featherweight,” she added.


“And Spikie-Wikie. This is not the way to go about a proper gem hunting excavation. You’re getting dirt all over the place, and not making any progress at all. You there, what is your name again?”

“Me? Rover.” The red-vested dog reddened from anger and began shouting again. “You ponies will dig gems or I will—”

“Yea!” With a renewed burst of enthusiasm, the little ponies threw themselves into digging holes all around the tunnel, dirt flying in all directions without a single gem to be seen.

Which was perfectly fine for Rarity.


... but i did not have a book with me to look up the names of all the rocks we saw. the diamond dogs were loud, and looked over us a lot. being short and weak is different. do you think you will ever grow up to be as big as your sister? some of the dogs were short too, but i think they are that size forever. i want to get bigger and grow up, but i don’t want to lose my friends. things are changing so fast, and that’s one thing i never want to change, even though i know it will. im a little jealous of you and your sister. Trixie told me i would grow up and never get old, but i don’t want to see my friends get old and die. maybe thats what made me so sad when we were in the caves. i tried to keep it hidden, but it leaked out all over.


Monster just could not get as worked up about digging as her friends. They should be panicked by the growling dogs, nervous about being underground, or at least more careful about digging large chunks of dirt out of load-bearing walls and pillars, instead of dashing around having the time of their lives. The spirits of the earth seemed to enjoy watching her little friends, and Monster could swear they giggled whenever one of them would knock over a dog by accident, or run happily around the room with a sparkly rock that they thought was a gemstone. The one time Monster accidentally managed to see an emerald glitter at the bottom of the hole she was digging, she quickly shoved some dirt over it and began digging a new hole.

Even Rarity seemed to be enjoying herself as much or more than her friends, having walked over to the trapped dragon and freed him while the rest of the Diamond Dogs were chasing Sweetie Belle, who had discovered something called ‘dinomite’ in an old wooden crate. By the time they returned, Rarity had settled herself into a chair with a goblet of water to watch the ongoing chaos, with Spike at her side.

It was fun, true, but even with as much fun as her friends were having, it pained her that the other creatures were miserable, even angry. And worse, they were angry at her friends. It twisted her gut in agony somewhere deep inside when she looked at their scowling faces, and the whispering under her hooves surged into a single word that would make the hurting go away. Monster put up her shovel and trotted over to the red-vested dog, who had apparently decided to test just how far he could pull his ears up in the air while howling in frustration. He didn’t notice the little red-cloaked unicorn at first, even with a soft nudge into his abdomen, but one little multicolored hoof onto the end of his foot worked wonders in getting his attention.

“Yeouch! Why did pony do that? Pony should be—”

“Share!” declared Monster, loudly and with no apparent effect on the dog, who continued to shout. She swallowed, all of the stress from today churning her tummy into an acidic mess, while the noise and the dust made her feel edgy, and having a Diamond Dog screaming in her face was the final bit that pushed her over the edge. The solution to the equation seemed so obvious, and even as one tiny fragment of her mind fed on the red thread of rage that wanted to turn the screaming dog into a bloody smear on the wall, the rest of her felt hopelessness sweep up her body and wrap around her in a crushing grip.

And Monster burst into tears.

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