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I seem to be losing a lot of enthusiasm for many of the fics I've favourited. Don't worry boys, gals, and everything in between, I'll get to you eventually. As soon as I work over this part of my life, you will probably be hearing my witty, sarcastic, self-deprecating comments again. Look forward to it.

lol, I've actually read it... and Fluttershy's story as well... and Rarity's... Trixie's... Zecora's... Applejack's... hehe, I really like the ponyearthverse stories! Sure they're riddled with bad writing in places and rather bad self-inserts up the wadzoo, but I still think the overall premise has some great story telling potential in it!

... I kinda want to write one myself...

... do you think Granny Smith is still an available option :rainbowlaugh:

Aaaaaaaaand, I'm back after a two week long holiday. Hopefully... Maybe.

Oh hey, not a problem at all! Everyone deserves at least one comment on their page. Since you were so kind as to favorite my main story, I decided that I needed to thank you in some way :twilightsmile:

Oh! And speaking of, thank you ever so much for the watch now as well! Seeing that REALLY makes my day :raritystarry:

... Maybe I'll allow Luna to live now! *Evil laugh* :pinkiecrazy:

Hey thank you kindly for the fave on A Cog in the Machine! I hope you will enjoy the future chapters as well :raritywink:

Also, welcome to fimfic! I hope you will enjoy your stay here :twilightsmile:

  • Viewing 3 - 7 of 7
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RPG personalities.

Funny how these two came out...