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A changeling who finds responsibility thrust upon her after the failed Canterlot invasion.

A unicorn who finds herself part of first contact with a strange new creature.

A princess who finds hints of one she long since lost in another's mind.

With the arrival of a strange bipedal creature into Equestria, all three will find themselves intertwined with the fate of the girl. When language cannot be understood how will communication with the new arrival be achieved, and what secrets may the creature be bringing with her? What does the girl possess that may alter how the changeling in particular sees the world.

What could the girl possibly have that would allow one word – hope – to resonate so strongly, not only for herself but also the changeling.

This is a retelling of A Voice Among the Strangers from three viewpoints in particular. You don't have to read AVAtS to read this one, as I will be attempting to make each a full story on their own.

Also, this seems to share a Tv Tropes page with A Voice Among the Strangers!

(Thanks again to Tulip for the Cover image!)

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Sweetness I'm going to enjoy this.


time to see all the funnies we missed

Haven't even read it yet, but insta-thumbs up!

today is a good day

I didn't expect to see this story this fast. Can't say i'm disappointed.

Even though I have yet had a chance to read this yet, I'd just like to say...


Thank you, and have a good day.

Also early in the story you accidently wrote Ebony's real name instead of Chrysalis.


Very good! Can't wait for more! Also, you accidentally called her Ebony at one point, but she wouldn't know the word yet.

Very cool!
Halfway through chapter 1 right now, and two notes from my side:
Its very confusing with Chrysalis / Queen Chrysalis.
Chrysalis is referred to as "Ebony" once (not sure if that is intentional or not)

dont even need to start reading this to favorite and thumbs up this!

So it seems that the Chrysalis in your story was but a worker.:twilightoops:
That's actually... plausible, if not depressing.:twilightsheepish:

And so the take starts once more!:pinkiehappy:
I'm quite interested to see their perspectives.:twilightsmile:
Awaiting further releases.:fluttershysad:

We're finally going to have some answers about Ebony.

:twilightsmile: YES! YES, YES, YES, YEEEEES!!!!!

You accidentally used "The fury bubbled within before Ebony exhaled slowly" when she hadn't yet been renamed. Also, you use "Look, " to start two sentences separated only by one sentence of narration and no dialogue. (The second one starting with "Look, I can't sense the queen")

Finally, "so for all we know she's dead or gone" should have commas before and after "for all we know" ("so, for all we know, she's dead and gone") because you're inserting the fragment "for all we know" into the middle of the perfectly valid clause, "so she's dead or gone".

That aside, a great start and I love the details you've started to build for the Changelings. My only complaint is that I now have to wait at least one more chapter before I can see soon-to-be-Ebony's introduction to Jessica.

Oh boy, we finally get our POV sequel! I Can't wait!


This... This is gonna be amazing! I cant wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

So um... Its dangerous to go alone. Take this. :moustache:

*returns to lurker den awaiting the next chapter*

Favoriting this before even reading it.

If it's even half as good as AVATS, this will be brilliant. Anyway, now to actually read this!


This is ebony, she was given her name of Chrysalis because she performed her duties and got the queen's attention.

So there's Queen Chrysalis and worker Chrysalis.

The above was explained in the story.


Tystar has done it again!:pinkiehappy:
Flim and Flam, rot in Tartarus.
I love it so.:pinkiecrazy:

And I was so certain she was the true Chrysalis.:raritydespair:
Also, the true Chrysalis was not even remotely mentioned in the other variation.

She was, actually. Chapter eleven, when they left the train at Ponyville. A unicorn guard used that to refer to Ebony and it provided some tension.
And I believe it's been used several times more elsewhere. Can't remember exactly where, though.


It's finally here!

No need to read, faving and tracking! can't forget to do that. reading comes second!

I just skimmed through comments and found this quote from Tystarr back in that chapter eleven:

Hmmm... I for one would not call Ebony Chrysalis, but then again if you want to that's up to you.

No, surely not... well, you didn't, Queen Chrysalis did!:trollestia:

Also, I now wonder. Are Queens born or made? And the immortality aspect? Works as long as they have power? Is it a myth and it's simply longevity, not immortality?
Oh well, time will or will not bring answers!
On to the waiting game!

Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

If so,(unless my memory fails me) then it was subtle.:twilightoops:
What was the situation?twilightsheepish:

Ooh... You took my advice! That's great!

It's... just as beautiful as I imagined!

I cannot wait to enjoy the next chapter!

I'll read this after I wake up a bit, but just know this.

I can't wait for Iron Will's POV.

Ive been looking forward to this for weeks, and i can safely say it was well worth the wait. Never stop writing.

redistribute they were instead regulated to watching over the nymphs,

I think you mean relegated.
Have to go for now, will be back later to finish the chapter.

The fury bubbled within before Ebony exhaled slowly, pushing a hoof away from herself in a gesture she had picked up while disguised.

Should be Chrysalis.
Also, her being called Chrysalis was really weird, since I kept confusing the two at first.

My guess is Chrysalis is turning into a queen.

Heh! This retelling of a story from one of the other characters' perspectives is being posted at the same time that *this* retelling of a story from one of the other characters' perspectives is being posted. Interesting coincidence.

Defintely looking forward to this, of only to find out what some of the things that were being said before Jessica learned Equestrian were. :)

Judging from the summary, it looks like this story will take place from the perspectives of Chrysalis/Ebony (that threw me for a loop at first), Dinky, and Luna.

I'm betting the first couple of chapters will have Chrysalis's POV, then Dinky will join in, then Luna later on.

i kept getting confused about the "Chrysalis" thing in the original story. glad that's finally sorted out

:rainbowderp:Ebony's name before was Chrysalis? Did not see that coming...made it confusing in the beginning trying to figure out who was talking, but I picked up on it easily enough. But Minder has a disability that keeps her from being able to be evil?
I can see various other facts coming together to make sense. It's nice to know how the cluster in the cave came to be, and why Ebony and Minder hated Chrysalis so much.
Last thing, I love how you write snarky Ebony. Pure gold. I'm very interested to see how you write dialogue, seeing as most of your last story had almost none.:rainbowwild:

Chapter eleven: Reunion. The group was on the train, going back to Ponyville. They decided that Ebony should leave the car undisguised to show that she's got nothing to hide. Naturally, there were guards on the station and when she emerged, one of them asked "Chrysalis?" which promptly angered Ebony. A short order and an explanation later it was over if slightly more tense.
Though how did they know that name, I don't remember. I just remembered the scene and went to look for it.
It is actually interesting that so many fics have ponies using the name "Chrysalis" when it never was stated in the show itself and the stories themselves do not tell us how do they know it. Every now and then there is a fic that acknowledges that fact but those are few and far between. Or I simply miss them, which is also possible.

Reading the comment above, I decided to spoiler the answer. We shouldn't spoil the fun for those who did not read the O(riginal) P(erspective).
Though that would mean changing comments (mine included) that are already there. Oh well, it seems more realistic to just spoiler out future comments.
Then again, half of the discussions in comments here would grind to a halt... it is a retelling, after all. We will all compare to the OP... Darn it, difficult decisions...

This was a very fun read, and really looking forward to the rest, and oh yes, insta-faved.

But they did not say anything that could imply the Chrysalis who took the name Ebony was not the Chrysalis who is the true Queen.:rainbowderp:
Anyone reading would assume that she's the true one.:twilightoops:

Tystarr denied this in comments, see, for instance here:3128871, where I quote a comment from that chapter. Though you are right, one could assume that.

Rats, links to comments can't be recolored...

Dammit! You posted this right after I went to bed.:fluttershysad:

Getting a story into the top of the feature box within hours of posting the first chapter is easy:
Step 1- Write a popular story.
Step 2- Write a sequel.
Step 3- Publish the first chapter.
Step 4- ???
Step 5- Profit/Feature.:moustache:


Anyone reading would assume that she's the true one.:twilightoops:

Only if they did not read the rest of the story where it was made VERY VERY obvious that Ebony was slowly changeling INTO a Queen and was not happy about it. Given that she is physically growing into a Queen she could not have been the fully mature Queen several months before.


Though you are right, one could assume that.

While yes, one could assume that... doing so would make one look very foolish.

I simply forgot that particular event.:duck:

Why do you think I used the word "could"? You know, it's not really nice to go around and call people names...:ajbemused:

And Divine's comment got downvoted? Not nice, I just went and upvoted it to counter that.
Whoever did that, please downvote only if the comment is trolling/rude, not when you just disagree with the writer.

Yaaaaaay! I've been waiting for this!

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